Knight (surname)

Family name
name =Knight

meaning ="knight"/"serving lad"
region = Anglo-Saxon

origin =British Isles
related names =
footnotes =

Knight is a surname, and may refer to:


* Charles F. Knight, American chairman of Emerson Electric
* Dick Knight, British advertising executive
* Phil Knight, American businessman, co-founder and ex-CEO of Nike


* George R. Knight, Seventh-day Adventist historian
* Samuel Knight, English clergyman and antiquary
* Sarah Kemble Knight (1666-1727), preacher and traveler
* William Knight (martyr), Catholic martyr


* Joseph Knight (slave), Jamaican slave who was the defendant in a historic Scottish civil rights trial
* Julian Knight, Australian serial killer


* Andrew Knight, English journalist, editor, and media magnate
* Anne Knight, British-born author, social reformer and pioneer of feminism
** Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz, an author who uses the name Anne Knight as a pseudonym
* Arabella Knight, English erotic writer
* Charles Knight (publisher), (1791-1873) English publisher and author
* Charles Landon Knight, American lawyer and newspaper publisher
* Christopher Knight (publisher), ezine publisher and email deliverablilty expert
* Damon Knight, American science-fiction author, editor, and critic
* Douglas Knight, American businessman, educator and author
* Ellis Cornelia Knight (1757-1837), English author
* Eric Knight, English author and the creator of the fictional collie "Lassie"
* Esmond Knight, British character actor
* Etheridge Knight, African-American poet
* Gareth Knight, British esotericist and author
* G. Wilson Knight, English literary critic and academic
* John S. Knight, American editor and newspaper publisher
* Knight Library, main library of the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon
* R. J. B. Knight, British naval historian
* Stephen Knight, British author
* William Angus Knight (1836-1916) British writer


* Tonya Knight, US professional female body builder
* Victoria Knight, "Playboy" model


* Beverley Knight, English R&B artist
* Chet Knight, Singer of the American punk band, A.P.A.
* Curtis Knight, British musical artist and band leader
* Gladys Knight, American R&B/soul singer and actress
* Holly Knight, American songwriter, vocalist and musician
* Jean Knight, African-American soul/R&B/funk singer
* Jerry Knight, American R&B musician
* Jill Knight (musician), American singer/songwriter
* Jonathan Knight, American pop singer
* Jordan Knight, American pop singer
* Keith Knight, American cartoonist and musician
* Knights, British Electro Band
* Lundi Knight, American, Texas Musician in the band Dirty Hairy
* Mark Knight, American Amiga demoscene musician and video game composer/sound designer
* Merald "Bubba" Knight, American R&B/soul singer
* Pedro Knight, Cuban musician and the husband of Celia Cruz
* Peter Knight (folk musician), British folk musician
* Peter Knight (composer), British composer and arranger
* Phil Knight (musician), New Zealand musician
* Steve Knight (musician) (born 1935), American jazz/rock keyboardist
* Suge Knight, US hop hop music industry entrepreneur
* Terry Knight, American rock music producer, promoter, singer, songwriter and radio personality


* Albion Knight, Jr., American politician and Anglican bishop
* Don Knight, former Canadian politician
* Goodwin Knight, US politician and 31st California governor
* Greg Knight, British politician and MP
* Jill Knight, British MP
* Jim Knight, British politician
* Robert Knight, Australian politician
* William J. Knight, X-15 pilot and United States politician
* William Knight (royal servant), member of the court of Henry VIII


* Joseph Knight (gardener), English gardener who published a book that started the most enduring controversy in 19th century botany
* Richard Payne Knight (1750-1824), English archæologist and philologidt
* Thomas Andrew Knight (1759-1838), English horticulturist
* Tom Knight, research scientist at MIT


* Alan Knight (footballer), former English footballer
* Albert Knight, English professional cricket player
* Barry Knight, former English cricketer
* Bob Knight, former American NCAA basketball coach
* Brevin Knight, American NBA basketball player
* Dennis Knight, American professional wrestler
* Donald Knight, English cricketer
* Jason Knight, American professional wrestler and manager
* Joe Knight, Canadian baseball player
* Keith Knight (footballer), British professional Football player
* Leon Knight, English professional Football player
* Nick Knight, English cricket player
* Ray Knight, American former major league baseball player
* Roger Knight, English cricketer, administrator, and schoolmaster
* Sammy Knight, American NFL football player
* Travis Knight, American NBA basketball player
* Zat Knight, English professional football player

Television and film

* Christopher Knight, American actor
* Crystal Knight, American erotic actress and exotic dancer
* Rosalind Knight, British actress
* Shirley Knight, American actress
* T. R. Knight, American actor
* Ted Knight, American actor
* Tommy Knight, English actor
* Tuesday Knight, American actress
* Wayne Knight, American actor
* Wilfried Knight, European pornographic actor
* Wyatt Knight, American actor


* Alan Knight (historian), historian of Latin America
* Charles R. Knight, American dinosaur artist
* Charles Yale Knight, American engineer and inventor of the Knight Engine
* Frank Knight, American economist
* James Knight, British explorer
* Dame Laura Knight, British artist
* Leonard Knight, American builder and architect
* Margaret E. Knight, American inventor of the paper-bag-making machine
* Margaret Knight (psychologist), humanist broadcaster and university lecturer
* Nick Knight (photographer), British photographer
* Stephen Thomas Knight, British academic

Fictional characters

* Kamen Rider Knight, one of the 13 Kamen Riders in the tokusatsu production "Kamen Rider Ryuki"
* Kel Knight, character in the Australian sitcom "Kath & Kim"
* Louie Knight, Aberystwyth detective
* The Knight family of DC Comics has produced a wide range of superheroes. These include Ted Knight, the first Starman (DC Comics); his sons David Knight and Jack Knight, who were also Starmen; and Sandra Knight, the first Phantom Lady. The family is based out of Opal City and was the subject of the acclaimed comic book "Starman" by James Dale Robinson.
* Michael Knight, main character from the television series "Knight Rider".

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