Kalaniokinaōpuokinau-a-Kaiamamao was a Hawaiian monarch, the 6th Alii (tribal chief) of Kohala, 4th Alii of Kona and 2nd Alii of Kaokinaū. He was born circa 1729 as the son of Kaiokinainamao Kalani-nui-i-a-mamao, the eldest son of Keawe-i-Kekahi-aliokinai-o-kamoku II, and his wife Kamakaimoku. He died at Waioahukini, Kau, in April 1782. He was the king during the time Captain Cooke came to Hawaii and went aboard his ship. He was succeeded by his son, Kiwalaokinao, as king of Hawaii; and his nephew, Kamehameha I, who was given guardianship of Kū-ka-ili-moku god of war. His nephew would eventually overthrow his son and island of Hawaii was divided into three part by his nephew Kamehameha, his younger son Keoua Kuahuokinaula, and his brother Keawemauhili High Chief of Hilo.

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