Princess Shruti of Nepal

Princess Shruti of Nepal

name = Princess Shruti of Nepal
birth_date = birth date|1976|10|15|mf=y
birth_place= Narayanhiti, Kathmandu, Nepal
death_date =death date and age|2001|6|1|1976|10|15|mf=y
death_place= Kathmandu, Nepal
Died in the Nepalese Palace Massacre
occupation = Royal Princess

Princess Shruti of Nepal (October 15, 1976 - June 1, 2001) was the only daughter of King Birendra and Queen Aiswarya of Nepal and sister of Crown Prince Dipendra and Prince Nirajan. Princess Shruti studied at Kanti Ishwori Sishu Vidhyalaya in Nepal, St. Mary's Convent in Nepal and later at Mayo Girls College in Ajmer, India. She completed her Bachelors degree at Padma Kanya Campus in Nepal.

She was married to Gorakh Shamsher J.B Rana a member of an aristrocratic Rana family of Nepal, decendents of Maharajah Chandra Shumshere Rana of Nepal. Princess Shruti had two daughters Girvani (b.22nd January 1998) and Surangana (b.2nd October 2000). Princess Shruti contributed to art and Nepali Literature. She was quite renowned for her artwork.

She along with her mother, father and brother Nirajan were killed in the royal palace massacre on June 1, 2001 carried out by her brother Crown Prince Dipendra. She died in hospital of excessive bleeding after the shooting. An investigation into the massacre found that Dipendra had indeed carried out the killings.

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