Peregrinatio (sometimes anglicized as Peregrination) is the Latin word for pilgrimage.

It also specifically refers to:
*a crusade
*Peregrinatio Academica, the wandering of students ('vagrants') to teachers at different places
*the Peregrinatio Sancti Petri, a papal institution for assistance to pilgrims to Rome and certain other pious sites and events

It occurs as or in the title of several notable texts:
*a "Peregrinatio" describing the liturgical order as practised at Jerusalem, dating probably from the 4th century
*"Peregrinatio in terram sanctam", an uncunable work by the Dutch author Erhard Reuwich
*Peregrinatio Etheriae or "Peregrinatio Silviae", another pilgrim to the Holy Land's account in a long letter home
*"Peregrinatio Scholastica, or Learning's Pilgrimage", a collection of 22 morall Tractes written by the English dramatist John Day

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