Integrated circuit piezoelectric sensor

An Integrated circuit piezoelectric or ICP sensor is used to measure piezoelectricity in circuitry.

ICP is an acronym for "integrated circuit piezoelectric", and is a registered trademark of PCB Group, Inc.(1,603,466), parent company of PCB Piezotronics [] . ICP (IEPE-type) piezoelectric transducers measure dynamic pressure, force, strain, and acceleration. IEPE is the standard for piezoelectric transducers and is also an acronym for "Integrated electronics piezo electric." [cite web | title = IEPE Standard | date = 2008 | url = | accessdate = 2008-23-June ]

ICP identifies PCB sensors that incorporate built-in, signal-conditioning electronics. The built-in electronics convert the high-impedance charge signal that is generated by the piezoelectric sensing element into a usable low-impedance voltage signal that can be readily transmitted, over ordinary two-wire or coaxial cables, to any voltage readout or recording device. The low-impedance signal can be transmitted over long cable distances and used in dirty field or factory environments with little degradation. In addition to providing crucial impedance conversion, ICP sensor circuitry can also include other signal conditioning features, such as gain, filtering, and self-test features. The simplicity of use, high accuracy, broad frequency range, and low cost of ICP accelerometers make them the recommended type for use in most vibration or shock applications. However, an exception to this assertion must be made for circumstances in which the temperature, at the installation point, exceeds the capability of the built-in circuitry. The routine temperature range of ICP accelerometers is +250 °F (+121 °C); specialty units are available that operate to +350 °F (+177 °C).

The electronics within ICP accelerometers require excitation power from a constant-current regulated, DC voltage source. This power source is sometimes built into vibration meters, FFT analyzers, and vibration data collectors. A separate signal conditioner is required when none is built into the readout. In addition to providing the required excitation, power supplies may also incorporate additional signal conditioning, such as gain, filtering, buffering, and overload indication.

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