Liocranid sac spider

name = Liocranid sac spiders

image_caption = "Liocranum rupicola"
image_width = 250px
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Arachnida
ordo = Araneae
subordo = Araneomorphae
superfamilia = Corinnoidea
familia = Liocranidae
familia_authority = Simon, 1897
diversity_link = List of Liocranidae species
diversity = 29 genera, 157 species

range_map_width = 250px
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision = "Agroeca"
"many others"

Liocranid sac spiders consist of about 160 species of wandering spiders in 30 or so genera. The best known are those in the Holarctic genus "Agroeca". Various genera of rather obscure spiders are included in the family, which still lacks a diagnosis. Two species in the North American genus "Neoanagraphis" are found in often hyperarid conditions in the Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts. The females apparently live in animal burrows and the males wander and are often caught in pitfall traps.


The categorization into subfamilies follows Joel Hallan's [ Biology Catalog] .

* Cybaeodinae:* "Cybaeodes" Simon, 1878 (Mediterranean):* "Donuea" Strand, 1932 (Madagascar):* "Hesperocranum" Ubick & Platnick, 1991 (USA):* "Heterochemmis" F. O. P-Cambridge, 1900 (Mexico):* "Itatsina" Kishida, 1930 (China, Korea, Japan):* "Jacaena" Thorell, 1897 (Myanmar, Thailand):* "Laudetia" Gertsch, 1941 (Dominica)

* Liocraninae Simon, 1897:* "Apostenus" Westring, 1851 (Africa, Europe, North America):* "Argistes" Simon, 1897 (Namibia, Sri Lanka):* "Coryssiphus" Simon, 1903 (South Africa):* "Liocranoeca" Wunderlich, 1999 (USA, Europe, Russia):* "Liocranum" L. Koch, 1866 (Cuba, Europe to Georgia, Mediterranean, New Guinea):* "Liparochrysis" Simon, 1909 (Australia):* "Mesiotelus" Simon, 1897 (Mediterranean, Central Asia, Africa):* "Mesobria" Simon, 1897 (St. Vincent):* "Montebello" Hogg, 1914 (Australia):* "Neoanagraphis" Gertsch & Mulaik, 1936 (USA, Mexico):* "Paratus" Simon, 1898 (Sri Lanka):* "Plynnon" Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001 (Borneo, Sumatra):* "Rhaeboctesis" Simon, 1897 (Africa):* "Scotina" Menge, 1873 (Europe, Algeria, Russia, Malta):* "Sesieutes" Simon, 1897 (southern Asia):* "Sphingius" Thorell, 1890 (southern Asia):* "Sudharmia" Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001 (Sumatra):* "Teutamus" Thorell, 1890 (southern Asia)

* "incertae sedis":* "Agraecina" Simon, 1932 (Western Mediterranean, Romania, Canary Islands):* "Agroeca" Westring, 1861 (Holarctic):* "Andromma" Simon, 1893 (Africa):* "Brachyanillus" Simon, 1913 (Spain, Algeria)

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* List of Liocranidae species
* Spider families


* (2008): [ The world spider catalog] , version 8.5. "American Museum of Natural History".

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