Darkhan, Khentii

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  • Darkhan — (Mongolian: Дархан) is handicraftsman or honorary privilege in Mongolian language. It also refers a common Mongolian place name, specifying: in Mongolia: Darkhan Uul Province, an aimag (province) Darkhan (city), the capital of Darkhan Uul… …   Wikipedia

  • Darkhan (city) — For other uses, see Darkhan (disambiguation). Coordinates: 49°28′08″N 105°57′27″E / 49.46889°N 105.9575°E / 49.46889; 105.9575 …   Wikipedia

  • Darkhan-Uul Province — Coordinates: 49°30′N 106°15′E / 49.5°N 106.25°E / 49.5; 106.25 …   Wikipedia

  • Khentii Province — Geobox|Province country = Mongolia name = Khentii Aimag other name = mn. Хэнтий аймаг coordinates type = adm1st lat d = 47 |lat m = 19 |lat NS = N long d = 110 |long m = 39 |long EW = E symbol type = Coat of arms symbol = Hentiy.gif established …   Wikipedia

  • Bor-Öndör, Khentii — Bor Öndör ( mn. Бор Өндөр), also written as Bor Undur, Bor Ondor, Bor Under, Boro Under, is a city ( mn. хот) in Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. Bor Öndör is situated in Darkhan sum (district), but is administrated separately. Geography… …   Wikipedia

  • Ömnödelger, Khentii — Ömnödelger (Mongolian: Өмнөдэлгэр, Front wide) is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in northeastern Mongolia. Sum center former location is 47 53 N 109 55 E. Gurvanbayan settlement is 52 km NE from sum center actual location …   Wikipedia

  • Delgerkhaan, Khentii — Delgerkhaan (Mongolian: Дэлгэрхаан) is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. Avraga Toson resort is 4 km W from Delgerkhaan sum center. Kherlenbayan Ulaan settlement is 38 km W from Delgerkhaan sum center …   Wikipedia

  • Mörön, Khentii — Mörön (Mongolian: Мөрөн) is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. The Chandgana Tal coal mine is 25 km E from Mörön sum center. v …   Wikipedia

  • Norovlin, Khentii — Norovlin (Mongolian: Норовлин) is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. Bürenkhaan settlement is 40 km NW from Norovlin sum center. v …   Wikipedia

  • Mongolia — This article is about the modern sovereign state. For other uses, see Mongolia (disambiguation). Mongolia …   Wikipedia

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