Fairchild Group

Fairchild Group

company_name = The Fairchild Group
company_type = Private company
country = CAN
foundation = 1983
key_people = Thomas Fung, Chairman & Founder
location = Vancouver, British Columbia
num_employees =
industry = Media
products = Broadcasting, Publishing, Retail, Real Estate Development
revenue =
owner = Thomas Fung
homepage = [http://www.fairchildgroup.com/ www.fairchildgroup.com]

The Fairchild Group (zh-tp|t=新時代集團|p=Xīnshídài jítuán) is a business conglomerate in Canada, with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Fairchild Group operates various media properties under the Fairchild Media Group name. Fairchild operates Fairchild TV ( _zh. 新時代電視, Pinyin: Xīnshídài diànshì), Fairchild Radio ( _zh. 加拿大中文電台, Pinyin: Jiānádà Zhōngwén diàntái), and Mandarin broadcaster TalentVision ( _zh. 城市電視, Pinyin: Chéngshì diànshì). Fairchild Group is also involved in real estate development, retail, telecommunications and wholesale trade.


The Fairchild Media Group acquired the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) broadcasting licence from Chinavision Canada and Cathay TV in 1993 to form Fairchild TV and Talentvision TV respectively. Later on, it formed Fairchild Radio (Vancouver), Fairchild Radio (Calgary), and Fairchild Radio (Toronto).

"The Spirit of Enterprise", is what the Fairchild Group is all about. Under the leadership of Thomas Fung, chairman and founder of the Fairchild Group, it has successfully built a portfolio of business since 1984 with an investment portfolio over US$400 million. Its involvement in the community touches the heart and soul of many, particularly the multi-cultural groups by serving their many needs.

The unique position of the Fairchild Group and its strategies captured the international media attention such as: CNN, CNBC, CBS, NHK, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc, gave positive coverages on the success stories of Thomas Fung. Time magazine has named Mr. Fung as one of the most influential people in Canada. Business in Vancouver magazine has chosen Thomas Fung as one of the top ten business person for the decade.


Fairchild Media Group is entirely owned by Mr. Thomas Fung.


* 80% Cantonese
* 20% Mandarin

Fairchild Media Group


Fairchild Group operates two national ethnic television channels that cater to both Cantonese & Mandarin speaking audiences:

* Fairchild TV Calgary (Cantonese)
* Fairchild TV Toronto (Cantonese and Mandarin)
* Fairchild TV Vancouver (Cantonese)
* Talentvision (Mandarin)

Fairchild Group has a license for a Chinese movie channel - [http://www.crtc.gc.ca/archive/ENG/Decisions/2006/db2006-474.htm FLS Movie Channel] , but has yet to launch the service. The channel is a joint effort between Fairchild and Hong Kong-based broadcaster Long Shong Group who run LS Movie Channel.

Well-known Hong Kong broadcaster TVB owns a minority stake (20%) in Fairchild TV and Talentvision.


Fairchild Group operates 4 multicultural radio stations and shares programming on another station. All stations feature programming for both Cantonese & Mandarin speaking audiences:

* Fairchild Radio Calgary - FM 94.7 (Cantonese and Mandarin broadcast)
* Fairchild Radio Toronto - FM 88.9 and AM 1430 (Cantonese and Mandarin broadcast)
* Fairchild Radio Vancouver - FM 96.1 and AM 1470 (Cantonese and Mandarin broadcast)

Fairchild is jointly operating AM1540 with Sing Tao (Toronto). Some radio personalities from Fairchild Radio Toronto - FM 88.9 are being transferred to the new station.

Film production

Fairchild Group operates Fairchild Films International Ltd., a motion picture production company that creates Chinese language films for international audiences.

Real Estate Development and Management

* Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC - Chinese mall
* Aberdeen Residence, Vancouver Richmond BC
* English Bay Village, Vancouver BC - Chinese mall under development
* Fairchild Square, Vancouver BC - new FMG headquarters and office tower under development


* St Germain Bakery - Chinese bakery
* Aberdeen Post Office
* Racing Devils Hobbies - Hobby store
* Daiso Canada - Japanese dollar store
* Smart Living Design - Home furniture store
* Smart Office Furniture - Office furniture store
* A Light Idea - Lighting retail store
* Memory Collection - Gift shop
* Living Colors - Modern home & kitchenware store
* aR Fashion - Fashion retailer
* Ozone Fashion - Fashion retailer
* Gado Gado Fashion - Men's fashion retailer
* Gibson Travel Accessories - Luggage / backpack / Travel accessories
* IT Power - Computer retail / service store
* Menji Stationery store - Stationery retailer
* Impulse Sports - Sporting Equipment Retailer
* Super Garage - Auto accessories
* Party Goodies - Party supply retailer
* Pot and Plant- Artificial floral retailer
* Pot Arts
* Timbuktu Military Surplus & Apparel - Military Surplus & Apparel retailer
* Voodoo Palace - Voodoo dolls retailer
* Bike Stop
* Giordano
* Santayaya -
* Planet Food
* 7th Heaven Cafe
* Ajijiman
* Hanabi
* Bean Factory
* Frappe Bliss
* Hainanese Chicken


* Hutchison Imports has extensive wholesale and distribution interests in general merchandise, dollar store items, toys, RC hobby, sports, apparel, furniture, consumer and lifestyle products. The company works with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world to source out products for the North American market.

Hutchison Imports has its own own brand - 'Menji'. Menji products are fast becoming a staple on many dollar/discount store shelves.


Fairchild Group operates various online, internet-based businesses:

* eSeeNet.com Ltd.- a business solutions company, founded in 1995
* eSeeHosting- Web hosting provider
* Lynx Communications- Internet service provider, based in Richmond, B.C.

Foreign investment

* Stone Group - a pharmaceutical firm in China via Fairchild Investments Ltd.

External links

* [http://www.fairchildgroup.com Official Fairchild Group website]
* [http://www.crtc.gc.ca/ownership/cht92.pdf CRTC chart of Fairchild Group's radio assets] (PDF)
* [http://www.crtc.gc.ca/ownership/cht92a.pdf CRTC chart of Fairchild Group's TV assets] (PDF)

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