Light (disambiguation)

Light may refer to:

*Light, electromagnetic radiation, part of which stimulates the sense of vision
*Light, a device that produces light, such as:
** Lamp (disambiguation)
** Light fixture, an architectural device
** List of light sources

In food or beverages:
* 'Light' or 'lite', low alcohol beer
* 'Light', a category of 19th century Scottish beer which would be a mid-range beer today
* 'Lights', lungs as offal

In entertainment:
* "Light" (novel), the science fiction novel by M. John Harrison
* "Light" (song), the 1993 KMFDM single
* "Light" (album) (2004), contemporary Christian studio album by Jeff Deyo
* "Light" (Matisyahu album), a 2009 upcoming album by Matisyahu
* Light (Twinbee), a character from the Konami game Twinbee
* Light (Doctor Who), a villain from "Doctor Who"
* Light Records, a record label
* Light Yagami, a character from the anime and manga series "Death Note"
* "Lights" (Archive album), a 2006 album by Archive
* "Lights" (Brigade album), a 2006 album by Brigade
* "Light", disc one of Mike Oldfield's "Light & Shade" album
* "Lights", a single from Journey's 1978 album "Infinity"
* Lights (singer), a Canadian synth pop singer born as Valerie Poxleitner
* "Light Quarterly", a quarterly magazine of light verse

*BBC Light Programme, a BBC radio station which was on air from 1945 until 1967
*Electoral district of Light, a state electoral district in South Australia
*Light S.A., a Brazilian electricity distribution and retailing company.
*Light (automobile), built in 1914 in Detroit
*Lights (cigarette type), cigarettes with a low level of nicotine.

ee also

* The Light (disambiguation)
* Lite (disambiguation)
* Light Fantastic (disambiguation)

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