Peruvian electoral system

Peruvian electoral system

The Peruvian electoral system has as its mission the planning, organization and execution of elections in Peru, as well as keeping a civil registry. ["Constitución Política del Perú", Article Nº 176.] As defined by the Constitution it comprises the following institutions: ["Constitución Política del Perú", Article Nº 177.]

* National Jury of Elections (JNE): in charge of overseeing the legality of elections
* National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE): in charge of organizing elections
* National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC): in charge of maintaining a civil registry, as well as record of suffrage eligibility and registration

Elections are held through direct universal suffrage, voting is compulsory for citizens age eighteen through seventy. ["Constitución Política del Perú", Article Nº 31.] Members of the Armed Forces and the Police are not allowed to vote or be elected. ["Constitución Política del Perú", Article Nº 34.]


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* [ JNE] official site
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* [ RENIEC] official site

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