Divided regions

Divided regions

Divided regions are transnational regions, islands, etc., (i.e. areas that are known under a common name) that may have at one time been a united sovereign state but are or have been subsequently politically divided by national borders, into separate sovereign and/or administrative divisions. The later qualification includes many reorganized regions within nation states blurring the pure "transnational" distinction, but retaining the sense of a historic region once governed together which is significant both historically and culturally.

Typically the divided parts still retain the common geographical placename, or a variation thereof, and may or may not be subject to irrendentist claims and territorial disputes. They are by their very nature situated in border areas.

Divided regions frequently have close cultural, economic and transportation ties and not infrequently authorities or commissions which smooth the process of co-operative efforts across their common borders.


Divided regions of Africa

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Divided regions of Europe


  • Herzogenrath and Kerkrade — As is the case for many parts of Limburg, Herzogenrath changed hands several times in the last few centuries. Together with the (other) Southern Netherlands it was under Spanish control from 1661, Austrian between 1713 and 1795 and French between 1795 and 1813. In 1815, when the Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed (see Vienna Congress), the border was drawn through the town, the eastern part being Prussian town of Herzogenrath, the western part being Dutch Kerkrade. This division continues today.

Divided regions of North America

Sub-national divided regions in the USA


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Divided regions of South America

Divided regions of Oceania

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