Charities in the Philippines

There are numerous Charities in the Philippines operating of which many are both foreign and Philippine founded charities. Most Philippine founded charities also receive foreign aid and help in various forms.

RENEW Foundation Philippines

RENEW Foundation Philippines, Recovery, Empowerment, Networking and Employment for Women Foundation. Is a Christian International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO). RENEW aims to empower female victims of prostitution and sex trafficking in the Philippines.RENEW is located in Angeles City. RENEW supports young women and girls aged between 10 and 17 who have been identified as most at risk of exploitation through prostitution and trafficking in Angeles. []

pringboard Foundation

The Springboard Foundation was founded in November 2002. It aims to help children in the Philippines by raising funds to provide them with good education, nutrition, medical care and good quality career opportunities. The Springboard Foundation works with many local foundations. Some of the projects funded by the Springboard Foundation include: Give A Life, Hope Worldwide Foundation, Kinderhilfe Philippinen and Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. [ [ Springboard Foundation ] ]

OS Children's Villages in the Philippines

The charity started its work in the Philippines in 1964. Today there are several communities where hundreds children are growing up as well as a number of SOS welfare and educational facilities providing assistance for the local communities. [ [ Philippines Charity: Sponsor a Child in Philippines ] ]

The Purple Rose Campaign

Launched in the US on February 14, 1999, the Purple Rose Campaign is an international mass campaign aimed at expressing and creating a ground swell of opposition to capital's assault on the bodies of women and children. The Purple Rose Campaign Against Trafficking of Filipino Women and Children has helped bring International attention to the sex trade of Filipina women and children. [ STOP Trafficking :: Purple Rose Campaign ] ]

ReachOut Foundation International

ReachOut has pioneered the concept of a one-stop shop reproductive health center that includes a medical clinic, pharmacy, laboratory and outreach education. Receives funding from USAID, PATH, and FHI. Launched a comprehensive AIDS/STD prevention program targeting the brothel-based female sex workers and their partners in Angeles. [ [ AEGiS-14IAC: An AIDS/STD prevention program in a prostitution-based slum community ] ] [ [ Welcome | ReachOut Foundation International Website ] ] Please see ReachOut Foundation International

Philippine Children's Fund of America

Was created by the US and Philippine governments in 1991 to assist impoverished Filipino children of American ancestry left behind by the closure of the US military bases in the Philippines. They provide educational scholarships, employment and working visas to the United States. They have a Philippine office in Clark Field, Angeles City. [ [ Car Donation at Donate Car USA: Donating a car, truck, rv, boat, trailer ] ] [ [ Pinoy Kids ] ] Please see Philippine Childrens Fund of America

People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance or Preda

A charitable organization that was founded in Olongapo City, Philippines in 1974. This small non-profit organization has a number of purposes which include the promotion and protection of the dignity and the Human Rights of the Filipino people, especially of women and children. The main focus is to assist the sexually-exploited and abused children. [ [ Preda Foundation, Inc ] ] Please see PREDA Foundation

Loving Care Street Kids Foundation

Offers three free meals a day to impoverished children in Pampanga. The center also offers programs and events for social interaction, and helps children with their educational costs for tuition and school supplies. Offers free meals to the thousands of children left homeless on the streets on Angeles city. [ [ Tuesday, June 19, 2001 ] ]

Bahay Bata Center, Angeles City

An institution taking care of street children, orphans and abused children in Angeles City, Philippines. The Bahay Bata centre was founded by local businessmen to take care of street children by providing a home, education and spiritual guidance for them to face the future. Rotary Club Clark Centennial was the driving force behind this, and raises funds to maintain the center and help the children. [ [ rotary club clark centennial, angeles city, philippines. district 3790 ] ] [ [ Bahay Bata Centre for street kids, Angeles City, Philippines ] ] [ [ Sun.Star Pampanga - 36 street kids rounded up ] ]

Visayan Forum Foundation

Established in 1991. The Project focuses on internal trafficking and the establishment and operation of halfway houses that directly provide temporary shelter, repatriation, referral, and counseling to intercepted victims of trafficking. [ Visayan Forum Foundation Inc ] ]

Buklod Center

NGO in Olongapo City, Philippines, working to help women and children trafficked into prostitution. Provides a health clinic where women and families can come and do a health-check up. Seeks to promote the welfare of children. [ [ Women, Peace and Security Contacts: Philippines ] ] [ [ Preventive education on STD, HIV/AIDS for women's prostitution in the Philippines ] ]

Tingog sa Kabataan

Tingog sa Kabataan (or Voice Of The Children) provides a forum for a group of youngsters, who have all themselves been victims of sexual abuse of one form or another. The aim - to warn youngsters of the dangers of being lured into the commercial sex trade. The programme is assisted by various NGOs in Cebu. [ [ BBC News | ASIA-PACIFIC | Radio helps sex industry victims ] ] [ [ Ecpat International - CSEC : Good Practices - Youth Peer Education Programme on Life Skills ] ]

alvation Army

The Regional Headquarters for the Salvation Army is located in Manila. [ [ Philippine Territory : Welcome to the Salvation Army Philippine Territory Website ] ] Set up office in Angeles in 2005 and have been active in helping the victims of the child prostitution trade. [ [ Progress in the Fight ] ]

ECPAT Philippines

ECPAT Philippines is appointed by the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines as the NGO representative of the children's sector in the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT), amulti-sectoral council created by the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of2003 to monitor and coordinate the implementation of the law. [ [ Ecpat International ] ]


Founded in 1986, CHILDHOPE is an international, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization. It provides help to children living on the streets as well as reducing the incidence of child prostitution. [ [ Programs and Projects - Childhope Asia Philippines ] ] Please see Childhope Asia Philippines

Tambayan Center

A child rights organization providing psychosocial support to abused and exploited adolescent street girls and their families. [ [ Consortium for Street Children ] ]

Virlanie Foundation Inc (VFI)

Founded in 1992. Operates residential homes providing shelter, food, education and love to thousands of disadvantaged children.Licensed and recognized by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). A member of the Philippine National Council Against Child Prostitution and of the Working Party On Children’s Rights working with the Department of Justice. [ [ VFI, giving the smile back to street children ] ]

Time-Bound Program

The Time-Bound Program (TBP) was launched in 2002.The programme will work toward the elimination of the worst forms of child labor in the Philippines. [ [ BataMan - Time-bound program launched versus worst child labor forms ] ] Stopping the Trafficking of children for commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) purposes will be treated as a cross-cutting issue in the project. [ [ | Philippines: Government Best Practices ] ]

Bantay Bata

Bantay Bata 163 (BB 163) is the childcare program of the ABS CBN Foundation. Originally started as a hotline and rescue operation for children who were victims of the sex slavery trade it has grown to include Direct Child Protective Services, Residential Services Community and Family Support Services. [ [ WELCOME TO CHILD WATCH: BANTAY BATA 163 ] ] Please See Bantay Bata

Nagkakaisang Kababaihan ng Angeles(NAGKA)

Supports in organizing, educating, training, and developing micro enterprises for women.Co-founded by WEDPRO, and the Philippine Network Against Trafficking in Women (PNATW). [ [ Blazing Trails, Confronting Challenges: The Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in the Philippines ] ]

CATW - Asia Pacific

In April 1993, the "Conference on Women Empowering Women: A Human Rights Conference on Trafficking in Asian Women" held in Manila, Philippines gave birth to the CATW - Asia Pacific.The Coalition conducts education/training for government officials, students and communities on violence against women, trafficking and prostitution including the Bantay Bugaw (Trafficker Watch) for the concerned local government offices and communities. [ [ | Philippines International Organization: Coalition Against Trafficking in Women- Asia Pacific (CATW-AP) ] ]

WEDPRO, The Philippines

Women’s Education, Development and Productivity, Research and Advocacy Organization (WEDPRO), is a feminist organization committed to assist women victims of violence and all forms of sexual exploitation and to proactively end of all forms of gender-based violence. Since 2003, WEDPRO has maintained the Anti-VAW (Violence Against Women) Fund, which came principally from the proceeds of the STOP RAPE! STOP VAW! commemorative postal envelopes and wire sculptures. The commemorative envelope and logo were the winning entry in the International Stop Rape Contest organized by V-Day and Equality Now. [ [ V-Day: Other Partnerships in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East ] ]

Bagong Kamalayan Collective, Inc. (BKCI)

Gives literacy classes, facilitates educational scholarship and livelihood projects, conducts rights and health seminars, carries out research and campaign, provides counseling, and taps legal services for abused prostituted women and children. Its work is focused in Quezon City and Manila. [ [ Filipinas speak up at UN women’s meet ] ] [ [ Preda Foundation, Inc. Philippine News Digest 86 ] ]

ORBIS International Orbis flying eye hospital

A charity that provides free medical treatment is active in Angeles helping children in Angeles in restoring and saving their eyesite. They have visited Angeles in their flying hospital and also, working with the Central Luzon Society of Ophthalmologists, a local chapter of the Philippines Academy of Ophthalmology, the ORBIS program provided training to approximately 100 eye care personnel during the Angeles City program.When the Orbis flying hospital is not in Angeles, it continues its training through hospital-based programs, fellowships, telemedicine via the Internet and the provision of educational materials. [ [ ORBIS | Saving Sight, Blindness Prevention & Treatment, Help the Blind ] ] [ [ ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital Programme, Angeles City, Philippines ] ] [] [ [ Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology ] ]


AHON is a non-profit, non-stock and non-government organization catering to street children, street families and children/ youth in conflict with the law in the Philippines. It was founded on December 9, 2002 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). It operates a half-way home for street children/ children-in-conflict with law and renders legal assistance to abused and exploited children. AHON'S other programs and services are as follows: advocacy, training on children's rights, medical mission, educational assistance and relief operation. [ [ Ahon sa Kalye - Home ] ]

Tuloy Foundation

Founded in 1993 by Fr. Rocky Evangelista, SDB began Tuloy in a small room in St. John Bosco Parish Compound, Makati City.It is a comprehensive rehabilitation program for street children in Manila. [ [ Tuloy Foundation, Inc. - Tuloy ] ] [ [ Bahay Bata Centre for street kids, Angeles City, Philippines ] ] Please see Tuloy Foundation

Lunduyan Foundation

An NGO specialising in the advocacy of children's rights. [ [ Philippines | Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic—and Child Rights ] ] Most of the Lunduyan workers are volunteers who provide services, even using their own resources, to help Lunduyan sustain its efforts. The organization uses four criteria to judge the success of its undertaking; namely, the child’s survival, child development, child protection, and child participation Lunduyan Foundation implements project specifically targeting children living with HIV and AIDS. [ [ 403 Forbidden ] ]

Children's Shelter of Cebu

Since 1979, the Children's Shelter of Cebu has been providing homes for orphaned, abandoned and surrendered children in the Philippines. aw [ [ Children's Shelter of Cebu in the Philippines ] ] Please see Childrens Shelter of Cebu

Maharlika Charity Foundation

Founded in May 1973. The charity provides free medical and dental treatment to the poor and sick of Davao. [ [ The Maharlika Charity Foundation, Inc ] ] See Maharlika Charity Foundation

Visayan Forum

Works in issues of domestic work, child labor and human trafficking especially of women and children. Please see Visayan Forum

Bathaluman Crisis Centre Foundation

Helps victims of rape and incest.The Support Group Volunteers provide assistance, and psychological interventions may also be initiated at the centre. Where appropriate, cases are referred to other agencies for more specialist assistance.

tairway Foundation Inc (SFI)

Is a non-government children's rights organization in the Philippinesproviding Residential rehabilitation center for street children, children with tuberculosis, and children from jails Community Assistance. [ [ Stairway Foundation ] ]

Kabalikat ng Pamilyang Pilipino (Kabalikat)

Helping to combat STI's and HIV/AIDS, they distributes condoms and provide HIV/AIDS and STD counseling in Pasay City. [ [ The Philippines: Unprotected: Sex, Condoms and the Human Right to Health: V. FINDINGS ON ACCESS TO CONDOMS AND HIV/AIDS INFORMATION IN THE PHILIPPINES ] ]

MTQ Charity Clinic

A free clinic with volunteer doctors and caregivers.The primary beneficiaries of the MTQ Charity Clinic are the less privileged families from depressed areas in the Municipality of San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. Services provided by the MTQ Charity Clinic are: general pediatric care, dental services, on site laboratory services, ongoing tuberculosis control program, summer sports program for kid. [ [ Mary The Queen Parish-Philippines ] ]

Give A Life Charity Foundation

Founded by Mr. Steven J. Jarvis and Dr. Philip Cruz to provide equipment, medicine, and medical supplies for sick children and pediatric wards in the Philippines. as of 2007, Give A Life has channeled nearly PHP 92 million towards antibiotics, cancer therapy drugs, and the refurbishment and upgrading of a number of charity pediatric wards. [] [ [ Business - MFMCP Donates Cancer Drugs to Give A Life Foundation - ] ]

PATH Foundation Philippines

A private, charitable organization with established presence in the Philippines with a vision and mission to improve health, conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. [ [ PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc ] ]

Families and Children for Empowerment and Development Foundation, Inc.

Families and Children for Empowerment and Development Foundation, Inc. (FCED) is a non – stock, non – profit service foundation, organized in 1987 that brings together government and non – government organizations and community leaders in depressed areas in Manila. It facilitates leadership development, empowerment, organizational development and social services among street children, urban poor children and their families in identified urban poor areas of Districts V and VI (Paco and Pandacan) Manila.

Tahanan Sta. Luisa Welcome Shelter

The Center's goal is to rehabilitate, ensure and sustain the integration of young street girls below 18 years, and girls who have been sexually abused or prostituted with their families, if feasible, and to society in general.

isters Plus

Founded by three HIV-positive women, Sisters Plus offers counseling and peer education to help protect sex workers in Angeles City's Fields Avenue and Friendship Road areas from HIV.cite web
title= ‘Sisters Plus’ aids Angeles sex workers
accessdate= 2008-04-27
last= Orejas
first= Tonette
date= 2008-03-25
publisher= Philippine Daily Inquirer


ECPAT-Cebu is an extension office of ECPAT-Philippines, which is part of ECPAT International, a non-governmental organization. ECPAT-Cebu began operations in 1997, in response to the rise of child sex tourism in the province of Cebu and the neighbouring islands.ECPAT-Cebu are committed to the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography, trafficking of children for sexual purposes, and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children. As one of the prime tourism destinations in the Philippines, Cebu is a major centre of child sex tourism. ECPAT-Cebu is the only non-governmental organization (NGO) focusing on child sex tourism in Cebu. [ [ Ecpat International - CSEC : Good Practices - Youth Peer Education Programme on Life Skills ] ]

top Abuse of Minors Association, Inc. - SAMA

Stop abuse of Minors Association, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization which was incorporated primarily for the purpose of implementing and executing the comprehensive program for prostituted and abused children in Metro Cebu. [ [ DLS-PSI : NGO Portal ] ]

Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse

An organization in the Philippines that develops strategies for the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.NGOs working with the Center have increased their advocacy and treatment work, and Personal Safety Courses, in Pampanga, Cebu, Pagadian, Samar and Aklan. [ [ Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse ] ] [ [ Ecpat International - CSEC : Good Practices - Co-operation and Co-ordination ] ]

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center

Originally named the Angeles City AIDS Clinic, it was later changed to into the Angeles City Reproductive Health and Wellness Center.The main objective of which is to establish care and support programs for people with HIV/AIDS and serve as resource center on HIV/AIDS-related concerns for the community. [ [ PIA Information Services - Philippine Information Agency ] ] Daily, between 480 and 600 clients come for the routine weekly smear checkup, RHWC chief, Dr. Lucielle Ayuyao. [ [ ‘Sisters Plus’ aids Angeles sex workers -, Philippine News for Filipinos ] ]

The SCOTS Foundation

Their goal is to build a self sustaining home to house boys from the streets. They plan to integrate them into and contribute to the development of the local community near Subic which includes an Aeta Resettlement area. Special emphasis is placed on teaching livelihood skills and organic farming. [ [ - The SCOTS Foundation ] ] [ [ SCOTS Foundation ] ]

Para Sa Bata Organization

Para Sa Bata (For a child) is a US based organization founded in 2006 by Filipino immigrants in New Jersey who want to help unpriviledged kids in the Philippines. They collect in kind donation (used clothes, toys, etc), do fundraising activities and collect cash donation for purchasing new books and school supplies. All proceeds are donated to public schools and organizations throughout the Philippines. [ [ Para Sa Bata ] ]

Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan (K.I.D.S) Foundation Inc

Founded in November of 2006. It was develped by Diether Ocampo. Its aim is to preserve and protect the rights of Filipino children and to safeguard the child’s right to be a child. [ [ The Manila Times Internet Edition | WEEKEND > Diether Ocampo learns the art of giving back ] ] [ [ Diether Ocampo - Biography ] ]

Women Helping Women Centre in Angeles City

The Women Helping Women Centre is located in Angeles City.It was established and operated by four Filipino partner institutions. The centre acts as a project office and a drop-in centre and support unit for the women in prostitution. Services offered include livelihood and literacy training, counselling and weekly films. [] []

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