University Professor (Columbia)

University Professor is the highest academic rank at Columbia University.

University Professors

*Richard Axel, molecular biology and neuroscience
*Jagdish Bhagwati, economics
*Ronald Breslow, organic chemistry
*R. Kent Greenawalt, jurisprudence and constitutional law
*Wayne Hendrickson, biochemistry and molecular biophysics
*Eric R. Kandel, neurobiology, behavior and learning
*Rosalind E. Krauss, art history
*Tsung-Dao Lee, theoretical physics
*Robert A. Mundell, economics
*Simon Schama, history and art history
*Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, English and comparative literature
*Joseph Stiglitz, economics

University Professors Emeriti

*Jacques Barzun, cultural history
*Caroline Bynum, history
*Donald Keene, Japanese Studies
*Louis Henkin, international law
*Fritz Stern, history

John Mitchell Mason Professor of the University

*Jonathan Cole, sociology

John Mitchell Mason Professor Emeritus of the University

*Wm. Theodore de Bary, East Asian studies

Former University Professors

*Samuel Eilenberg, mathematics
*Walter Gellhorn, law
*Robert K. Merton, sociology
*Isidor Isaac Rabi, physics
*Michael Riffaterre, semiotics, theory of literature and French literature
*Edward Said, comparative literature, literary theory, and cultural studies
*Meyer Schapiro, art history
*Lionel Trilling, literature
*Jeremy Waldron, law

ee also

*University Professor
*Sterling Professor, a similar position at Yale University

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