Deer Creek Trail

Deer Creek Trail
Length 3.1 mi (5.0 km)
Location Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States
Trailheads Colorado River
Thunder River Trail,
Grand Canyon North Rim
Use Hiking
Elevation Change 1,664 ft (507 m)
Highest point Surprise Valley, 3,600 ft (1,097 m)
Lowest point Colorado River, 1,936 ft (590 m)
Trail difficulty Very Strenuous
Season Early Spring to
Late Fall
Sights Grand Canyon
Colorado River
Deer Creek
Deer Creek Falls
Hazards Severe Weather
Flash Flood

The Deer Creek Trail is a hiking trail on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, located in the U.S. state of Arizona.

GPS Coordinates (from
WGS84 Datum

Monument Point Trailhead: 36 26.0690N 112 25.7670W

Bill Hall Trail Begins Descent: 36 25.8570N 112 26.3770W

Descent from Esplanade into Surprise Valley Begins: 36 24.5432N 112 28.3344W

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Coordinates: 36°23′N 112°31′W / 36.39°N 112.51°W / 36.39; -112.51

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