VINE (Napa County)

VINE (Napa County)
VINE bus wrapped to promote Spare the Air
Founded 1998
Headquarters 1151 Pearl St., Napa, CA
Service area Napa County, California
Service type bus service, paratransit
Operator Napa County Transportation & Planning Agency
Web site

VINE is a public transportation service in Napa County, California, USA and is under the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency. The system offers extensive service throughout the County along with providing connections to other public transportation systems in adjacent counties. The system expects to expand ridership by providing more efficient options for riders when it opens its Soscol Gateway Transit Center. [1]


Service Coverage

The Napa VINE provides services to the following cities, towns, and communities:

Napa County:

Solano County:

Contra Costa County


All Napa VINE services do not operate on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • if Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fall on a Sunday

However, these services operate on Saturday schedules on other holidays, including:

  • President's Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year's Eve

On other holidays (i.e. Columbus Day, Veterans Day), trips operate on normal weekday schedules.


Local Routes

Within the City of Napa, there are ten local routes that operate mostly on weekdays and Saturdays. These routes do not operate on Sundays and follow the holiday schedules mentioned above. For the city bus routes, click here; for the schedules, click here.

Route Number and Name Trip Routing City Areas Served Major Transfer Points Frequency (in minutes) Service hours
Clockwise Counter-
One-way, then loop Weekdays Saturdays
Browns Valley/Old Sonoma
X Downtown, County Center & Hall of Justice, Westwood Hills, Browns Valley, Napa Premium Outlets, County Health Department, Fuller Park Pearl Street Transit Center 30 (combined) 6:35am-7:07pm 7:35am-6:13pm
Old Sonoma/Browns Valley
X Downtown, Fuller Park, County Health Department, Napa Premium Outlets, Westwood Hills, Browns Valley, County Center & Hall of Justice 7:05am-6:39pm 8:05am-5:39pm
Downtown Loop
X Downtown, Napa Premium Outlets 20 10:00am-5:58pm None
X Downtown, County Center & Hall of Justice, South Napa Marketplace (Kansas & Soscol), Shurtleff Park, Napa State Hospital (Imola & Parish) Pearl Street Transit Center, South Napa Marketplace 60 6:35am-7:08pm 7:35am-6:18pm
Alta Heights/Pueblo Vista
X Downtown, Napa County Fairgrounds, Alta Heights, Lincoln & Soscol, Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Kaiser Napa, Bel Aire Plaza, Pueblo Vista, Napa High School, New Technology High School Pearl Street Transit Center, Kaiser Napa (3A: Trancas & Jefferson, 3B: Claremont-Permanente) 30 (combined) 6:20am-6:58pm 7:20am-5:58pm
Pueblo Vista/Alta Heights
X Downtown, New Technology High School, Napa High School, Pueblo Vista, Bel Aire Plaza, Kaiser Napa, Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Lincoln & Soscol, Alta Heights, Napa County Fairgrounds 6:50am-6:29pm 7:50am-5:29pm
N Jefferson/Salvador
X Downtown, Napa High School, Kaiser Napa, Vintage High School (Jefferson & Trower), North Napa Pearl Street Transit Center, Kaiser Napa (Claremont-Permanente) 60 6:20am-7:02pm* 7:20am-6:02pm
S Jefferson/Imola
X Downtown, Fuller Park, County Health Department, South Napa Marketplace, Napa Valley College, Napa Wine Train Terminal Pearl Street Transit Center, South Napa Marketplace 15-45 (combined) 7:20am-7:00pm 7:20am-6:00pm
Imola/S Jefferson
X Downtown, Napa Wine Train Terminal, Napa Valley College, South Napa Marketplace, County Health Department, Fuller Park 7:05am-6:40pm 7:05am-5:40pm
N Jefferson/Vine Hill
X Downtown, Napa High School, Kaiser Napa, Bel Aire Plaza, Justin Siena High School, Vine Hill/Pinot (for Alston Park), Linda Vista Pearl Street Transit Center, Kaiser Napa (Claremont-Permanente) 60 6:50am-6:30pm* 7:50am-6:30pm

Note: * - denotes that this includes school routes operated by VINE (operates school days only)

Intercounty Routes

There are two intercounty services that serve to and from Napa County, wherein all serve the Pearl Street Transit Center. Route 10 provides daily service, while the VINE Express route 29 provides weekday, peak-period only service. For a map covering these services, click here.

Route Number and Name Terminals Communities and Attractions Served Service hours Schedule information
North Terminal/s South Terminal/s Weekdays Saturdays Sundays
All trips:
(Pearl St. Transit Center)
(York & Marin Transfer Center or Ferry Terminal)
Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville, Napa, American Canyon, Vallejo 5:00am-9:43pm 6:00am-8:41pm 8:19am-7:12pm Route 10 Schedule
Most trips:
Downtown Calistoga
VINE Express
(Calistoga Bridge)
Del Norte BART Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, Napa, American Canyon, Vallejo, El Cerrito AM Peak:
PM Peak:
No service Route 29 Schedule


Route 10:

  • This route ends either at the York & Marin Transfer Center or at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal.
    • Weekday trips arriving before 1:30pm and all weekend trips serve the York & Marin Transfer Center before ending at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal
    • Weekday trips arriving after 1:30pm end at the York & Marin Transfer Center, then return trip serves the Ferry Terminal
  • Sunday trips do not serve several stops, including:
    • Mini & Sonoma (Vallejo)
    • American Canyon Recreation Center
    • Airport & Devlin (Napa County Airport)
    • Kaiser & Corporate Way (Napa)
    • Napa Valley College
  • Some evening trips leaving both Calistoga and Vallejo (trips leaving generally after 6:00pm Mondays to Saturdays and 5:15pm Sundays) end their trips in either Yountville (Washington & Mulberry) or Napa (Pearl Street Transit Center)

Route 29:

  • This route, called the VINE Express, provides express commuter services between Napa County, Vallejo, and Del Norte BART, serving the same areas as Route 10 and primarily traverses along Highway 29.
  • It operates both commute and reverse-commute trips, wherein the table below describes the number of trips provided per way:
AM/PM Peak Direction/Number of Trips
Northbound (from Del Norte) Southbound (to Del Norte)
to Napa to Calistoga from Calistoga from Napa
AM Peak 4† 2 3† 5
PM Peak 4† 2 3† 4

Legend: † - some trips begin or end at the Pearl Street Transit Center (Napa) or at Napa Valley College.

  • Transfers: This route provides timed connections at the York & Marin Transfer Center, Vallejo Ferry Terminal, and El Cerrito Del Norte for several routes, including:

Napa VINE provided service to Santa Rosa from Napa's Pearl Street Transit Center (Route 11) that served Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga on a tri-weekly basis. However, due to low ridership, this route has been canceled since end of July 2010.[3]


Napa VINE offers several shuttle services, including:

  • American Canyon Transit
  • Calistoga HandyVan - operates within the city limits of Calistoga and can accommodate up to seven riders and two wheelchairs.[4]
    • Days of operation: Mondays-Fridays: 8:15 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 5 pm; Saturdays: 9 am to 1 pm; Sundays: no service
  • Downtown Napa Trolley - operates within the city of Napa, with a fixed route service operating around Downtown and the city. Service is free of charge when boarding within the Downtown Napa Free Zone; local fares apply outside the free zone.
  • St. Helena VINE Shuttle - operates within the city limits of St. Helena, with a fixed route service operating between St. Helena City Hall, St. Helena High School, Pope St., Napa Valley College (St. Helena), Safeway, and City Library, and it also operates door-to-door services within the city limits. It operates also on a limited basis to St. Helena Medical Center, and it provides timed transfers to VINE Routes 10 and 11 at the City Hall stop.[5][6]
  • Yountville VINE Shuttle - operates within the town limits of Yountville, with a fixed route service operating between Veterans' Home, Yountville Town Hall, and Yountville Park, and it also operates door-to-door services within the town limits. [7]
    • Days of operation: Mondays & Tuesdays: no service; Wednesdays-Fridays: 10 am to 2 pm, 4 pm to 11 pm†; Saturdays: 10 am to 11 pm†; Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm (†-service is provided upon request after 7 pm)

Fares, Transfers, and Passes

Napa VINE's fare structure is listed at the table below:[8]

Regular Service

Fare type From/to Zone 1 2 3
Adult 1 $1.35 $2.15 $2.90
2 $2.15 $1.35 $2.15
3 $2.90 $2.15 $1.35
Youth 1 $1.10 $1.60 $2.00
2 $1.60 $1.10 $1.60
3 $2.00 $1.60 $1.10
Senior (age 65+)/Disabled/
Medicare Cardholder
1 $0.65 $1.00 $1.25
2 $1.00 $0.65 $1.00
3 $1.25 $1.00 $0.65
Children age 5 and under 1 Free (up to two children per paying adult);
additional children must pay appropriate youth fare

Zone Descriptions:

  • Zone 1 (North) covers just north of Yount Mill Road/Central Napa, anything to the North of Yount Mill Road with the exception of Route 11. It covers Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena, and Calistoga.
  • Zone 2 (Central) begins at the flag stop at Yount Mill Road and ends just south of Airport Road. It covers Yountville and the City of Napa.
  • Zone 3 (South) begins just south of Airport Road and encompasses the entire service area south of that point. It covers American Canyon and Vallejo.

On the VINE Route 29 (Commuter Express), the fare levied for all passengers is set at $2.00 one-way.

On the Downtown Napa Trolley, patrons may ride on it for free if they board inside the Downtown Napa Free Zone; beyond that zone, patrons must pay local fare (Zone 2 to Zone 2) to ride it.

Transfers are issued free at the time of boarding only, and are honored only at valid transfer points to complete a one-way trip not served by a single route trip. Transfers are good for Date and Time punched only.

VINE Discount Passes may be purchased at the VINE Transit Center, by telephone, or by mail-in orders from the buses or at the customer service office.

Fare type Punch Pass Monthly Pass Day Pass
Adults (age 19-64) $25 $43 $4
Youth (age 6-18) $20 $33 $3
Senior (age 65+)/Disabled/
Medicare Cardholder
$12 $22 $2
Seniors age 90+ with Lifetime Pass Free

VINE FlexRide

It is a service that allows passengers to travel anywhere within Napa County (within a 3/4 mile distance from a regular route); the fare is $2.00 per one-way trip.

VINE Napa Shuttle

It is a service that operates Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm. Passengers can call as early as 8am on the same day to schedule a trip, and no advanced reservations are accepted. Fares are the same as VINE cash one-way fares (see table above).


It is a service that allows passengers to travel along the bus routes of VINE beyond service hours. Certain fares are imposed:

Local fare: $2.00 (within the same city)

Intercity fares:

Origin/Destination Calistoga St. Helena Deer Park Yountville Napa American Canyon Vallejo
Calistoga Local $2.50 $4.00 $5.50
St. Helena $2.50 Local $2.50 $4.00 $5.50
Deer Park $2.50 Local $4.00 $5.50
Yountville $4.00 Local $2.50 $4.00
Napa $4.00 $2.50 Local $4.00
American Canyon $5.50 $4.00 Local $2.50
Vallejo $5.50 $4.00 $2.50 Local

The Vine GO Punch Pass costs $17 (actual value is $20 in travel dollars, sold at a 15% discount). It has no expiration date, and drivers do not sell the Punch Passes. These may be purchased by mail or at the VINE Transit Center. Cash, checks and money orders are accepted.

Calistoga HandyVan

The cash fare is $2.50 per one-way trip, and HandyVan Punch Passes come in $10 and $20 values. The Punch Passes may be purchased at Calistoga City Hall, be purchased by mail or at the VINE Transit Center. Cash, checks and money orders are accepted.

St. Helena VINE Shuttle

Fixed Route Service fares are as follows:

  • Adults (age 19-64): $0.50
  • All other passengers: free

Door-to-Door Service fares are as follows:

  • Adults (age 19-64): $1.00
  • Youth (age 6-18): $0.50
  • Seniors (age 65+)/Disabled: $0.50
  • Children (age 5 and below): free (limit two per paying adult)
  • Additional children: $0.50

Transfers: Passengers paying a fare may transfer free to or from VINE Routes 10 or 11. The free transfer is good for a single zone trip. For travel beyond a single zone, the passenger must pay the additional fare. Transfers are issued when boarding.

Yountville VINE Shuttle

Fixed Route Service fare is free of charge.

Transferring to/from Napa VINE

From the following transfer points, VINE patrons can connect to various services within and beyond Napa County, including:

  • Napa:
    • Pearl Street Transit Center - all VINE services (local, inter-county)
    • Kaiser Napa (Claremont-Permanente or Trancas & Jefferson) - VINE Routes 3A, 3B, 4, 6, 10
    • South Napa Marketplace (Kansas & Soscol) - VINE Routes 2, 5A, 5B, 10
  • Yountville:
    • Veterans' Home (President Circle) - VINE Routes 10, 11; Yountville Shuttle
  • St. Helena:
    • St. Helena City Hall - St. Helena Shuttle; VINE Routes 10, 11
  • Calistoga:
    • Downtown Calistoga - Calistoga HandyVan; VINE Routes 10, 11
  • Vallejo:
    • Sereno Transfer Center[9] - Vallejo Transit Routes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 85
    • York & Marin Transfer Center - all Vallejo Transit services (local, transbay)
    • Vallejo Ferry Terminal:
      • VINE routes 10, 29
      • Baylink Ferry (to/from San Francisco)
      • Vallejo Transit Routes 5, 7, 78, 85, 200
  • El Cerrito:


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