A.S.D. Quarto

Football club infobox
clubname = Quarto

fullname = Associazione Sportiva Dilettante Quarto
nickname = -
founded = 1986
ground = Comunale, Quarto, Italy
capacity = 1,500
chairman = Francesco Baiano
manager = Ciro Amorosetti
league = Serie D
season = 2006-07
position = Eccellenza Campania - A, 4th [Promoted via playoffs]

Associazione Sportiva Dilettante Quarto is an Italian football club located in Quarto, Campania. The club was founded in 1986 and their official colours are white and blue. [ [http://www.calciodilettante.org/Almanacco_05_06/QUARTO.htm CalcioDilettante.org] ]

Promotion to Serie D

Recently Quarto achieved promotion by winning the play-offs of the Eccellenza 2006-07, meaning for next season the club will be competing at Serie D level for the first time in their history. Diego Sinagra also known as "Diego Maradona Jr." was part of the squad which achieved promotion. [ [http://smirky.blogspot.com/2007/02/maradona-jr-will-play-for-quarto.html Smirky.com] ]


*Eccellenza Campania
**Promoted: 2006-07
*Promozione Campania
**Champions: 2004-05


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