List of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mecha

nihongo|Gunmen|ガンメン|Ganmen are the main type of mecha used in the anime series "Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann".

The name itself means "face/facade"(顔面 ガンメン Face Surface), and can be broken down into "gun" and "man" — unsurprisingly, the mecha themselves are centered around faces. Gunmen sport a variety of weaponry: primitive models only use large clubs or bare hands, while advanced ones use solid or beam weaponry. Gunmen are apparently powered by its pilots' "fighting spirit", and prior to the events in the anime, almost none were piloted by human beings.

Team Dai-Gurren

With the exception of the Lagann, most of the Gunmen in Team Dai-Gurren have been acquired by capturing them from the Beastmen Empire. However, team members have customized them to be more distinctive and personal to the pilot, rather than the generic looking Gunmen that most lower-ranked Beastmen use.

After the timeskip, it is discovered that most of the Gunmen belonging to the Team Dai-Gurren have been destroyed, since they represent the Spiral King's creations, and are inferior to the mass-produced Grapearls, which are the most advanced type of Gunmen produced. Later, it is revealed that team members Reite and Makken had collected the parts of the destroyed Gunmen and re-built them, having all been upgraded with Spiral Energy-based weapons that can destroy and contain Anti-Spiral units. Ironically, a single Gunman with Spiral weaponry is as effective as several Grapearls operating in coordinated maneuvers; the Spiral King dryly comments that this is natural, given that the original purpose of the Gunmen was to destroy the Anti-Spirals.

Reite also stated that originally the Gunmen were also designed for space combat, so no further modifications were necessary when Team Dai-Gurren was launched with their Gunmen into the Earth's satellite orbit to fight the Anti-Spirals.

Later on, when Team Dai-Gurren leaves Earth to rescue Nia, the battles are fought on a much larger scale. Because of this, Reite uses the Chouginga Dai-Gurren to produce larger versions of the Dai-Gurren's personal Gunmen, which are piloted by the personal Gunmen themselves (similar to the way the Gurren-Lagann pilots the Arc-Gurren). These new Gunmen keep the same name as their smaller forms, but with the prefix "Space" (e.g. Space King Kittan). They are also much more powerful and heavily armed than. It is safe to say after destroying many beastmen ganmen, the many ganmen destroyed in the battle of Teppelin, and most of the space and original ganmen being destroyed in the anti-spiral battle that aside from Gurren Lagann and Dayakaiser there are no more ganmen in existence period on Earth. With the new robotic military force now being Grapearls Personal and fortress-type units seen thus far in Team Dai-Gurren include the following [citeweb|url=|title=Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Mechanic|publisher=Gainax|language=Japanese|date=January 10 2007|accessdate=2007-05-21] :


**Simon (Lagann)
**Kamina (Gurren, episodes 3-8)
**Nia (Lagann co-pilot, episodes 11, 15, 27)
**Yoko (Gurren, episode 13)
**Rossiu (Gurren, episodes 9,11,12, 14-15, 23)
**Kinon (Gurren, episode 19, 23)
**Viral (Gurren, episodes 21-22, 24-27)
**Gimmy, Darry (Gurren-Lagann, epilogue)

The Nihongo|Gurren-Lagann|グレンラガン|Guren-Ragan is originally formed as a response to the Enki's initial two-headed configuration. Its status as a fused machine (with two exceptionally spirited pilots) makes it one of, if not, the most powerful entity of its size seen in the series. Born from the Lagann's union with the Gurren, Simon and Kamina together have been able to manifest a variety of powers and use a number of high-powered techniques to defeat even the toughest of the Beastman pilots and their Gunmen:

* Manly Ignition: Hinokuruma Kick
(Portrayed as a nod to the famous Super Inazuma Kick from Gainax's Gunbuster and Diebuster series)
* "Double Boomerang, Final"
Using the Gurren's sunglasses and the Gurren-Lagann's wings, Simon and Viral threw both at once to destroy the energy cannons on the moon.
* Finishing Move! Giga Drill Break
Gurren-Lagann creates a massive drill and charges into the enemy, usually obliterating it.

Of further note are its additional abilities to deploy a durable energy shield, which can deflect energy blasts even at short range, wield the glasses on the Gurren's chest as a melee weapon (used as a sword or boomerang), and have a short-term regenerative function which can restore accumulated damage for the duration of the Gurren and the Lagann's union. In addition, the Gurren-Lagann seems to be able to utilize the drills of the Lagann in many unique ways. Although not seen as techniques (since they are not named), the manipulation of its drills have been useful in many battles:

*Episode 3
Two small drills come out from its forearm, which gives Gurren-Lagann's punches more effect. It uses this on multiple occasions.
*Episode 6
Gurren-Lagann uses its sunglasses to slice through the Bathhouse Gunman. In the Japanese version, this move was called "Gurren Boogie."
*Episode 7
The drills that protrude from the Gurren-Lagann's arms are used and fired from its arms as drill-like "bullets".
*Episode 8
Multiple locations around the Gurren-Lagann's body extend long, thin drills with which it pierces multiple enemies from a distance.
*Episode 12
The drill located on the Gurren-Lagann's head is used as a water screw, allowing it to surface from deep, underwater environments at high velocities.
*Episode 13
The drills located on the Gurren-Lagann's hands are used to pierce and swing from Divine General Cytomander's aerial Gunmen units, allowing it to stay in the air. Shortly thereafter, Gurren-Lagann used a cluster of four lancing drills from its back to capture and assimilate an airborne Gunman, converting it into a set of wings and an engine, with which to stay aloft. Much like the Enki's helmet, this set of equipment would be a permanent installation on the Gurren-Lagann.
*Episode 14
During their second encounter with Cytomander's fleet, Simon uses each of the holes used for the drills to spawn several smaller drills, which were then launched and used like missiles, albeit exhausting Simon with the effort.
*Episode 15
While breaking through Teppelin's hammer, the Gurren-Lagann stands on the bow of the Dai-Gurren and uses a Giga Drill to help plow through the hammer.
*Episode 17
The Gurren-Lagann's Giga Drill is used to absorb the energy of a laser fired by a Mugann. This energy was then converted into raw power for an augmented Giga Drill Break.
*Episode 19
When surrounded by Muganns at all sides, Simon used a version of the Circle Spun Driller called "Giga Drill Maximum", which as its name suggests, turns all of the drills into Giga Drills. The Gurren-Lagann absorbed the onslaught of the Muganns, and then redirected the energy in an omnidirectional Giga Drill Maximum attack. The resulting blast destroyed the attacking Muganns, but left the Gurren-Lagann severely damaged.
*Episode 22
The Gurren-Lagann uses a drill to drain the combined energy of the beam cannons installed on the moon (Cathedral Terra). It then throws it back to them at once, destroying the cannons and opening the way to the giant Core Drill slot inside the moon (the shape of the drill, and the way it is wielded could be a subtle nod to The King of Braves GaoGaiGar).


**Nia (co-pilot Episode 11, 15, 27)

The Nihongo|Lagann|ラガン|Ragan is Simon's personal Gunmen, revealed in Parallel Works 8 as one of many similar mecha found by Lordgenome and several Spiral Warriors in craters created from the Anti Spirals' bombardment of earth. It can be assumed that the many Legann would form the basis of several of the Gunman piloted by the Spiral Warriors, who use them as their strongest weapon. However, after accepting their enemy's demands, Lordgenome had the Lagann burried deep under the Earth beneath what became Giha Village when Simon excavated it. Unlike any other Gunmen in the series, the Lagann sports a unique cockpit and stands just short of an average human adult. This physical handicap, in tandem with the usually average level of fighting spirit supplied to it by Simon, puts the Lagann at a considerable disadvantage in single combat against enemy Gunmen. However, when Simon is driven to give his best during combat, the Lagann's power increases tremendously, activating several unique powers:

*The ability to transfigure portions of its frame into drills to inflict damage. This ability has been used in solo combat, as well as by Kamina in the Gurren, to utilize the Lagann as a projectile. This ability is passed on to any Gunmen the Lagann is currently merged with, and forms the basis of almost all attacks used by the Gurren-Lagann and its successors.
*The ability to bond with mecha and allow the Lagann's computer interface to override their operating systems. Dubbed by Simon as the "Lagann Impact", this can be used logistically to combine (or "gattai") with allied units, as seen with the union of the Lagann and the Gurren, as well as offensively to hijack enemy units, as executed against the Dai-Ganzan and the Gurren-Legann's later gaining its jet pack. But the process has its limits as seen during the fight again Lord Genome's Lazengann. However, in the case of the Lazengann, Lord Genome ejected the arm Simon had impacted into, stopping the assimilation process. Simon immediately attempted again, dueling and defeating the Lazengann's drill and actually beginning the assimilation process again (shown by the Lazengann glowing green). Lord Genome again stopped this assimilation by removing himself from Lazengann and punching Lagann off of the Gunmen.

Lagann (羅顔) means "Enveloping Face", referring to its ability to capture other Gunmen.

As per episode 15, the Core Drill, which is used to activate the Lagann, when sufficiently large amounts of Spiral Energy are applied to it, can release huge amounts of energy, in the form of an explosion.


**Kamina (Episodes 2-8)
**Jigitalis (Episode 5.5)
**Kittan (Only for a brief moment in Episode 9)
**Rossiu (Episodes 10-12, 14 & 15)
**Yoko (Episode 13)
**Kinon (Episode 19)
**Viral (Episodes 21-27)

The Nihongo|Gurren|グレン|Guren originally named "Gunzar"(Mentioned by the other beastman ganmen in the manga) is initially an above-average sized Beastmen-piloted mecha, which attacked Ritona Village the morning after Team Gurren's arrival. The mech is captured(by means of Simon and Lagann interfering), then named by its eventual pilot, Kamina. Differing in appearance as Gunzar, due to Kamina nearly destroying the limbs in battle, it was repaired by Leeron using spare parts from the other defeated Gunmen. Unlike its partner Gunman, the Lagann, the Gurren is of typical Gunmen proportions and serves as the primary attacker when the pair are not united. While its individual power was initially not on the same level as advanced Gunmen/pilot pairs, such as Viral and his Enki, Kamina eventually became experienced enough to hold his own against multiple Gunmen. Kamina had the Gurren's original swords made into massive sunglasses that were not unlike his own personal pair, which could be used as a blade or boomerang in combat. Of note are a few attacks the Gurren utilizes:

* "Who The Hell Do You Think I Am!" Kick
A kick with both of the Gurren's legs. Used only once in the series, at which point the legs shatter.
* "How Dare You Do That To My Precious Underling!" Punch
A punch with the Gurren's left hand. Like the previous, it is used only once, at which point the arm shatters.
* "Certain Kill! True Combustion Of A Man's Soul!" Cannonball Attack
The Gurren throws the Lagann as a right-handed fastball, which proceeds to use the Lagann Impact.
* Gurren Home Run
Utilized by Jigitalis after it was hijacked, the Gurren pulls out a large spiked baseball bat and strikes Lagann away with it, preventing Simon from taking back Gurren.

Gurren (紅蓮) means "Crimson Lotus".

King Kittan


The Nihongo|King Kittan|キングキタン|Kingu Kitan is the Gunman piloted by Kittan. Inspired by Kamina's hijacking of an enemy Gunmen, Kittan and some others seized Gunmen for their own use to fight against the Beastmen. The King Kittan's signature attack is the "Kittan Stinger", where it rushes the enemy and impales them upon its pointed headpiece. It can combine with Kittan's sisters' Gunmen, and use them as weapons. When combined, he renames his Gunman the "King Kittan Deluxe".

After it and the other original Gunmen's destruction, after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the King Kittan, alongside the other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were reconstructed by Makken and Reite, who equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. Kittan retrieved his old machine, but both it and its pilot met their demise, when Kittan awakened his Spiral Energy to destroy the Death Spiral Machine, using his own variation of Kamina's trademark Giga Drill Break attack.

*Kittan Stinger
King Kittan impales an enemy Gunmen upon its pointed headpiece.
*King Kittan Giga Drill Break
A variant of the Giga Drill Break, using a broken Giga Drill from Gurren-Lagann. Using his awakened Spiral Energy, Kittan repaired the Giga Drill and made it twice the size of a usual Giga Drill. Used only once in the series, to destroy the Death Spiral Machine, which destroyed King Kittan and its pilot in the resulting explosion.



The Nihongo|Dayakkaiser|ダヤッカイザー|Dayakkaizā is the Gunman initially piloted by Dayakka, but transferred over to Kiyoh for use. Along with the other human-piloted Gunmen, this was also seized from the Beastmen Empire. It has a cannon mounted on top of its head, which fires explosive solid rounds.

Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Dayakkaiser, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Reite, who also equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. The Dayakkaiser, in particular, was equipped with many new weapons, such as arm-based rocket launchers and an exceedingly powerful cannon. Since then, it is solely piloted by Yoko. Notably it is the only gunman (other than the Gurren Lagann) to survive the final battle with the Anti-spirals.



The Sozoshin is Zoushi's personal Gunman, which he pilots as part of the main group of Gunmen Team Dai-Gurren deploys.

Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Sozoshin, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Reite, who also equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. However, it is later destroyed by the Anti-Spirals, along with the pilot.



The Nihongo|Ainzer|アインザー|Ainzā is the Gunman that Ailak pilots. During the first arc of the story, it served as a mobile rifle platform for Yoko in combat. Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Ainzer, among other Gunmen from TeamDai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Reite, who also equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. However, this Gunman is destroyed by the Anti-Spirals, along with the pilot.

Kidd Knuckle


The Nihongo|Kidd Knuckle|キッドナックル|Kiddo Nakkuru is the Gunman piloted by Team Dai-Gurren member Kidd. This Gunman resembles a monkey armed with a pair of guns. Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Kidd Knuckle, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Reite, who also equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. The Anti-Spirals destroyed this Gunman, along with the pilot.

Twin Boukun


The Nihongo|Twin Boukun|ツインボークン|Tsuin Bōkun is a Gunman jointly piloted by the twin brothers, Jogan and Barinbo. It resembles two faces, each with a fist coming out of its mouth and a leg coming out of its neck. Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Twin Boukun, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Reite, who also equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. The Anti-Spirals destroyed this Gunman, along with the pilots. Unlike the other Gunman destroyed by the anti-spirals, which exploded with minimal damage, the Space Twin Boukun detonated in a massive fireball, engulfing several enemy Gunman.



The Nihongo|Moshogun|モーショーグン|Mōshōgun, piloted by Makken, is part of Team Dai-Gurren's main Gunmen squad. One of its weapons is a large katana, and its physical appearance is that of an ancient Japanese samurai.

Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Moshogun, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Reite, who also equipped them with Spiral Energy-based weaponry. Makken is the first to appear to face the Mugann threat in his newly rebuilt Gunman.

The Moshogun pilots a larger Gunmen, produced within the Chouginga Dai-Gurren, but was destroyed when Makken took a suicide dive into a Mugann missile, to protect the battleship.



The Nihongo|Kiyalunga|キヤルンガ|Kiyarunga, named for and piloted by Kiyal, is part of the main Gunman force of Team Dai-Gurren. Its main strength is its ability to transform into a lance and shield, which is wielded by the King Kittan. A homage to this Gunman is seen when Kittan piloted his starship-sized Gunmen, the Space King Kittan, where it wielded weapons that resembles the Kiyalunga's lance and shield transformation.


Originally called the Nihongo|Dai-Gunzan|ダイガンザン|Daiganzan while under the command of Thymilph, it was little more than a walking battleship, with countless heavy artillery gun turrets and incredible armor. The arms attached to the control tower serves as the hangar bay launchers for its housed Gunmen. After its capture by the renamed Team Dai-Gurren, it is renamed the nihongo|"Dai-Gurren"|ダイグレン|Daiguren (although still referred to by its original name by the Beastmen) by Kamina and remodeled to accommodate the Brigade members, sporting a red color scheme and a different tower on the head as the original was destroyed when Simon took control of it using Lagann.

In episode 12, Leeron had the engineering team modify the Dai-Gurren for travel on water. The battleship would sport a pair of flippers, in place of its legs and carry a kayak paddle for wading through the sea. Also, the deck of the Dai-Gurren would be installed with areas in place for the use of depth charges, in the emergency scenario the battleship must fight against foes underwater. In episode 13, Team Dai-Gurren managed to capture one of the Dai-Gunten's engines, and installed it into the Dai-Gurren, allowing it to fly. In episode 15, it was almost completely destroyed, as Team Gurren used most of its deck as a way of launching the Gurren-Lagann into Dekabatsu, and then used the rest of the ship hull to destroy one of giant's arms. The humanoid shape of the Dai-Gurren still remains, however.

In Parallel works 8, several Dai Gunzan are seen in Lordgenome's fleet. They all have been refitted with an additional Bow-mounted Giga Drill, but otherwise does not cosmetically differ from the one under Beastmen control.

Unnamed Allied Gunman

During the battle of Tepplin, several other villages arrived, along with several battleship-class and personal-class gunman. though none are named, they all bear homages to earlier gunman defeated by Team Gurren (such as a grayed version of the "sixteen face" gunman and a white version of the Gurren before Kamina destroyed the limbs, amongst others). They are all either salvaged from destroyed gunman or stolen ones. However none of them are as heavily modified from their original stats, most are simply recolors of enemy gunman.



After the seven-year timeskip, mass-produced mecha were developed through research of Simon's Gurren-Lagann. Considered to be more powerful than the original Gunmen, the Grapearls have an arsenal consisting of automatic handguns and blades. The only 2 known pilots of the Grapearls (although there are many) are Gimmy and Darry, both commanding their own Grapearl squadrons. After the adoption of the Grapearls by the human army, all of the previous Gunmen used by Team Dai-Gurren were dismantled, except the Gurren-Lagann itself, until they are reassembled by Reite and Makken.

Two new weapons developed by Leeron's science team allows the Grapearls to successfully destroy Mugann units, without causing collateral damage. One is the "Spiral Bomber", fired to destroy the enemy, and the other is the "Tornado Shield", fired by four other Grapearls at once, which creates an energy shield around the Mugann's scattering bombs, exploding them safely within the protective shield. These innovations have since been adapted to all fire from a single weapon, and when the old Gunmen were rebuilt, they also employed similar equipment.

The name Grapearl [The official name (as of the Bandai R1 DVD Release) is translated as "Grapearl".] (グラパール) probably comes from the "Gurren-Lagann ("G"uren-"Ra"gan)", in reference to the fact they were developed using research on the Gurren-Lagann, and "pearl" (written in Japanese as パール), in reference to the pearl-grey color of the standard Grapearls (though Gimmy's and Darry's Grapearls are custom models, colored in blue and pink, respectively). However, in the Japanese radio program "Onsen Toppa Gurren Lagann", it's stated that the name comes from the phrase "Gurren Lagann ga ippai aru!" ("There are lots of Gurren-Lagann!"), said by a child at the end of the epilogue. As of episode 24, Reite also gives Grapearl-type space Gunmen to Gimmy and Darry's platoon.


Named Arc-Gurren by Rossiu, this is Lord Genome's personal battleship, which he used when he was a Spiral Knight. It is used to gather as many animals and people onto it, so that humans can repopulate the Earth when it has cooled down from the moon's impact. It, like the Lazengann, uses Spiral Energy to run, and only recognises Lord Genome as its operator. It is capable of going into space for at least a year, and contains an automatic defensive system, in the form of an energy barrier, that surrounds the ship. However, this system only has a duration of 30 minutes. The Arc-Gurren took off and escaped the Earth with the few people and animals it could accumulate before it departed, since the Anti-Spiral attack threatened to jeopordize the survivors. However, after it entered space, it was attacked with an awaiting Anti-Spiral space force, and the newly introduced behemoth Muganns, until the sudden arrival of Simon and Team Dai-Gurren fended them off. Shortly before it combines with Gurren Lagann, Leeron states that like the Tepperin, the Arc-Gurren is just a large Gunmen.


Combining with Simon's Spiral Energy, the Arc-Gurren morphed into this behemoth Gunmen. The Arc-Gurren-Lagann is so massive that it requires another Gunmen to pilot and is powered up by one of the Gurren-Lagann's Giga Drills. It can be assumed due to the cockpit and torso designs being identical to that of Dekabutsu that it was originally meant to be piloted by Lazengann. The power of this Gunmen is unknown, but it has the ability to rip the fabric of space-time itself. At first, it was piloted by the Gurren-Lagann, but after there was a need for Simon to go inside the moon, Gimmy and Darry's Grapearls took over the piloting. Since then, the Arc-Gurren-Lagann has been used exclusively by Simon and Viral, in the Gurren-Lagann. It can form massive drills, and fights with punches.

The Arc Gurren-Lagann resembles the Gunbuster, another giant mecha produced by GAINAX.

* Space-Time Break: Burst Spinning Punch
Dealing an immensely powerful uppercut, the Arc-Gurren-Lagann can knock an enemy out of space-time.

Cathedral Terra/Chouginga Dai-Gurren

The Cathedral Terra is a battleship-type Gunmen, originally made for Lord Genome's use, during the previous war with the Anti-Spirals. It was discovered when Simon and Viral, piloting the Gurren-Lagann, used the Giga Core Drill to gain control over the plummeting moon. The moon stopped its descent, crumbled, and the Cathedral Terra was unveiled within.

In episode 23, Simon renamed this ship the Chouginga Dai-Gurren (Super Galactic Great Gurren). It now serves as the official flagship of Team Dai-Gurren. It also possesses wide industrial capabilities inside the ship, as shown in episode 24, when Reite used the facilities to mass-produce an army of starship-sized Gunmen, aptly named, "Space Gunmen". Just like the Arc-Gurren-Lagann, each one of the space Gunmen is not piloted directly, but from a standard-size Gunmen located inside it.

The Chouginga Dai-Gurren is also capable of warping allies and itself into Deep Space and other universes with the help of the Spiral Recognition System. It also appears capable of utilizing the Maelstrom Cannon, as evidenced in the opening scenes of episode one.

Chouginga Gurren-Lagann

In episode 24, Simon retreated to inside of the Chouginga Dai-Gurren and started to harness enough Spiral Energy to transform it into the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann and use its gigantic drills to pierce an Anti-Spiral battleship. Some members of Team Dai-Gurren fought to their deaths in order to protect their flagship and buy time for him, but it was all in vain; the ocean-like compressed space created by the Death-Spiral Machine engulfed the ship, draining all of the power that cost so much for him to gather.

In episode 25, the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann was finally obtained after Kittan sacrificed himself to destroy the Death-Spiral Machine, allowing Simon and Boota to infuse enough Spiral Energy to complete the transformation. Like other starship-sized Gunmen, it is not piloted directly (due to its massive size) but through a cascade interface with its pilots formed by the Gurren-Lagann and the Arc-Gurren-Lagann.(Note: The head design of this Gurren Lagann evolution has a striking resemblance to the Shin Dragon's from Getter Robo Armageddon not its final form from the finale. Its head is also nearly identical to Lazengann's, and was probably modeled after the Lazengann by Lord Genome.)

In Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 8, which focused on Lord Genome's era as a spiral warrior, he used Chouginga Gurren Lagann to wipe out the human race. Being Lord Genome's mecha, it had no sunglasses and generally resembled Lazengann more than Gurren Lagann. It was piloted by Lazengann inside the Dekabutsu rather than the Arc-Gurren Lagann.

* Gurren Boomerang: Chouginga Great Cutter
The Chouginga Gurren-Lagann detaches the sunglasses on its chest, which change into a boomerang, and throws them at the enemy.
* Maelstrom Cannon & Megavortex Cannon
For attacking enemies who hide themselves by shifting their positions not in space, but also in time, the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann fires in all directions, hitting threats located in the near future and the past.
* Chouginga Giga Drill Break
By combining the huge drills on its shoulders and placing them on its hand, Simon executes a much more destructive version of the Gurren-Lagann's original signature attack. Based on the relative scale of the Chouginga Gurren Laggan, this strike could destroy entire planets at a time, as the Kantai Anti-spiral warship it destroyed with this move was shown to dwarf nearby planets. In parallel works 8, Lordgenome uses this technique as well, destroying the entire Spiral Warrior fleet in a single attack.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

**Lord Genome

By combining his own Spiral Energy with his comrades', Simon created the ultimate machine Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann in the final battle against the Anti-Spirals. Its design slightly differs from the previous forms, in that skull-like faces make up a lot of its armour. Spiral Energy burns continuously from its core, giving the mecha the appearance of the Team Dai-Gurren's emblem. Each of its faces holds one pilot: Simon and Nia share an altered, dual-pilot version of the Lagann's cockpit, and the rest of the pilots, save for Lord Genome and Viral, are placed in Lagann-style cockpits. Its abdominal mouth is clenched on the head of the Razengann, containing a fully resurrected Lord Genome.

It has been confirmed in the data books that the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 10 million light years in height. This makes it a comparable size to the Milky Way Galaxy, and also makes it the largest mecha seen in anime to date.

It also possesses a number of techniques based on the combat style of some of its multiple pilots:

*Simon and Nia:
Creates multiple Giga Drills that regenerate instantly after they are destroyed, even dual-layering them over the same hand.
Creates an exact replica of the sniper rifle she uses to attack from long distances.
Creates two katanas similar to the ones the Enki have for close-quarter combat.
*Gabal and Dayakka:
Launches two anchor-like modules called "Dimensional Anchors" to capture and immobilize its opponent. In a homage to Kamina's "Who the Hell do you think I am Kick", Dayakka executed his own "My wife is the best in the universe Swing" using the anchors.
Launches a barrage of probability-altering missiles.
*Lord Genome:
Separates the Lazengann head, which grows into a full, massively upscaled Lazengann. The regeneration sequence is reminiscent to that of machines in Neon Genesis Evangelion, referencing the Lazengann as a homage to the EVA Unit-01.

The Tengen Toppa can also launch the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann from its mouth, which in turn launches the Arc-Gurren-Lagann, and so on until the Lagann finally reaches the target and pierces through it with the Lagann Impact. After destroying the Grand Zamboa, the machine reverts back to its original components; the Gurren, Simon's Lagann, several miniature gunman resembeling Lagann from the Death Spiral Machine containing the rest of the Tengen Toppa's pilots, the Arc-Gurren, and the Chouginga Dai-Gurren.


The Beastmen Empire is made up of Lord Genome, his Supreme Generals and countless number of Beastmen. The Generals command a personal Gunman and a fortress-type Gunman, each with an army of Gunmen that are based on the characteristics of the general (e.g. flight-type, aquatic-type, etc.) Gunmen used by the Beastmen run on solar-powered batteries, making them useless at night, because Beastmen lack Spiral Energy, which is used to pilot Gunmen.

The personal Gunmen in the Beastmen Empire, piloted by the Generals and high ranked militants like Viral, all have two faces, usually one on the chest and one on the head.


The Nihongo|Enki|エンキ is Viral's personal Gunman, modeled after an armored samurai. The Enki is the product of significant innovation in Gunmen technology, and sports a number of advances that eclipse lesser models in performance, and is the first model seen to support solid-based ammunition. Unlike stout Gunmen, such as the Gurren, that have bulky limbs that can only be used in wide swings, the Enki is more segmented and has multiple joints that allow it to perform complex actions, such as throws, kicks, and various martial arts techniques. The Enki's arm and thigh plates conceal rows of hidden gun turrets that fire large steel projectiles ("kunai"). There are pop-up compartments in the shoulders that can fire a single volley of rockets, and the entire chest plate can open to reveal a number of launchers that deliver an explosive payload of missiles. The Enki possesses a wrist mounted concave blast-shield, and a helmet with a large black ring atop of it, that is actually the charging focus for a medium-range particle beam cannon. Its helmet becomes the possession of Simon and Kamina, as they stole it when they first combined to make the Gurren-Lagann.

Later, the helmet-less Enki has been redeployed as the degraded Nihongo|"Enkidu"|エンキドゥ and sports a new sickle-like weapon, which is affixed to its head (a homage to Ultraseven's Eye Slugger weapon). When wielded, it provides an alternative to the dual swords the Enki usually resorts to in melee combat. Furthermore, it is also capable of shelling from afar by physically launching munitions from the same point on its head, once the sickle has been removed. When it is aided by Cytomander's air raid on the Dai-Gurren, it was also equipped with a flight engine, allowing it to fly.

During the Invasion of Teppelin, Viral's Gunmen remodified into the Nihongo|"Enkidudu"|エンキドゥドゥ, replacing the sickle crest for an extra pair of arms, meaning the Gunmen can now fight with four blades. When the new form fights the Gurren-Lagann, however, it is swiftly defeated, despite its upgrade. After the timeskip, the Enkidudu is shown fighting the Grapearl unit, in order to protect a group of humans who decided to continue living underground. However, the damaged Enkidudu is unable to hold its own against the advanced Grapearls and is ultimately defeated, shutting down as Viral thanked his mecha for lasting this long for his grudge. The fate of the Enkidudu is never known, but is likley scrapped like the other Gunmen.

All forms are based on figures in Sumerian myth: Enki was a god of wisdom. Enkidu, meanwhile, was the wild man who fought and befriended King Gilgamesh during the Sumerian epic. The latter seems to bear significance to Viral's role in later episodes. It is possible that the mecha's name is a reference to French comic author Enki Bilal as Viral can also be read "Bilal" in Japanese. This is further evidenced by the name of Viral's theme, "Nikopol", which is the name of one of Enki Bilal's most famous work, the Nikopol Trilogy.


A short Gunman resembling a comical Rabbit, the Daorek was Jigitalis's personal gunman. It appears only in the Gurren Lagann OVA. When Kamina's Gurren was stolen by Jigitalis, Kamina in turn stole his Gunman and renamed it Usaggon to Jigitalis' annoyance. Inside was filled with several pinup posters of beastmen girls and furry decoration.

While no attack of it's own was shown, Kamina did managed to combine it with Lagann (much to Simon's chagrin). However, following the combination the Usaggon lost it's arms, which Kamina apparently forgot. The Daorek also combined with Chitori's unnamed Gunman, which somewhat explained the lack of arms when Simon combined with it, with Chitori's gunman apparently forming the arms of the combined gunman.


The Nihongo|Byakou|ビャコウ|Byakō is Thymilph's personal Gunman. It is stored within the Dai-Gunzan's hangar bays and first saw deployment during Team Dai-Gurren's second attack on the mobile Gunman fortress. Equipped with a polearm called the "Alkaid Glaive", it is capable of emitting a powerful energy beam attack from the tip of the weapon, "Condemnn Blaze". The Byakou was especially deadly in single combat and proved to be even more lethal, when paired with the Enki in pummeling the lone Gurren. Unlike personal Gunman units fielded by the other Generals, the Byakou was never shown to have a distinct alternate configuration.

The Byakou was the first victim of the Gurren-Lagann's multi-stage Giga Drill Break attack, which completely obliterated both the Gunmen and its pilot. It was also the last enemy defeated by Kamina, who was heavily wounded and died shortly after.

The Byakou's name is based on Byakko, the White Tiger of the West, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations in Japanese neme.


The Nihongo|Sayrune|セイルーン|Seirūn is currently commissioned as Adiane's personal Gunman and was first seen deployed from the flagship, Dai-Gunkai, while pursuing the stolen Dai-Gunzan. It is one of the few Gunman seen thus far in the series to feature two unique configurations: its default winged humanoid appearance, as well as an alternate scorpion-shaped layout. While in its winged state, the Sayrune seems to rely mostly on a range of energy whips and tendrils to mount any sort of attack, whereas its scorpion form is endowed with massive pincer claws and a stinger. The Sayrune can also use its wings to form a double-edged weapon called the "Bloody Clamper".

The Sayrune was destroyed, along with its pilot, when it was shot by the Dai-Gurren's cannons at point blank range, after Adiane's failed attempt to take Nia as a hostage.

The Sayrune's name is based on Seiryuu, the Azure Dragon of the East, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations in Japanese neme.


The Nihongo|Dai-Gunkai|ダイガンカイ|Daigankai, rivaling the Dai-Gunzan in terms of sheer bulk and apparently much lengthier, is an aquatic serpentine Gunmen fortress, which served as Adiane's flagship. Little is known about its abilities, other than its obvious aptitude for sea travel. While it seems to only be able to travel in a body of water, the Dai-Gunkai's first appearance was marked by a sudden deluge over the battlefield (suggesting that it may have the ability to either divert or even create large volumes of water). The only appearance of the Dai-Gunkai in combat was in episode 12, when it ambushed the Dai-Gurren, while it was crossing the ocean on its march to the Helix Empire's capital. Its main weaponry consisted of torpedoes guided by dolphin Beastmen and two massive pincers, which it used on its attempt to drag the Dai-Gurren to the bottom of the ocean. After bringing the Dai-Gurren back to the surface, the Gurren-Lagann obliterated the Dai-Gunkai completely, but Viral, who was commanding the ship at that time, managed to survive.


The custom Gunmen Nihongo|Gember|ゲンバー|Genbā first appeared in action on the deck of the Dai-Gurren as its owner, Guame, had retreated to it, to personally perform his public warning execution of the captured members of Team Dai-Gurren. It is the second Gunman to feature a transformation. It has the appearance of being rather broad and bulky starfish in its regular mech state and is somewhat insect like with its antennae, which can ensnare enemies. Its second form is a large face-like apparition and is also insect-like with sharp needles that resemble legs. The controls of the Gember differ from normal Gunmen to accommodate its user, as Guame is placed into a sphere-like crevice with a pair of mechanical hands aiding him. The only known attack of the Gember was its "Gember Press", wherein the foe is caught in a hold and crushed by the needles that are released from its arms.

The time of the Gember was short lived, as it was destroyed by the Gurren-Lagann’s Giga Drill Break. However, its pilot ejected himself before his Gunman got obliterated.

The Gember's name is based on Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations in Japanese neme.


This fortress-type Gunmen is Guame's flagship. Its carapace is extraordinarily resilient, as evidenced by its survival of the aerial carrier gunman Dai-Ganten's impact. It is propelled by many legs on its underside, and can travel at a decent clip. It later combines its strengths with Teppelin to form a whirling tornado of energy that destroys anything that comes in contact and disrupts communications and navigation. The Gurren-Lagann destroyed the Dai-Gundo from beneath the surface of the earth, piercing its armor and reversing its spinning, violating its union with Teppelin and dissipating its energy storm before lancing it clean through, causing it to explode.


The Nihongo|Shuzack|シュザック|Shuzakku currently serves as the personal Gunman of Cytomander. Whereas the Sayrune was best-suited for underwater combat, the Shuzack is more adapted to aerial superiority, sporting a compact flight engine and a massive winged design. Additionally, its multi-jointed frame allows for both arms to both extend and retract in close-quarter situations. Its torso also holds a deadly buzzsaw. The Shuzack is destroyed, along with its pilot, when it got in the way of the Dai-Gurren ramming into the Dai-Gunten. Like the custom Gunman of the other Generals, the Shuzack can also transform. However the full extent of its abilities are unknown, as the Shuzack was immediately destroyed following it's transformation.

The Shuzack's name corresponds to Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird of the South, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations in Japanese neme.


A fortress-type Gunmen, the flying Nihongo|Dai-Gunten|ダイガンテン|Daiganten is Cytomander's flagship. The Dai-Gunten made its debut during Cytomander's campaign against the Dai-Gurren, acting primarily as a carrier to launch multiple waves of small aerial Gunmen bombers. As the battle wore on, Simon and Yoko's Gurren-Lagann and Viral's Enkidu found their way deep below its decks and ended up dealing severe internal damage to the ship. Having lost altitude in the process, the Dai-Gunten was eventually damaged by a series of powerful kicks delivered by the Dai-Gurren, which had launched itself into the air using a cliff face. In the process, Team Dai-Gurren managed to snatch one of the enemy airship's two Levia-Spheres for themselves, and used it to safely float back to the ground, while the Dai-Gunten managed to retreat using the remaining one.

A month later the first confrontation, the Dai-Gunten returns in the following episode along Guame's flagship, the Dai-Gundo, as Teppelin's last line of defence against Team Dai-Gurren's invasion. Its forces managed to trap the Gurren-Lagann, after the rest of the Dai-Gurren's gunman forces were forced to retreat and protect it against Guame's offensive, and when the Shuzack was about to finish it, Simon and Rossiu were saved by some unexpected allies who entered the battlefield to aid them. In the end, the Dai-Gunten is sunk once run through by the flying Dai-Gurren. Pieces of its wreckage fell on the Dai-Gundo, provoking a massive explosion, but was unable to damage the heavily armored flagship.


Meaning "Spiral Face", the Nihongo|Lazengann|ラゼンガン|Rasengann is Lord Genome's personal Gunman, using his cosorts as batteries. It is very similar to the Gurren-Lagann and has the same abilities that the Lagann can use (by extension, it also proves immune to being controlled by the Lagann Impact attack). However, it is much stronger and can use more powerful drill techniques, as well as defend against the Gurren-Lagann's techniques with ease. In the end, it took the Legann on its own to severely damage the Lazengann. The mecha was later recreated as part of the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, used in the desperation move "Lazengann Overload" to convert the energy of two galaxies fired by the Anti-Spiral into pure Spiral Energy, taking the form of a gigantic drill with Lord Genome's head on the tip that is ingested by the Tengen Toppa's abdominal mouth.Its spiral theme is different than the Lagann's, as it is more jagged and square-like, compared to the smooth, more circular theme of the Lagann. Unlike the Gurren-Lagann's focus on using large, bulky Giga Drills, the Lazengann primarily uses long, thin drills that can change angles in mid-extension. Its spiral colour is red, unlike the green of the Lagann's, and its spiral gauge within the cockpit rotates counterclockwise when filling, rather than clockwise. The Lazengann is black, with a tail used for attack, a horned helmet, and a mouthplate on the chest armor. It can transform its entire lower body into a gigantic drill (the Gurren-Lagann does the same, when docking with the Arc-Gurren). From an out of series perspective, its silhouette from the side bears a strong likeness to the unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion, another Gainax production. Notably, where Lazengann had one horn, Gurren Lagann had two.


After the defeat of Guame and Cytomander, the capital city, Teppelin, shed the towers surrounding it to reveal it was in fact a giant fortress-type Gunmen, Dekabatsu. It is extremely bulky, and has a very uncomplicated humanoid shape. Extremely powerful, it was able to stop the Gurren-Lagann's drilling power. On one arm it has a hand, whilst the other has a giant hammer, and it can deploy a vast amount of Gunmen. Like the Arc-Gurren-Lagann, it was designed to be piloted by a normal-sized Gunmen - in this instance, the Lazengann, with Lord Genome's throne directly above it. It was stopped upon the defeat of the Spiral King, automatically shutting down and collapsed. After the seven-year timeskip, it is the capitol building for Kamina City. Half of its head was destroyed when the Anti-Spirals attacked. In Parallel Works 8, it is shown to be able to dock with Chouginga Gurren Lagann in the same way as the Arc Gurren Lagann did. Also, the tower on top of Dekatbutsu's head was where the Lazengann docks with it. It can be assumed that, after Lazengann docked with Dekabutsu, the tower was constructed around it.

Other Gunmen

Though there aren't any other Gunmen seen or used besides Team Gurren and the Beastmen, in Kamina City, there are several buildings with huge heads and faces on them, presumably having been built by humans from the remains of destroyed Gunmen, after the final battle between Team Gurren and the Helix Empire. The various machines used by the humans are also ganmans; for example a car will have a face where the driver sits, and would run on legs rather than roll on wheels.

Adai "Village God" Gunmen (unnamed)

This broken early-type Gunmen was first seen in episode 5, where the people of Adai village (Rossiu, Gimmy, and Darry's birthplace) worshiped as a god. Rossiu approaches the Gunmen and finds a switch in its nostril in which he pulled. This finally revealed to him that it was a machine. Moments after the ritual, another Gunmen intrudes the village and attacks and engages combat with the Gurren-Lagann. Rossiu then tries to help the Gurren-Lagann by using the Gunmen, but then sees it get up and proceeds to defeat the enemy Gunmen. After, it was revealed that the village elder had used the mecha. Kamina tells him that he had some fighting spirit though the village elder claimed he was trying to copy him and that he had no idea what he was doing while fighting and tells Team Gurren to leave.

It was seen again after the seven-year timeskip in episode 23, where Rossiu revisits the village. The Gunmen appeared to be weathered, rusted, and even more broken.

Unnamed Gunmen #1

Appears in a flashback in episode 21 where Yoko taught at a school. Two Gunman pilots came to the school and took a child hostage for food in return so that they can hide in their Gunmen when the moon crashes. It appeared to be a standard Beastmen Gunmen but with broken horns, a claw for a right hand, and an armored and spiked left arm. It was easily destroyed by Yoko when she jumped off the other ganmen and shot it at the top of the head. Its pilot appeared to be a starving, thin, and frail man.

Unnamed Gunmen #2

Also appeared in episode 21 along with the Gunmen explained above. It appeared as a unique type Gunmen, with an extra snake-like heads on the top. It can shoot missiles from its legs and extend its snake head. It too was easily destroyed by Yoko when she slide and fired at the same time on its neck. Its pilot appeared to be a Beastman with dinosaur and snake like characteristics. Despite that this Gunmen and the one explained above were both destroyed at the same time. Both pilots survived as they were burnt, tied up, and surrounded by the people at the island.

Anti-Spirals (Hanrasen)

The Nihongo|Hanrasen Tribe|反螺旋族|Hanrasen Zoku, also known as the Nihongo|Anti-Spirals|アンチスパイラル|Anchi-Supairaru, are a mysterious race that suddenly attacked Kamina City as soon its human population reached one million. They used Nia to send a message to Kamina City stating that the human race had reached a dangerous level of Spiral Energy, and that they would begin the "Human Annihilation System". The first mecha they sent to attack Kamina City seems to materialize out of thin air and is unlike any of the Gunmen seen since it lacks a face.

These mecha are the evidence of the Anti-Spirals superior technology - they are also the only 3D-animated mechas used in the series. Their designs are similar to the ones seen in Tron, and their actions are very similar to those of the Angels seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion in that they suddenly appear from out of nowhere and begin destroying anything they can.

Mugann (Standard)

As the human population on Earth reached one million, this enigmatic mecha suddenly appeared from out of nowhere in the center of Kamina City and started destroying everything with high-tech weaponry, such as a massive laser that obliterates the anything it makes contact with. Codenamed Mugann (from 無顔, meaning "faceless") by the human forces, because it does not have a face.

It has an almost impenetrable energy shield which can deflect bullets and other solid weaponry, however, its defenses and attacks are not enough to stand up to the Gurren-Lagann, which managed to defend against its attacks and drill through the mecha during its initial appearance with the Giga Drill Break. However, unlike normal Gunmen that simply explode or break-down when dealt a fatal blow, these mecha turn into small explosives that devastate anything nearby, causing almost as much damage as the Gunmen itself can cause. This is a result of the mecha's unstable molecular structure which also enables it to easily teleport itself through long distances.

A technique created by Simon to effectively defeat the Mugann without causing damage is by harnessing their lasers' power using the Gurren-Lagann and delivering it back to them all at once, destroying their body, and then shooting down every single explosive they left with the Grapearl force's handguns before they fall into the ground. However, it's also known that this measure could be troublesome against larger numbers of Mugann. Later, Leeron creates a technique where Grapearls can both penetrate the Mugann defenses and create a shield around it, meaning the Mugann can both be destroyed and have its small bombs rendered harmless.

According to Gurren-Lagann DVD 8 the Mugann are nothing but virtual weapons hidden within Nia's virtual structure and whose functionality is connected to her psyche, apparently the reason they stopped attacking after Nia was recalled.

Mugann (Carrier)

Similar to the standard Mugann but green in color, these act mainly as ways of deploying and coordinating the attacks of multiple Mugann units. The first carrier Mugann was destroyed by Gimmy and Darry's Grapearl squad, using their new weapons designed to effectively combat against the Anti-Spiral mecha.

Giant Cage Mugann

These Mugann are immensely larger than the standard ones, and reside in behemoths. One purple and hoop-like, the other blue and more bell-like, they attack the Arc-Gurren with an overwhelming number of Muganns. These Mugann attack by separating into smaller pieces and reforming around the target, enveloping it and attacking from all sides. They are able to combine into a larger Mugann unit that mostly attacks using its body as projectiles. They seem to be controlled by a single smaller Mugann unit.

Unknown Mass-Produced Anti-Spiral Mecha

These machines come in three shapes: foot shape, hand shape and a rocket with a foresection that resembles a set of teeth. At first glance, they appear to be weaker than the original Mugann, whose only advantage is their sheer numbers, but are shown to be much stronger than Team Gurren initially thought. After revealing their true power, they were able to destroy a number of Brigade Gunmen and their pilots. They have only been seen operating in outer space. Several of these are seen fighting against the Lazengann in Parallel Works 8, some of which resemble the angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Death Spiral Machine

This device created by the Anti-Spirals produces an ocean-like high density space by absorbing Spiral Energy and converting it into raw energy. Within its range of influence lies the remains of countless Gunmen and Spiral beings defeated by the Anti-Spirals in the past. It made its debut in episode 24, engulfing the Chouginga Dai-Gurren, when it was about to transform itself into the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann.

Team Dai-Gurren tried to escape first by emerging from its waters, but were pushed back by the enemy, until Simon decided that the only way left was by destroying the Death-Spiral Machine itself. However, the gravitational power in the proximity of the machine was too great that the flagship would not be able to handle it for long. After failing to take it down from a distance with a customized missile, Kittan volunteered on a suicide sortie to attack it directly using his Gunmen. By using one of the Gurren-Lagann's broken drills and his newfound Spiral energy, he managed to destroy the Death Spiral Machine with a Giga Drill Break attack.

After Kittan's last act of heroism, the Spiral Energy nullified by the machine started to react once more, powering up the Chouginga Dai-Gurren and allowing Simon, Viral and Boota to finally create the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann.


These ships are encountered by Team Gurren in space. The gigantic warships resemble a large, rocky, roughly, spherical shape covered with multiple stone faces, designed by famous manga artist, Hirohiko Araki. Fact|date=July 2007 They can form a powerful energy barrier that not even the Arc-Gurren Lagann could pierce with its drill. Though there has yet to be any indication of their actual size, they are clearly shown to be many times larger than the planets around them, even throwing the planets as projectiles against the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann.

Grand Zamboa

Grand Zamboa ("Guran Zanboa") is the mecha piloted by the Anti-Spirals' avatar. After Team Dai-Gurren formed the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, the Anti-Spiral created a similar machine to battle it, containing the Anti-Spiral homeworld in its forehead "gem". Its styling is similar to the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, for the sake of defeating the Brigade at its own game, thus showing the galaxy the ultimate failure of their greatest warrior yet; sowing despair and draining Spiral Beings of their power. It possessed an extra pair of arms, located on its shoulders, which it used to catch the galaxies seen in Super-Spiral space and throw at Team Dai-Gurren. It was ultimately destroyed when Simon and Nia managed to pierce its pilot's body with the Lagann's drill, using the Lagann Impact.

Notably, the Grand Zamboa's arms were in fact able to transform into drills, normally a symbol of Spiral Beings - however, when they are shown stationary, the drills in fact have entirely straight lines from base to tip.

* Infinity Big-Bang Storm
By combining the energy of two of the galaxies in Super-Spiral space, the Anti-Spiral created a blast said to equal a Big Bang, in order to annihilate Team Dai-Gurren. However, this maneuver backfired when Lord Genome used the Lazengann to absorb the blast, converting it into Spiral Energy for the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.


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