Journal of Applied Ichthyology

Journal of Applied Ichthyology

The Journal of Applied Ichthyology (ISSN 0175-8659; Online ISSN 1439-0426) is a scientific journal on ichthyology, marine biology and oceanography, the continuation of several differently-named journals on these subjects. It is the official journal of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS) and of the Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Kommission für Meeresforschung (German Scientific Commission for the Exploration of the Sea). Its editor is WSCS President Harald Rosenthal.

The first of these journals was the Berichte der Deutschen Wissenschaftlichen Kommission für Meeresforschung, published from before World War I (with a hiatus for the war)[1] until volume 24 in 1975–1976. It then changed its name to Meeresforschung: Reports on marine research (ISSN 0341-6836 | OCLC 4048873) and was published by the Paul Parey Verlag in Hamburg from 1976 until 1991, when the last volume (No.33) appeared in print. From 1994 (No. 42) until 2005 it was published as Archive of Fishery and Marine Research (Archiv für Fischerei- und Meeresforschung; ISSN 0944-1921). The Journal of Applied Ichthyology (Zeitschrift für angewandte Ichthyologie; ISSN 0175-8659) was founded as a separate journal in 1985, but merged with the Archive of Fishery and Marine Research in 2005.


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