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Larisa Amir (Hebrew: לריסה עמיר Previously: Larisa Trembovler Hebrew: לריסה טרימבובלר, Russian: Лариса Трембовлер (also written Larissa Trimbobler)) is married to Yigal Amir, the assassin of Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin who is currently serving a life sentence. On October 28, 2007, Larisa gave birth to the son of Yigal Amir.

Trembovler has a Ph.D. in philosophy. She has published a novel in Russian ("A Mirror for a Prince"), and is an Orthodox Jew.

Early relationship with Amir

Larisa met Amir in Russia, where he was teaching Judaism as an emissary of the Israeli government. After her immigration to Israel, she visited Amir with her husband, Benjamin (with whom she has four children) for humanitarian reasons. Larisa expressed ideological support for Amir, and they began to correspond and speak on the phone. Larisa divorced her husband in 2003. [ [ Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler ] ]

Larisa announced that she was engaged to Amir and wanted to marry while Amir was in jail. In January 2004, after their request was filed, the Israel Prisons Authority declared it would not permit the marriage. In April 2004, the matter was brought before the Tel Aviv District Court.

At the time, the Prisons Commissioner instructed his legal aides to defend the decision based on security considerations. But Amir's lawyers said this claim violated their client's basic rights and would not hold up in court. They noted that several Palestinians serving multiple life terms for crimes such as murder have been permitted to marry in prison. Legal analysts have said the Supreme Court would likely uphold any appeal by Amir's lawyer, unless specific legislation is enacted prohibiting him from marrying.

Marriage to Amir

In August 2004 Amir and Trembovler married according to Jewish law, which permits a prospective husband to grant a form of "power of attorney" to a chosen representative, who can then transfer a wedding ring, or something of similar value, to the prospective wife with the full legal authority of the husband and so thereby conclude a valid Jewish marriage. According to Jewish law this is a contractually valid marriage. The emissary only transfers the ring and possibly also the ketuba (i.e. "marriage contract"), but "only" the husband himself can actually "consummate" the marriage

On July 2005 their marriage was validated by an Israeli Rabbinical Court; however, the prison administration issued a statement saying that its policy concerning conjugal visits for Amir would not be changed. Meanwhile, a group of 396 persons, among them leading figures of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in Israel signed a petition demanding to stop the violation of this "basic human right".

Larisa submitted the petition after the Interior Ministry refused to register Amir and Larisa as a married couple, despite the fact that the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court decided in July 2005 to approve their marriage by proxy in September 2005. Haaretz noted that Israel's Justice Ministry had defined Amir's marriage as "problematic" because according to a past ruling, a marriage ceremony not conducted in the presence of a rabbi from the Chief Rabbinate is unrecognized. []

Conjugal visits and artificial insemination

On February 6, 2006, Haaretz reported that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz had ordered the Interior Ministry to register Amir and Larissa Trimbovler as a married couple in response to a petition filed by Larisa. Amir and Larisa then filed requests with the Prison Authority and petitions to court to enable them to hold conjugal visits or conceive a child through artificial insemination. [ [ "PM Rabin's murderer seeks conjugal rights"] , September 8, 2004 in the Washington Times]

In March 2006 the Israeli Prison Service approved Amir's petition for in vitro fertilization. The Service was to study how this process would be conducted without Amir leaving the prison. A week later, Amir was caught handing a pre-prepared bag of semen to his wife and the visit was terminated. [ [ Portail d'informations ] ] [ [ Yigal Amir caught sneaking sperm | Jerusalem Post ] ] [] After the incident a disciplinary tribunal barred visits from his wife for 30 days and phone calls for 14 days. [] The IVF treatments were stopped after several members of the Knesset submitted a petition.Up until October 20, 2006 the Shabak security service had opposed unsupervised visits. [ [ Rabin killer Amir to begin conjugal visit] (Haaretz)] Four days later, Amir was allowed a 10-hour-long conjugal visit with Larisa. Five months later it was reported that Larisa was pregnant, [ [ Rabin assassin to be father] (The Sydney Morning Herald)] On October 28 2007, she gave birth to a son.

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