List of Fairy Tail villains

The following is a list of villains in the manga Fairy Tail. They are listed in order of appearance.

Daybreak arc

Duke Everlue

Owner of a giant mansion containing a book that must be destroyed via a mission Natsu and Lucy have accepted. He has a weird sense of beauty, preferring ugly women over beautiful women. He easily discovers Lucy being part of Fairy Tail, so he sends two fighters to kill her. He also seems to have a penchant for bursting through walls, ceilings and floors. He is the second stellar spirit mage to appear in the manga, using the summoned Virgo.

Vanish Brothers

Two brothers who are members of the Mercenary Guild: Southern Wolves. They were hired by the Duke to act as bodyguards. One brother holds a giant skillet that he uses to deflect fire magic and send it back to his opponent. The other brother mostly just uses basic fighting skills with enhanced power and speed. The brothers also do combined attacks in which they use to either deceive their opponent or attack them. After a few exchanged blows between them and Natsu, they get defeated by his superior magic abilities. They're also talking about someone they call "mama" which is presumably the master of their guild.

Eisenwald Guild

The Eisenwald Guild is categorized as a dark guild by the Magic Council. The reason is that its members used their magic for assassination missions, which is illegal according to Guild rules. For that reason, six years ago, the Council banned the guild from the league of guilds, arrested their master, and ordered the members to disband. Most of the members still remain operative, being lead by the Eisenwald Guild's ace, Shinigami Erigor. They have the habit of calling the Fairy Tail mages "flies".

hinigami Erigor

He is the de facto leader of Eisenwald. He's powerful enough to fight and harm Erza, one of the strongest mages of Fairy Tail. He gained the nickname "Shinigami" because of his penchant in taking on assassination requests. He derives his magic from the wind element; thus he can control the wind to make him fly or use it as a weapon. Erigor can also surround himself in wind armor. This wind armor was used to blow out Natsu's fire during their fight. He was eventually defeated by Natsu, after a hard fight on a railway bridge. Although the rest of his guild were caught and arrested, his current whereabouts are unknown. Lucy wonders if he might resurface at a later date in order to exact vengeance against Fairy Tail for ruining his plans.


A subordinate of Erigor. He meets Natsu on a train and gives the Lullaby Flute to his leader. He uses shadow magic which he can use both to control shadows and to become a shadow himself. He manages to hit Natsu in the train but when the train stops, he was hit by Natsu. He later fights him again in the station but was defeated. He was stabbed by Karacka but managed to survived. After the rest of the gang came to greet Natsu, he stole their transport, took the Lullaby and headed straight towards Clover Town to the Council's building. He was greeted by Makarov, head of the Fairy Tail guild. Due to Makarov's words, he decided against using the flute and went against Erigor's plans. He seems to be touched by the teamwork of Natsu, Gray and Erza during their fight against the The Devil from the book of Zeref. Despite having regretted his actions, he was still arrested along with the rest of his guild.

*Kage means shadow in Japanese, which correlates with Kageyama's shadow magic.


A subordinate of Erigor, who uses the cloth on his fingers as weapon. It was he who reveals that their true plan was to attack Clover Town, where the guild masters are attending a meeting. Gray intercepted Rayule's path and they fought, though the fight quickly ended when Gray froze Rayule's head completely. He wears a nemes, a striped headcloth worn by pharaohs.


A subordinate of Erigor, who can teleport himself through solid walls. After escaping from Lucy, he appears back to hear Byard's orders after Gray and Erza search for Natsu. Instead of helping Kageyama, his job was to kill Kageyama. But after he stabbed him, he was tackled down by Natsu's Fire punch.


A subordinate of Erigor, who tries to take out Erza but was knocked-out in one hit. He then later gives an order to Karacka to kill Kageyama so that the Fairy Tail gang won't escape. The only power that is known of his is when he shifts the drink from the waitress' drink to his jug in the restaurant. His name is probably a reference to the whiskers he has in his face.

Galuna Island arc

Reitei Lyon

An ice mage who once was, together with Gray Fullbuster, an apprentice of the mage Ur. Ever since he was young he's felt a need to surpass his teacher. When Ur told Lyon that there were other mages out there that were stronger then she was, he was shocked. Lyon then got angry that he was training under a mage who wasn't the strongest mage out there. He didn't like that Ur didn't teach him any powerful ice magic spells, so he read Ur's books on very strong spells and learned the "Iced Shell" attack, which is a very dangerous spell because it ruins the caster's body. He tried using it against Deliora since it's the only spell that would work against it. Ur recognized what spell Lyon was trying to cast and quickly stopped him by temporarily freezing him. Once Ur froze him, she went ahead and used the Iced Shell spell herself. She told Gray to tell Lyon that she died, when in reality she turned into ice for all eternity. Once Lyon regained consciousness, Gray told Lyon that she died. He now bears a grudge against Gray because he believes Gray is the reason Ur is dead, since it was originally Gray who challenged Deliora. Now Lyon is seeking for the legendary monster Deliora, who was sealed by his teacher. On Galuna Island Lyon and Gray got into a fight and Lyon defeated Gray, but Natsu was able to save him. The next morning Natsu goes to the temple Deliora is in and fights Lyon. Gray then goes to the temple and tells Natsu to back off.

Gray tries casting the Iced Shell spell on Lyon, but Gray is quickly stopped by Natsu. Once Natsu goes after Zarti, Gray tells Lyon that Ur is still alive as the ice keeping Deliora imprisoned. Lyon seems surprised at first, but then he stabs Gray through the stomach with a sword he made out of ice and proclaims that he already knew that but didn't care because Ur is just scraps of ice now. Gray becomes enraged and says that he is trying to save Lyon, but now he's fed up with him. When they began their final battle, Lyon is not able to defeat Gray due to his inferior one-handed ice magic molding and is eventually defeated by Gray. When Deliora is completely revived, he still wishes to challenge Deliora despite his defeat earlier. Gray knocks him out and Deliora begins to crumble. Lyon cries, realizing that he can never surpass Ur as Deliora was long dead. At the end of the arc, it seems that Lyon and Gray are both back to being friends.

*He molds his ice magic with only one hand, while Gray uses two. According to Gray, one-handed molding is inferior and unbalanced, which was later proven true during their rematch.

*Lyon's molds are dynamic and often take the form of animals, while Gray's is static and takes the form of objects.

Yuka Suzuki

Yuka is one of the underlings of Reitei Lyon. He's nicknamed "The Surge." He is a former mage of Lamia Scale Guild and held the position of anti-mage. Yuka calls the magic he uses "Surge." He can use it both to harm his opponent and/or nullify his/her magic. When he fought Natsu on Galuna Island, it seemed like he had an advantage over Natsu, but then Natsu quickly found a way past Yuka's Surge magic and defeated him.


Toby is one of the underlings of Reitei Lyon. He is a former mage of Lamia Scale Guild. He uses his nails to fight and can also use paralysis magic in conjunction with his nails. Toby claims to be stronger than Yuka. A few things happen in the manga that show Toby to be a dim-witted individual. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 033 Page 05, Toby stabs self with his own nails] Toby becomes so embarrassed after his foolish defeat due to paralyzing himself with his own nails that he asks Lyon not to mention it to anyone else. Once the Moon Drip ritual begins to melt the ice on Deliora, Toby is seen as the only worshipper at the ritual since all the other worshippers were defeated by Erza and Lucy. It turns out that that Toby and some of the others followed Lyon because they were victims of Deliora too and wanted revenge. They believed that Lyon would be able to defeat Deliora, which is why they followed him. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 044 Page 07, Toby explains to Erza why he and some of the others were following Leon]


Sherry is one of the underlings of Reitei Lyon. She seems to be working under Lyon just to garner his affection. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 033 Page 08, Sherry claims that Lyon won't love her anymore] "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 034 Page 17, Sherry says she will always love Lyon] She uses a magic that's called "Doll Play Magic", which allows her to control anything such as golems and animals but not humans. Her magic works on Celestial Spirits as well since they're not human. She was defeated by Lucy after Lucy summoned Aquarius on purpose so that Aquarius would attack them both--as she usually attacks both friend and foe. She also has a giant pet rat that she named Angelica. Angelica can propel her tail to fly, and her giant size is put to good use when Sherry commands her to attack her opponent.


Deliora is an immortal demon that penetrated the Isvan area 10 years prior to the current time Fairy Tail is set in. It was sealed in an iceberg on the Northern Continent by Ur. She risked her life in the process of sealing this demon. Deliora is known as The Demon of Disaster due to all the destruction it's caused in the past. Deliora was found on Galuna Island by Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy. Reitei Lyon and his associates are trying to use the cursed Moon Drip spell to release Deliora from his frozen tomb so that he can defeat the demon himself. Lyon feels a need to surpass Ur which is why he wants to defeat Deliora. Once Deliora is revived from Ur's Iced Shell via the Moon Drip it was getting ready to attack, but before it could it crumbled into pieces. Deliora had been long dead thanks to Ur. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 043 Page 12-17, Deliora crumbles]


Zarti is a very strange individual with his entire purpose being completely shrouded in mystery. He seems to act as some type of advisor to Lyon, as well as an information retriever. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 035 Page 16, Lyon states that Zarti is very quick with his info] Not much is known about Zarti's battle style nor what type of magic he uses. Zarti simply refers to his magic as "Lost Magic". So far the only time that he's displayed his magic is when he crumbled the floor underneath Natsu's feet plunging him to a lower floor of the temple. Zarti seems to have other uses for the demon Deliora other than what Lyon wants to do with it. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 036 Page 11, Zarti tells Lyon that he can't lose him until Deliora is revived] What his true intentions are concerning Deliora are still uncertain. Zarti also seems to have some disbelief in Lyon. Such as when he questioned Lyon about why he didn't kill Gray, but was willing to kill all of the villagers. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 033 Page 19-20, Zarti questions Lyon about why he didn't kill Gray]

After Natsu stops Gray from casting Iced Shell the temple is leveled out and the moonlight can reach Deliora once again. Zarti enters the room and tells them that he is responsible for leveling the temple. Natsu gets confused and demands Zarti to tell him how he did it, but Zarti ignores Natsu and flees. Natsu chases after Zarti and a bit of Zarti's "Lost Magic" is revealed. Zarti says that his Lost Magic is a type of magic that was obliterated from history due to its immense power and the gravity of its side effect and then Zarti disappear. Natsu finds him in the area where Deliora is sealed and Zarti asks how he found him. Natsu says he has a good sense of smell, and that Zarti has the scent of a woman. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 040 Page 17, Natsu says Zarti has a woman's fragrance]

Zarti reveals that his Lost Magic deals with time. He can manipulate an object's "arch of time" any which way he wants although it only works on inanimate objects. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 042 Page 07, Zarti explains his magic] Zarti also reveals that his true objective for reviving Deliora is so he can manipulate the beast. He has no belief that Leon could defeat him and instead just wanted Deliora so he can have its power. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 042 Page 11, Zarti reveals his true intentions]

At the end of the Galuna Island arc it's revealed that Zarti is actually Urtear from the Magic Council(proving Natsu was right when he said Zarti had the scent of a woman) "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 045 Page 20, Zarti transforms back to Urtear] and that this incident at Galuna Island was all a big Magic Council conspiracy.
*Natsu gives the nickname Namahage to Zarti because of the appearance similarities between the two

Phantom Lord

"Phantom Lord" is a long time rival of the Fairy Tail guild. Phantom Lord vandalized the Fairy Tail main building, and the attack was led by the second strongest of the guild, Gazille. The two guilds have had many brushes in the past, but this was the first time Phantom Lord attacked them directly. Phantom Lord also has a S-class group called the Elemental 4, which are similar to the four S-class mages of Fairy Tail: Erza, Laxus, Mystogan, and Gildartz. Their guild building has six mechanical legs which allow the building to get up and move around. The guild building is also equipped with a magical convergent cannon called "Jupiter". The building can also transform into a giant machine known as Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II. When it's transformed into the Giant Phantom it acts just as a giant mage that can use spells, including forbidden ones.

Jose constructed the plan to attack Fairy Tail so it would be easier for them to capture Lucy. While most of the Fairy Tail guild were out to get revenge on the Phantom Lord guild for what they've done to both their building and Shadow Gear, two of the Element 4 members, Jubia and Sol, were sent to capture Lucy. Jubia successfully captured Lucy with one of her water spells, though Fairy Tail managed to take her back. It seems Lucy's father gave a request to Phantom Lord to retrieve his daughter for him and bring her back home. However, it's later revealed that the Jose used this as an excuse to try to destroy Fairy Tail once and for all in a petty fit to claim the spot as the number one guild. He was afraid that Lucy's rich background would give Fairy Tail enough funding to surpass the Phantoms. Upon finding out that she was a runaway, however, and had no financial backing, he planned to keep her hostage until her father paid them. It is later revealed that Phantom Lord disbanded sometime after the lost war with Fairy Tail.

Jose Pola

Jose Pola is the guild master of Phantom Lord, and is said to have an equal amount of magic power to Makarov. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 047 Page 15, Erza says Jose is equal in strength to Makarov] Also just like Makarov, he is also one of the ten holy great mages. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 047 Page 14, Happy says Jose is one of the ten holy great mages] Jose's magic is called "Shade". With it he can create ghost soldiers that he can command at will. He can also create a wave of ghosts. He wears a witch's hat that bears the Phantom Lord guild symbol. He also seems to have a pair of wings. Whether they are real or just a cosmetic effect is not yet known. He dislikes Fairy Tail because before it came along, Phantom Lord was the strongest guild in the country, but now they're considered equal. Thus he feels that they are upstarts who stole his guild's title as the strongest. His magic is described as evil. He was annihilated by Marakov's spell Fairy Law.


Gazille, nicknamed the Iron Dragon, uses the same lost "Dragon Slayer" magic as Natsu does, though his magic seems to deal not with fire, but with iron. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 047 Page 14, Erza says Gazille is also a Dragon Slayer] Gazille is also noted to be the most formidable of the Phantom Lord guild after Jose Pola. He led the attack on Fairy Tail and the large iron rods protruding through the walls of the building seem to be his handiwork. Gazille's magic seems to deal with producing multi-sized iron rods as well as changing parts of his body into iron. He doesn't seem to care at all about Fairy Tail, and seems to think that Phantom Lord is a stronger and more worthwhile guild. Gazille bears his Phantom Lord symbol marked at the top of his right shoulder (note the same place were Natsu has his Fairy Tail emblem). Both Natsu and Gazille begin their fight with each other once the Elemental Four are defeated. At first being equal in strength, Gazille gains the upper hand after eating some metal and thrashes Natsu a bit. However after seeing the Fairy Tail building crumble, and with a little help from Lucy's Celestial Spirit, Sagittarius, Natsu turns the tables and knocks Gazille straight through the Phantom Lord's building, demolishing it in half and defeating him. Similar to how Natsu learned his "Fire Dragon Slayer" from the dragon Igneel, Gazille learned his "Metal Dragon Slayer" from the dragon Metalicana. Both Igneel and Metalica disappeared seven years prior to the beginning of the series on July 7th in the year of 777.

Upon returing from saving Erza, it is revealed that Gazille has joined Fairy Tail at the request of Lluvia. He seems to have no remorse for destroying Fairy Tail and joined with them only because he needed a job and one guild is as good as another. It is unknown if due to his former rank in Phantom Lord, if Gazille is officially one of Fairy Tail's S-Class mages.

Recently Gazille was attacked by the group of Fairy Tail mages he pinned to the tree during the phantom lord arc but he let them attack without defending himself apparently in remorse for his actions, Luxus then shows up and attacks him only to have a stray shot almost hit another Fairy Tail mage who Gazille shields with his own body.
*Like Natsu eats fire, Gazille eats metal. He also has a strong sense of smell like Natsu. It is unknown whether or not he eats his own metal similarly to how Natsu doesn't eat his own fire. Gazille also hates to be disturbed during his meals.


Jubia made up 1/4th of the Phantom Lord's elite group: Element 4. She was sent by the guild master, Jose, along with Sol, to capture Lucy and bring her back to Jose safely. Her magic seems to pertain to water as she is able to control rain and other large bodies of water. In addition, her body seems to be formed from the rain that surrounds her, leaving her intact and able to reform herself after taking damage. Her nickname is "Jubia of the Sea." When she becomes angry, she gains the ability to control hot water. Jubia often refers to herself in the third person. Jubia has developed a crush on Gray, and due to a misunderstanding, views Lucy as her rival in love. After having been defeated by Gray, the rain above her finally cleared up, something she thought was beautiful.

After their fight, her deep infatuation with Gray continues; she secretly follows him wherever he goes. In the current arc, she mentions to Gray that she is now an independent mage once more, but Gray notes that she has probably has her eyes set on Fairy Tail. She is quite willing to do anything for him. During the Tower of Paradise arc, she becomes friends with Lucy and preforms a Unison Raid with her. After the tower is destroyed, she has officially become a member of Fairy Tail, with the Master's full blessing.

She and Gazille are the only Phantom members to be shown after the Phantom Guild arc (aside from the Chp. 64 Omake). The Spanish word "lluvia", which is pronounced like her name, means rain.


Sol is part of the Element 4 group. He along with Jubia were sent to capture Lucy to bring her back to their master, Jose. He is nicknamed Sol of the Earth, as shown by his name his magic consists of controlling and creating the different forms of earth (sand, rocks, etc.) he has also been shown to be able to wrap his body around a person's arm (maybe even the whole body). Sol often uses French linguistics in his speech as well as talking in a rhythmic pattern, he also gives his attacks musical names mixed with the French names of different kinds of earth (Roche [rock] Concerto, Plâtre [plaster] Sonata, etc). Despite his abilities, he was defeated by a fully transformed Elfman. Sol is also French for "ground".


Aria is part of the Element 4 group as well as its strongest member. He is a very large man that towers over the other members and is dressed like a blind Catholic priest. Despite his large appearance, he seems to cry a lot. Aria's magic is called "Drain" and drains the opponent's magic power. Once it's drained it floats in the air and eventually disappears. The greater the magic power of the opponent, the more damage Drain causes. His power is so great that he has to keep his eyes closed to contain it and only opens them for the strongest of opponents. His nickname within the guild is Aria of the Sky. Aria is Italian for "air". It was he who drained Makarov's power and nearly killed him. Despite his near invincible power, he is defeated by Ezra in a suit of armor called "The Knight," which she had used as early as chapter 14. He appears again trying to get Makarov after Jose was defeated but was easily knocked out by Makarov.


Totomaru is part of the Element 4 group. He's a fire mage and can manipulate it to the point where he alters the state and color of fire, even making it cold (blue), extremely smelly (orange-crap scented fire, used against Natsu because he spit in his face) or even rainbow (unknown effect it was stopped before it was finished). He carries a sword which he uses for close combat. His nickname within the guild is The Great Fire. Totomaru was the mage who guarded Jupiter during the siege on Fairy Tail, but Natsu succeeded in destroying the cannon when Totomaru was caught off guard. He later tried to finish off Natsu (due to his motion sickness), but Gray froze him and Elfman sent the Element 4 member flying.

Tower of Paradise

Tower of Paradise or "R system" is used to revive a dead person. Because it requires the sacrifice of another person, it became forbidden magic. Jeral (or Gerald) is planning to resurrect the Dark Mage Zeref and use Erza as a sacrificial lamb. Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza go to the beach which they get tickets from Loke that he left over from trying to invite his girls, but he give up after his incident. They went to the casino, Gray met Lluvia on the counter bar. Afterwhile, they encountered with Erza's old friend and Erza been kidnapped to the Tower of Paradise whereupon they must do battle with the Trinity Raven from an assassins guild and finally confront Jeral himself. Most of the enemies were fellow slaves whom Erza knew when she was a child.

Jeral/Siegrain(ジークレイン "Shīgurein")

Jeral used the identity of Siegrain as an alter ego of the villain Jeral, created through psychic projection. Due to his high magical power, which was noted to be higher than that of the older members of the council, he became a member of the magical council. Though other council members have been critics towards Fairy Tail's modus operandi, he likes the way they act and use magic. He seems to be interested in Natsu, whom he refers with his full name of Natsu Dragonil. He bears striking resemblance to Sieg Hart, a character in Hiro Mashima's other manga Rave Master. Siegrain has an unknown dream in mind that he wants to accomplish. The failed attempt to make Deliora his own was just one step on his path to achieve his dream. Natsu is also a part in his dream, though the part that Natsu plays in Siegrain's dream is unknown (however it may have been to revive Zeref). Siegrain is one of the Ten Holy Great Mages. He created the identity "Siegrain" to gain power in the Magic Council, in order to activate Aetherion to gather the power needed to complete the R-system. In reality he was an old friend of Erza's, he was attempting to revive the R system by using Erza as a sacrifice. It is suggested that when he was a child and a slave working on the Tower of Paradise, he was possessed by the Dark Mage Zeref. However, Zeref said only those with incredibly large hatred could see him. Physically, he is very similar to Siegrain as the latter is merely a psychic projection, revealed in chapter 94. The magic he uses is known as Heavenly magic that allows him to move and fly as quick as a meteor and to create black holes that suck anything in. He also knows how to preform Abyssal Break, a spell that is considered Forbidden. He destroyed the ship that the slaves were going to leave in and told them Erza had done and that she had gone insane when her magic awakened.He was defeated by Natsu after he takes in his body the magic in the tower and awakens his true dragon slayer nature and defeats Jeral by punching him through the tower destroying it.After the tower's destruction, he it is impiled that he freed himself from Zeref's control and return to his old self.


Another old friend of Erza's, he is one of the group who kidnaps Erza in the Casino. In the past, he was the one who planned to escape from the uncomplete tower. When all of them failed to escape, the guards asked for the one responsible for the plan. He was too cowardly to admit, so Jeral said that he was the one, but the guards didn't believe him and took Erza to the prison to be punished. Later, he is able to use magic that imprisons people inside cards; his current dark skin may be a result of using this magic. After the Fairy Tails and Lluvia infiltrated the tower and met Erza, she told her past to them and Shou overheard it. He became confused as Jeral told them Erza had abandoned them. After Jeral announced the "Paradise Game", he captured Erza inside a card and ran away. He dresses like a poker dealer and cries easily.He is later seen abandoning the tower of paradise with the rest of his comrades, Lucy and Llubia.


Old friend of Erza's, he is one of the group who kidnap Erza. He is able to use magic that turn surrounding areas into darkness. In the past, he fell in love with Erza. During the fight in the unfinished tower, he was almost able to confess his feelings to Erza, but was interrupted a magic that hit him and broke his jaw. After the Fairy Tails and Lluvia entered the tower, he helped the Fairy Tails. Shimon now wants to join Fairy Tail as he had been faking allegiance with Jeral. Later he meets up with Natsu, but was knocked down by one of the Trinity Ravens. Jeral believes that Shimon has been defeated but Shimon is merely standing back while Natsu fights Fukurou and then Gray vs. Fukurou. In chapter 97, he dies while protecting Erza and Natsu from Jeral's attack saying before dying that he loved Erza. As an adult, he appears as a giant man with a metal jaw.


He is an old friend of Erza's. His body has the shape of squares and rectangular prisms. This may be caused from the effect of his magic which gives him the ability to turn into tiny squares. In the Casino, he shot Natsu which resulted in much anger on Natsu's part. Later on, he is defeated by Natsu in the Tower of Paradise. As a kid he was a loose cannon but has since styled himself as a dandy man; this was caused when he saw his first movie which featured a dandy man as its protagonist, whom he thought of as cool. He is prone to talks of dandiness in the same way Elfman talks of manliness.


She's also an old friend of Erza's. Her magic uses a rope that prevents the bound victim from using magic. She loves cats, herself having cat ears and a tail, how she has gained this is unknown. However, her love of cats resulted in her defeat to Natsu.

Trinity Raven

A trio of unique and powerful wizard assassins from an assassins guild that acted as Jeral's elite guard for the Tower Of Paradise and to fight Ezra and her friends. They were defeated by Lucy, Jubia, Gray and Ezraafter a long battle.

Vithaldas Taka

The first member of Trinity Raven to be seen and appeared to be Jeral's serious right hand man at first. In his revealed state he closesly resembles a rock star from the band Kiss complete with face-paint, ridiculously long hair and a magical guitar. He seems more than a little mad, finding it a thrill to be involved in a battle where he may potentially be killed by the Aetherion cannon. He engages Jubia and Lucy, first absorbing Jubia's water with his hair and then using Rock of Succubus to turn Jubia in to his rockstar succubus. After hitting Lucy around for a bit he was defeated by Lucy and Jubia when they fused their magic for a Unison Raid and became bald.


The second member of Trinity Raven, he first encounters Natsu and Shimon. A large man with an owls head, he lugs around two huge rockets on his back with the word "Justice" printed along them and seems to believe the work of an assassin is fulfilling a sense of justice (similar to Rob Lucci in One Piece). He uses a special skill to swallow Natsu and begin absorbing his magical abilities, using the Fire Dragon Slayer magic against Gray until he was eventually bested, causing Natsu to be belched from his gut. Gray claims that he wasn't using Natsu's magic at even half power.


A samurai with a rock-star touch, she is leader of Trinity Raven and presumably the strongest member. Ikaruga encounters Shou and cuts him down without any effort before moving on to Erza. Despite being an S-Class Mage and using multiple armours including The Knight, Flame Emperor and her presumably strongest armer - the Purgatory Armour - Erza is constantly surpassed by Ikaruga's swordplay which breaks each armour she uses in turn. Finally removing all her armor and fighting in samurai-style garb Erza was able to strike Ikaruga down with a single blow to the chest. Ikaruga may have died from this injury, but before doing so she admitted that Erza was the first person to ever defeat her since she left her Guild.

Other villains

Villains that have made a short appearance or didn't belong to one of the major villain guilds.

Bora the Prominence

The first villain shown in the series. He was banished from the mage guild "Titan Nose" because he committed several thefts using magic. He was using Natsu's nickname "Salamander" and saying he was part of Fairy Tail. He uses a magical charm to attract women to sell them as slaves. Bora's plans are ruined when Natsu defeats him and his crew. It was recently revealed that he dated Jubia of the Element 4 (for an unknown amount of time) and had her break up with him because the rain she caused kept him from doing any of his hobbies.


A snow beast that lives high up in Mount Hakobe. Macao Convault originally accepted a mission to go to Mount Hakobe and kill this beast. When Macao took longer then expected to come back, his son Romeo came to Fairy Tail demanding someone to go out and look for him. Natsu felt sorry for Romeo and went up to Mount Hakobe, along with Lucy and Happy, to defeat Vulcan and rescue Macao. Once they got there, Natsu defeated Vulcan, who then transformed back to Macao. Macao had originally defeated 19 other Vulcan, but then a 20th Vulcan's spirit overtook his body. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 003 Page 22, Vulcan transforms back to Macao]

Dark Mage Zeref

A mage that knows how to use "Living Magic", the Lullaby being an example of one. He/she is referred to as "the most atrocious mage in the history of magic". When one of Zeref's devils was released from the flute it threatened to eat everyone's souls. Then Natsu, Gray and Erza joined forces and quickly destroyed Zeref's devil with seemingly no effort (They also destroyed the nearby regional guild masters headquarters at the same time with even less effort). He also created the might Deliora that plagued Gray's past. He is the being that is sought to be revived using the R system when Erza was still a slave. Seemed to have controlled, or at least worked with, Jeral. According to himself, only those with tremendous hatred can see him. He was revealed to not be dead but merely lay in wait so that he can regain his old power.


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