Masataka Itsumi

Masataka Itsumi (逸見 政孝 Itsumi Masataka?, February 16, 1945 - December 25, 1993) was a Japanese television announcer, tarento, writer, singer and master of ceremonies. His nickname was "It's me". Shingo Yamashiro was his friend.[1] His son, Taro Itsumi is an actor, and his daughter, Ai Itsumi is an actoress, tarento, and announcer.

Born in Osaka, Itsumi became a popular master of ceremonies. He was the only person who was able to govern three big talents; Takeshi Kitano, Sanma Akashiya and Tamori. However, he announced his suffering from stomach cancer on 6 September 1993.[2] Japanese mass media continued to report his condition. He died of linitis plastica on December 25, 1993 at the age of 48 while being popular in Japan.

In Itsumi's funeral, Kitano cried like a child. On August 2, 1994, Kitano had a motorcycle accident. When he was unconscious due to the accident, he dreamed Itsumi's figure.



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