Philo (disambiguation)

Philo (disambiguation)

The name Philo can refer to a number of things, including:

* Philo- (see -phil-), a prefix and suffix, and a combining form, derived from the Greek, which means "love of" (e.g. Philosophy or Philadelphia)


* Philon (c. 4th century BC), an Athenian architect
* Philo the Dialectician (c. 300 BC), an Ancient Greek philosopher
* Philo of Alexandria (20 BCE - 40 CE), a Jewish philosopher born in Alexandria, Egypt
* Pseudo-Philo, an anonymous historian in Hebrew whose translated works were compiled with those of Philo of Alexandria
* Philo of Byblos (64 - 141 CE), a writer of grammatical, lexical and historical works in Greek
* Philo of Larissa, a Greek philosopher, lived during the 1st century BC
* Philo of Byzantium, a Greek engineer, lived during the 3rd or 2nd century BC
* Philo Farnsworth (1906 – 1971) an American inventor

Places in the United States

* Philo, California
* Philo, Illinois
* Philo, Ohio
* Mt. Philo State Park, a small park in Charlotte, Vermont


*"Philo" (journal), a philosophy journal
*"Philo", a term used at Columbia University to refer to a member of the Philolexian Society, or to the organization as a whole
*"Philo", a term used at the University of Pennsylvania to refer to a member of the Philomathean Society, or to the organization as a whole
*Phi Lambda Sigma (PHILO), a fraternity occasionally referred to as PHILO.

Fictional characters

*Philo Vance, a fictional American detective created by S. S. Van Dine in the 1920s and who appeared in 12 novels
*Philo, a character who appeared on Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock" television series
*Philo, a character featured in "UHF" (film) with "Weird Al" Yankovic
*Philo, a character who appears in David Hume's "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion"
*Philo Beddoe, a character who appears in the movies "Every Which Way But Loose" (film) and "Any Which Way You Can"
*Philomel Hartung of "", her classmates and friends call her Philo the majority of the time.

Other uses

* Philo Records, a record label

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