Sabrija Vulić

Sabrija Vulić (Serbian Cyrillic: Сабрија Вулић) is a Montenegrin singer. He currently lives in Chicago, U.S..


Sabrija Vulić was born in Mrkojevići to a Montenegrin family in the coastal region in Montenegro (then Yugoslavia) between the cities of Bar and Ulcinj. As a child, he showed a great interest in music. When he was 16, he began singing in restaurants and hotels. While he was performing, sometimes people couldn't believe that he was from Montenegro, according to Vulić. At 18, he finished school and was mandatorily drafted into the army. He was sent to Zagreb, where he performed in military clubs, beginning his singing career. After the army, he became a member of the popular orchestra Oaza, which was the best and most popular orchestra on the Montenegrin coast. He played the accordion for "Oaza". He was a member of the orchestra for three years. In the late 1980s, he moved to Chicago in the United States, in order to be with his wife, and here - he continued his music career, performing for Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin communities.


*Album 2001 (2001)
*Sudbina (2002)
*Volio sam iskreno (2004)
*Dijamant (2005)
*Ljubav zabranjena (2007)

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