Laird (surname)

Laird is a surname, and may refer to:

*Bruce Laird (b. 1950), Australian cricketer
*Carobeth Laird (1895–1983), American anthropologist
*David Laird (1833–1914), Canadian politician; Lieutenant Governor of Northwest Territories
*Gerald Laird (b. 1979), American professional baseball player
*James Laird (1849–1889), American politician; U.S. representative from Nebraska
*James Laird (contemporary), named on the master list of Nixon political opponents
*John Laird (1805–1874), Scottish shipbuilder
*John Laird (1887–1946), British philosopher
*John Laird (contemporary), American politician from California, state representative
*John Laird, Baron Laird (b. 1944), an Ulster Unionist life peer
*John Keith McBroom Laird (1907–1985), Canadian author, barrister, and solicitor
*Macgregor Laird (1808–1861), Scottish merchant pioneer on the Niger River
*Marc Laird (b. 1986), Scottish professional football player
*Margaret Nicholl Laird (1897–"unknown"), American Baptist missionary
*Matthew Laird (contemporary), Canadian politician from British Columbia and author
*Melvin R. Laird (b. 1922), American congressman and Secretary of Defense
*Mike Laird (contemporary), Playstation player and BMX rider
*Nick Laird (b. 1975), Northern Ireland novelist and poet
*Nick Laird-Clowes (b. 1957), British musician and songwriter
*Paul Laird (b. 1958), American musicologist
*Peter Laird (b. 1954), American comic book artist
*Philip Johnson-Laird (b. 1936), American psychologist and author
*Rick Laird (b. 1941), Irish jazz musician
*Scott Laird (contemporary), English football player
*Stephen Laird (fl. 20th c.), American journalist; alleged to be a Soviet spy in the 1930s
*Trevor Laird (contemporary), British actor
*Walter Laird (1920–2002), Dancesport champion
*William R. Laird, III (1916–1974), American politician, U.S. senator from West Virginia

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