=Gurgle= is a social networking website for parents and parents-to-be. The site brings together expert information as well as providing a forum for parents to share their own experiences. The site provides nearly 1,000 articles, together with 52 tutorial videos and a number of baby and pregnancy tools, from an online ovulation calendar to a baby-naming engine. The site is free to join and once registered, members are provided with relevant articles, videos, groups, people, chat and answers based on their location and the stage of their child’s development.

ite features

My Gurgle

Users set up a profile page with username, their details and photographs. Each user has a personalised notification box which is updated with news relevant to their location and stage of their child’s development.


Weekly newsletters are sent out to users providing updates on their groups, site content and information relevant to their child’s development.


The site provides nearly 1,000 articles with information on every aspect of parenting.


Users can view other member’s profiles by activity, area and stage.


Users can create groups about specific subjects and chat with one another e.g. the Manchester Mums group...


Users can talk to peers in their local area, or to others at the same stage of their pregnancy or child’s development.


Members can ask any question/submit any problem and other members together with the site’s resident experts are encouraged to provide help and guidance.


52 tutorial videos provide informal advice and practical demonstrations on pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers.


The ‘Baby Tools’ section to help parents choose baby names, calculate ovulation, their ideal pregnancy weight and due date.


The ‘Kit’ section offers advice and information on a huge range of different products including Mum's top ten products.


The site has a search engine so that users can search for exactly what they are looking for.

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