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official_name = Bocaranga

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subdivision_type = Country
subdivision_name = Central African Republic
subdivision_type1 = Prefecture
subdivision_name1 = Ouham-Pendé
leader_title = Sub-prefect
leader_name = Aboukari Bi-Hamidou
population_as_of = 2003
population_total = 61,190
area_total_km2 =
area_total_sq_mi =
latd=6 |latm=59 |latNS=N
longd=15 |longm=39 |longEW=E
elevation_m = 1072
elevation_ft = 3517

Bocaranga is a sub-prefecture in the prefecture of Ouham-Pendé in Central African Republic. The city must not be confused with Bocaranga I, Bocaranga II, Bocaranga III and Bocaranga IV. These are smaller villages along the road from Bocaranga to Bouar


The village of Bocaranga was ceded to German Kamerun on 4 November 1911. It went back to French Oubangi-Chari rule in 1914. In 1946 it became a district and on January 23, 1961 it became a sous-préfecture within the newly independent Central African Republic. [ [ - Subprefectures of the Central African Republic] ]


The city is located in the highlands of the northwest part of the country. It is surrounded by granite hills and rocks. Northwest of the city is Mount Bocaranga (1309 m), which is one of the highest points in the country.


There is an airstrip outside town, Bocaranga Airport. The roads leading to Bocaranga are unpaved.

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