List of recurring characters on seaQuest DSV

This is a list of the recurring characters featured on the television series "seaQuest DSV." This list does not include characters listed in the main titles of the show.

UEO Personnel

Admiral/Secretary General William Noyce

Ranked as admiral in the UEO navy, Noyce had served with Captain Bridger for many years prior to his appointment to "seaQuest." Noyce was usually "seaQuest"`s liaison to UEO Headquarters and often relayed mission orders and other commands to the ship. Noyce had met future UEO secretary general Andrea Dre at Woodstock when his own car broke down. They remained friends for years afterwards. However, when Dre had plotted to assassinate the leaders of the various UEO confederations, Noyce had her arrested, impeached, and eventually, was appointed as acting secretary general. Originally stationed at the UEO naval base at Pearl Harbor, Noyce eventually transferred to New Cape Quest when UEO Headquarters was relocated there in 2021.

:"Admiral Noyce was portrayed by actor Richard Herd."

ecretary General Arthur McGath

Replacing William Noyce as the Secretary General of the UEO, McGath was frequently in contact with the "seaQuest" to issue new orders and missions. Possessing a high amount of respect for Captain Bridger, McGath refused to relieve him of command when a gold helmet believed to be from Atlantis cursed Bridger and caused him to behave irrationally, claiming he did not want the last thing on the captain's record to read "relieved of command by the Secretary General."

By 2032, McGath was still Secretary General as the UEO faced the threat of the expanding Macronesian Alliance under the leadership of President Alexander Bourne. When Captain Oliver Hudson assume command of "seaQuest", McGath often found himself at odds with him, however, believed that he was a very capable ship captain. When the UEO constitution came up for renewal later that year, Hudson informed McGath that half of the people in the world believed him to run the UEO like a police state and the other half believed him to be "a big wimp." President Bourne and Larry Deon had attempted to assassinate McGath, however, their plans were foiled, the UEO constitution was renewed and he remained Secretary General.

:"Secretary General McGath was portrayed by actor Michael Costello. He was not given a first name during the series, but, the unproduced episode "Depths of Deceit" name him as "Arthur."

General Francis "Frank" Gideon Thomas

A General seen in the US Army in 2019, then in the UEO Army as of 2021. Thomas was involved in a murder cover-up in his early adulthood involving Alison Brody resulting in the death of her friend. Realizing that she would be able to testify against him, Thomas conspired with a corrupt doctor to infect her with a fatal virus so that she wouldn't be able to incriminate him.

In 2010 during the "Korean Crisis", Thomas was captured along with three of his men, but was able to negotiate for his release.

In 2019, Thomas ordered Captain Bridger to destroy the perpetrator who had been sinking whaling ships. When Bridger refused to hunt down someone and kill him, Thomas assured Bridger that if he didn't obey his orders, he would ruin the careers of the "seaQuest" crew. In 2021, Thomas was captured by a group of G.E.L.F.s who used him to gain access to the Ronald Reagan Memorial Laser Space Base, which they used to destroy the air exchange plants in attempt to suffocate the human race. Fortunately, "seaQuest" was able to stop them and Thomas was released.

Later that year, when a group of peaceful aliens made first contact with the human race, Thomas plotted to hold them hostage if they did not provide the human race with advanced information and technology, to the point of ordering "seaQuest" to fire on their ship as it left the planet. The aliens proved to be too quick for him, however. (Although, due to the aliens' technology, time reversed itself and none of these events actually took place in the new timeline.)

Several weeks later, Alison Brody, who had been in cryogenic stasis since her infection, emerged from her sleep. Worried, Thomas had her kidnapped and planned to kill her once and for all. Fortunately, Lieutenant James Brody, her son and member of the "seaQuest" crew, was able to intercept the general and rescue his mother. Although Thomas' fate is unknown, it can be inferred that he was likely discharged from the military due to his actions and sentenced to prison.

:"General Thomas was portrayed by actor Jesse Doran."

eaQuest Crewmembers

Chief Carleton

One of the Lead helmsman aboard "seaQuest", Carleton came on board after Stark was removed from command but before Bridger assumed command. He was a main fixture on the bridge from 2018 to mid 2019.

He was on duty when the boat was heavily damaged after a lightning bolt struck the ship's communication's buoy. He, along with the bridge crew, was able to reroute power from one of the ship's WSKRs, operate the vessel, and save a downed French submarine. Carleton eventually left the ship and was replaced in 2019 by Chief William Shan.

:"Carleton was portrayed by actor Dan Hildebrand."

Lieutenant Dalton Phillips

One of the weapons officers aboard the "seaQuest", Phillips had served under the command of Captain Marilyn Stark prior to her dismissal as captain of the ship. When Bridger assumed command of the boat, Phillips remained onboard.

Friends with Lieutenant O'Neill, Phillips joined him for coffee in the mess hall on occasion. Dubious as to the abilities of Lucas, Phillips was reluctant to allow him access to the weapons console on the bridge until Lieutenant Commander Hitchcock allowed him to.

When Capt. Bridger, Lucas, and was attending a conference Dr. Young was brought aboard when his magma buoy resurfaced. Commander Ford and several other members of the seaQuest crew and a group of civilians were on the island during a volcanic eruption. Westphalen and Chief Crocker, both people he outranked (he was the highest ranking officer on the bridge at the time), decided to torpedo the base of the island to allow the magma to flow out into the ocean and saved the team by preventing the eruption. It is possible it was because of these actions that he soon after left the ship. Whether or not it was by choice was never mentioned.

:"Lieutenant Phillips was portrayed by actor Mark Fauser."

Dr. Joshua Levin

A member of the "seaQuest"`s science and medical team.

Assigned to the Aqua Sphere 7 outpost later that year, Levin, as well as the rest of the away team became infected with an unknown virus spread to the station by the sunken French space station "Liberté." He, along with the rest of the away team were eventually cured and he remained onboard seaQuest for the rest of the year.

Levin was well versed in ancient superstitions and beliefs which made him a valuable asset to the away team sent over to the sunken ship "RMS King George" when it was believed to be haunted. Levin also educated the military crew as to the effects of karstification while attempting to search for a downed French submarine in 2018.

:"Dr. Levin was portrayed by actor Timothy Omundson."

Chief William Shan

One of the helmsman of the "seaQuest", Shan was born in Brazil in one of the favelas prior to the newly formed Amazonian Confederation and is a descendant of Vietnamese boat people. He possesses extensive knowledge of his people's background and speaks Portuguese. A capable combat officer, Shan was often part of Chief Manilow Crocker's security teams.

When an accident at World Power threatened to heat ocean temperatures and flood the polar ice caps, Shan disobeyed Captain Bridger's orders to abandon "seaQuest", electing to remain onboard with his captain and Commander Jonathan Ford. Together, they were able to steer the "seaQuest" into a gaping lava well, detonate the ship's nuclear warheads, and plug the hole, effectively saving the world.

:"Chief Shan was portrayed by actor Dustin Nguyen." He was added to the series during the middle of the first season, and was intended to become a major character, but when the series relocated to Florida for production of the second season, Nguyen and several other cast members elected to leave the show rather than move.

Helmswoman Tyler

One of the helmsman of the seaQuest, Petty Officer Tyler joined the crew in early 2022, replacing Helmswoman Mackay.

She faced some difficult situations during her tour on the ship. She was on duty when the UEO was being threatened by a powerful psychic, known as the Avatar, she was able to overcome the side effects caused by the "psychic battle" between Smith and the Avatar and keep control of the helm. After Tony Piccolo "borrowed" a prototype personal cloak suit, Lucas made using cloned data from a classified South American project that the UEO shut down, the suit fritzed out when he snuck into the women's shower and locker room. When she caught him and (along with some of the other female personnel present) stripped him down and sent him running back to his room naked instead of reporting him. She was one of the helmsman on duty when a large barrier mine hulled the seaQuest after the ship had been forcibly abducted from Earth and taken to the distant water world known as Hyperion.

:"Helmswoman Tyler was portrayed by actress Dorian Field."

Dr. Perry

When "seaQuest" returned to Earth in 2032 after mysteriously disappearing ten years earlier, Dr. Wendy Smith was among the casualties suffered in the Hyperion Civil War the "seaQuest" was forced into in 2022. With no chief medical officer, Dr. Perry signed aboard the ship as Smith's replacement.

During her time on the ship she performed several important tasks that save countless lives. Dr. Perry and Lucas were able to synthesize a cure for a mutated viral strain that threatened the crew of "seaQuest." When the ship was thrown back in time to October 1962, Perry attempted to treat a man who had suffered extreme radiation poisoning from nuclear fallout. Unfortunately, the man was so highly radiated that she could not even hold his hand as he died.

:"Dr. Perry was portrayed by actress Karen Fraction."

Lt. Commander Heiko Kimura

A Chaodai sub fighter pilot that defected to the UEO in 2032 to warn them of the future threat posed by the Chaodai.

She conducted an online relationship with Lt. O'Neill and used him to find the ship and get onboard. When Tim confronted her about it later she told him that she didn't feel bad about tricking him, because the Chaodai represented a horror he couldn't imagine, and that he should have been glad to have his fantasy girl for as long as he did. She was willing to give herself up to save the seaQuest when the rest of her squadron tracked her down but she was saved (against her will) by O'Neill, who sent her ship out on autopilot, where the remaining ships immediately destroyed it. When she tried to thank him he was still quite angry and told her he was only doing his duty.

Although only appearing in the final episode, Lt. Commander Kimura would have replaced Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks as the head of the sub fighter pilots assigned to "seaQuest", and was scripted to appear in the unfilmed "seaQuest" episode "In Father's Footsteps."

:"Lt. Commander Kimura was portrayed by actress Julia Nickson."


Malcolm Lansdowne

A long time friend of Nathan Bridger's (whom nicknamed Lansdowne "Downy"), Malcolm Lansdowne maintained a dolphin research facility in the Caicos Key. When Darwin took ill during a mission to investigate a black smoker, Lansdowne was able to eventually determine that it was the bacteria in the smoker that had infected him in the first place.

When Max Scully had attempted to thwart the efforts of whaling ships, he borrowed an extensive amount of money from Lansdowne in order to purchase an old-style Foxtrot class submarine to combat the whalers.

Lansdowne had developed an attraction to Dr. Kristin Westphalen and invited her to his home in order to experience a virtual reality simulator that makes the user believe they are swimming with a pod of dolphins. Bridger, however, did not necessarily approve of Lansdowne's attraction to Westphalen, harboring feelings for her, himself. However, Lansdowne's advances towards Kristin were interrupted by deposed dictator Milos Tezlov attacked his house and held he and Westphalen hostage. Planning to train his dolphins for militaristic purposes, Westphalen noticed that Tezlov's autistic son Ceasar was fascinated by the dolphins and struck a deal with him to spare Lansdowne's life in exchange for passage aboard "seaQuest." When Tezlov eventually agreed to turn himself over to his enemies to spare "seaQuest" from destruction, Westphalen implored Lansdowne to care for Caesar as he had the time and the dolphins, to which he ultimately agreed.

:"Malcolm Lansdowne was portrayed by Robert Engels, who was also a co-executive producer on "seaQuest DSV.

Martenson Hologram a.k.a. "The Old Man"

Although not really Bridger's friend, the holographic representation of Professor Martenson was designed to offer a sounding board to the ship's captain in the event of a crisis. Although the navy refused to install the program, Lucas brought him on-line nevertheless. During his first year as captain of the "seaQuest", Bridger confided in Martenson frequently and the hologram was able to provide invaluable information as well. When environmental extremists captured "seaQuest", Martenson was able to adequately distract one of them, allowing Lieutenant Krieg to lock him inside Bridger's quarters.

For a long while, Bridger did not consult the Martenson hologram, something he became aware of. (Notably, in the second season episode "Vapors", Bridger attempts to seek counsel from an unnamed hologram of a late-middle-age female, rather than the Martenson hologram). While he wasn't really a person, he did sometimes "remember what life was like." The final time Bridger consulted him, Martenson concluded with "God be with you, Nathan. I'll be thinking about you."

It's possible the program was lost when Captain Bridger erased all the computers to prevent the KrayTaks from getting any information should seaQuestr be captured on Hyperion, as was learned in the first season 3 episode.

:"The Professor was portrayed by actor W. Morgan Sheppard."

Dr. Raleigh Young

A specialist in underwater volcanoes, Dr. Raleigh Young had developed a special "magma buoy" which could be launched into an undersea volcano and remain functional, despite the intense heat, which would allow researchers to know in weeks what originally would have taken years. Somewhat hypersensitive, Dr. Young could not understand why Captain Bridger would choose to worry about a sick dolphin rather than his important research. However, he soon came to understand Bridger's reasoning and implored him to seek a cure for his ailing friend. His magma buoy was eventually launched.

Months later, the buoy rocketed out of the volcano and crash-landed on a deserted island where a group of fortune hunters searching for Stede Bonnet's desk. The hunters, believing the UEO to be encroaching onto their treasure, refused to believe Dr. Young when he told them that the island they were on was about to be destroyed by a volcanic eruption. With further convincing, they agreed to leave the island, but before they could depart, one of the treasure hunters destroyed the seaLaunch, stranding the fortune hunters, Dr. Young, and Commander Ford on a doomed island. Attempting to ease their fear of death, Dr. Young informed the group that there wouldn't be time to feel pain, as the lava would wash over them like a sea of fire. However, aboard "seaQuest", Dr. Westphalen theorized that if enough torpedoes were fired at the vent of the volcano, it would ease the eruption. Her plan worked and the group was spared.

:"Dr. Young was portrayed by actor Roscoe Lee Brown."

Commander Scott Keller

Commander of the space shuttle "Wayfarer", the first manned Earth vehicle to reach Mars and back, Scott Keller had attended the naval academy with Nathan Bridger, with whom they remained competitively friendly. One night, as a favour to Bridger, Scott ate a dozen and a half of Organa Watt's, the woman who ran the women's dorm at the academy, terrible cookies so Bridger could sneak a girl out the back. However, while Keller opted for outer space, Bridger opted for inner space. Bridger and "seaQuest" eventually rescued Scott's "Wayfarer" capsule after an accident during re-entry forced them to splashdown near the Montegnard Confederation.

Later that year, when "seaQuest" discovered a million year old alien ship entombed in a rock face, Keller joined the "seaQuest" away team over to the vessel where they discovered holographic projections still active even after a million years. With the aliens seeking peaceful relations with the human race, Lucas allowed Scott to send the message to their homeworld inviting them back. However, Soctt gave the honor to Bridger who said, "You've shown such great patience. Now, hurry."

Their message was quickly received by aliens, who arrived on Earth in 2021. Ever curious about interstellar technology, Scott took a seaCrab over to their ship to take a look at their cockpit. However, following their encounter with the human race, the aliens reversed time. In the altered timeline, it was if the aliens "got spooked" and decided not to land on Earth.

When a comet believed to contain absolute matter prepared to splash into an ocean, Scott once again came aboard "seaQuest" to help recover it. With the help of Professor Tobias LeConte, one of Scott's oldest and dearest friend's, tracking sensors, "seaQuest" discovered that the comet had traversed the entire known universe in only six weeks. Unfortunately for Scott, the comet seemed to burn itself out before he could study it. As it turns out, the comet was in fact, a hatchery for an alien predator that impregnated itself aboard "seaQuest" and began to attack the crew. Looking for Tobias, the alien "Stormer" tracked him to his university. Rushing to his friend's aid, Scott was shocked to find that Tobias was an alien as well. Upon the death of the Stormer, Tobias knew he could not remain on Earth and invited Scott to join him on an interstellar voyage to find new worlds. Scott departed the Earth, leaving Lucas and Bridger to wonder if he would ever come back.

On May 14, 2022, a starship from Hyperion forcibly drew "seaQuest" from the water and inside their vessel where they returned to their homeworld. The crew, led to believe that they were needed to help defend their rebellion against the KrayTaks, the overlords of the planet, destroyed an alien submarine thought to be attacking them. When the "seaQuest" investigated the wreckage, they found Scott among it, barely alive. Scott was able to inform them that "seaQuest" had been fighting for the wrong side and that they must destroy the KrayTak mothership to ensure the safety of both the rebellion and Earth. Joining the away team, Scott and the crew were able to destroy the alien ship, only after "seaQuest" had appeared to be destroyed and the crew had been killed. Although the "seaQuest" and the crew were returned to Earth, Scott's fate remained a mystery.

:"Commander Keller was portrayed by actor Kent McCord."

Professor Tobias LeConte

Blinded by the magnificent light of a comet, Tobias was a child prodigee. At seven years old, he pinpointed the exact moment the universe was born. By age fourteen, he held Issac Newton's chair at Cambridge. However, he was not fully human. Born on the planet Hyperion, eleven million light years away from Earth, Tobias sent out a message of peace on a planet of conquest. His anti-expansion philosophies branded him a traitor for which he was sentenced to death. He fled to Earth and melded with the real Tobias LeConte, essentially giving the child life as the comet that blinded him, also would have given him cancer, which his alien physiology was able to naturally fight off.

When a Stormer traveled to Earth to kill him, Tobias had no choice but to reveal his identity to his long-time friend Scott Keller and to leave Earth in order to save the planet from Hyperion conquest. Taking Scott with him, the duo set off in a starship he had secretly constructed in search of new worlds. However, they did eventually return to Hyperion where they joined the rebellion against the militaristic KrayTaks. On a mission to destroy the KrayTak mothership, Tobias was captured and had his memory drained so a Stormer could impersonate him. This Stormer-clone was sent to "seaQuest", which had been captured by the KrayTaks and brought to Hyperion, in order to convince the crew to fight for their side. Fortunately, Scott, along with the "seaQuest" crew was able to free Tobias and destroy the mothership.

With Hyperion safe for the moment, Tobias and some of his rebel friends were able to liberate some rescue pods and return the majority of the "seaQuest" crew, whom had been in a form of stasis since the destruction of the mothership, and the "seaQuest" itself back to Earth; a process which took ten years to complete.

:"Tobias LeConte was portrayed by actor Mark Hamill."



Leader of the G.E.L.F. colony uprising, Mariah sought freedom for her and her people on their twenty first birthday in 2021. First seizing control of the colony, she led a group of daggers to UEO Headquarters in New Cape Quest. Once there, she captured General Thomas and a fully armed Navis-18 UEO submarine. Using Thomas' military command codes, she was able to gain access to the Ronald Reagan Memorial Laser Space Base where she plotted to destroy enough the world's air exchange plants, which would suffocate the human race, leaving the G.E.L.F.s as the only sentient life on the planet. She halted her plan when she realized that the G.E.L.F. baby that had recently been born at the colony was more human than her parents were due to spontaneous evolution and that destroying the human race would result in the ultimate destruction of the G.E.L.F.s as well. She released General Thomas and was imprisoned in a UEO detention facility.

Months later, a group, apparently being led by Commander Ford, broke Mariah out of prison and took her to an underwater complex run by disgraced scientist Dr. Russ Ketchum, AKA "The Marauder." Dr. Ketchum had intended to destroy "seaQuest" in order to freely mine "Marauder Reef" for prehistoric insect fuel, which he believed to be the missing element in cold fusion and intended to use Mariah's desire for revenge against "seaQuest" to serve his own interests. Giving Mariah a fully armed and automated submersible, she captured Lieutenant O'Neill, who had taken thirty days of shore leave, and used him to gain access to "seaQuest"`s stealth codes. She fought a pitched battle with "seaQuest", but, ultimately ran out of torpedoes. Commander Ford agreed to allow her to escape for the return of O'Neill, to which she agreed, although Ford promised that "seaQuest" would eventually catch up to her again.

:"Mariah was portrayed by actress Sam Jenkins."

President Alexander Bourne

President of the Macronesian Alliance (formerly New Australia), Bourne rose to power during the ten years that "seaQuest" was missing. The ships in his naval fleet, the Lysander class, were capable of subduction; particle liquefication, which "turns land mass into soup" and allowed him to seize power in half of the Pacific Ocean. Bourne did not agree with the policies and limitations of the UEO and sought any means to discredit and defame them. As a result, and because of several concerns about human rights violations, the UEO imposed a trade embargo against Macronesia, which led to several conflicts between both governments. Many in the UEO believed that it would take a miracle to stop Bourne's rise in power, territory, and influence. When "seaQuest" seemed to reappear shortly thereafter, they were able to stop Bourne's attempt to annex the Nexus Colony that would have given him access to remainder of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the lives and freedom of hundreds of thousands of people.

When the UEO constitution was up for renewal, Bourne moved to dissolve the UEO. However, without assurance of victory, he conspired with Larry Deon and a Dr. Slaussen to gain control of Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks, a "seaQuest" crewmember's, psyche-implant, which would place her mind under their control. With her to do their bidding, they programmed her to assassinate Secretary General McGath, which would cripple the UEO beyond repair. However, Fredericks was able to resist their mind control and Bourne's plans were thwarted.

When Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson, another "seaQuest" crewmember, was caught in Macronesian waters attempting to rescue a sinking ship with children aboard (that had been fired on by Macronesian forces), Bourne attempted to use her to humiliate the UEO by breaking her in prison and executing her before the world audience on the trumped-up charge of kidnapping the children she was rescuing. Again, Bourne's plans were ruined by a "seaQuest" away team who were able to break her free from her cell and return her safely back to the ship.

:"President Bourne was portrayed by actor Michael York."

General Armand Stassi

Alexander Bourne's right hand man and the Highest Ranking officer in the Macronesian Military. He was with the President in the attempted take over of the Nexus Colony, which was ultimately thwarted thanks to the return of "seaQuest" and the help of Nathan Bridger.

In "Chains of Command" a Mad UEO Admiral named Van Alden tried to start a war with the Macronesian Alliance by destroying a Mac submarine rearmament base. The UEO covered up the event and said it was a robot instillation that malfunctioned, since the base was a classified first strike facility located deep in Macronesian territory and sent in Captain Hudson to deal with the situation. Since the Alliance didn't know about the base when they decided to back-track the missile it lead to seaQuest since it was close to the base since it had orders to destroy the base if Hudson failed. Stassi, believing them responsible for the bases destruction, ordered an attack against seaQuest although it ultimately evaded the subs and destroyed the base.

When L.t. Henderson, a "seaQuest" crewmember, was caught in Macronesian waters attempting to rescue a sinking ship with children aboard, Stassi (who was aboard one of the attacking ships) charged her with kidnapping the children she was rescuing and smuggling. Ultimately Captain Hudson rescued Henderson, although the rescue cost L.t. Brody his life.

In an unfilmed script, that likely would have been produced had the show not been canceled, Stassi would have been shot after a failed assassination attempt against President Bourne. Stassi was usually shown as being mostly as a patriot, more interested in the good of the Alliance than anything, where as Bourne was more concerned with his own power and wealth. Since it was never filmed his fate remains a mystery.

:"General Stassi was portrayed by actor Andrew Stahl."

Larry Deon

A business tycoon who served as chairman of Deon International, the largest supplier of most of the world's goods and resources. Deon International also operated restaurant chains, military development groups, and major sports franchises, such as the "Deon Demons." Deon, who "sold IBM off at a yard sale when he was 24", sought to conglomerate his empire with the entire world market, making Deon International "the only game in town." As manufacturer of the, allegedly, state of the art Lysander-class subfigher (high speed submersibles capable of engagements at speeds up to 300 knots), Deon International was able to neatly furnish Macronesia with their underwater war machines.

When Deon International's underwater manufacturing raised ocean temperatures causing an iceberg the size of New England to shear off a glacier in the Weddell Sea, Larry placed a group of Macronesian refugees on the iceberg in order to prevent "seaQuest" from destroying it. If left untouched, the iceberg would have impacted the Saudi Desert, which when melted, would flood the desert, allowing Deon International to purify the run-off and corner the market on the world's first fresh water supply. However, Larry failed to realize that a former member of the ‘'seaQuest’’ crew, Lieutenant Ben Krieg, was leading the refugees. Lucas was able to convince Krieg to order his followers off the iceberg and onto ‘‘seaQuest’’ that could then safely destroy the iceberg.

A major player in the airplane business as well, Deon International attempted to sabotage the revolutionary "OmniPacific", an underwater train that would have drawn business away from Deon's airports. However, thanks to Lucas' efforts, the train was safely brought to a halt and the passengers remained uninjured.

Larry would soon conspire with President Bourne's attempt to assassinate Secretary General McGath in order to abolish the UEO. Captain Hudson was able to stop him and planned to bring him to justice, but before he could say anything, Mason Freeman, Deon's right-hand man, shot him to prevent Larry from incriminating himself or the company. While he was seriously injured, Deon was not killed. He remained in a coma.

:"Larry Deon was portrayed by actor Tim DeKay."

Mason Freeman

Larry Deon's right-hand man, Freeman is more aggressive, ruthless, and in many ways, more cunning than his boss is. Larry ordered him to capture Captain Hudson and hold him hostage to further ensure that an iceberg in the Weddell Sea would not be destroyed by "seaQuest." Hudson was able to overpower Freeman, but rather than send him to a UEO prison, he ordered Freeman sent back to Deon, to tell Larry that while he sent his best man, Hudson sent him right back.

Mason was later sent to sabotage the OmniPacific underwater train in order to keep Deon International's air travel services number one in long-distance travelling. Mason's efforts were thorough, but Lucas was able to safely stop the train and save the passengers. Freeman, however, was able to escape.

Apparently not on speaking terms with Larry, Freeman shot his boss after Captain Hudson had arrested him, in order to stop Larry from incriminating Deon International in the plot to assassinate Secretary General McGath. Freeman was immediately arrested and imprisoned.

Freeman, and Jason Pardee, a former love of Lieutenant Henderson, were able to escape prison and held a science team hostage in exchange for their own freedom. Freeman was also able to take Lucas and Henderson prisoner after they were sent over to the science station under the pretense of assistance. Plotting to kill Lucas to send a message to Captain Hudson, Henderson, Lucas, and the science team were able to escape. While Jason Pardee was killed at the hands of Henderson, Freeman seemed to disappear. As the "seaQuest" futility tries to find him, he happily rolls along the ocean floor in an underwater tank, singing to himself in contentment.

:"Mason Freeman was portrayed by actor Ralph Wilcox."


President Hoy Chi

President of the Montagnard Confederation, Chi had wished his state to remain a peaceful and supportive member of the UEO, but, also an important player within it. When the "Wayfarer", the first manned space shuttle to reach Mars crash-landed in his confederation's waters, he ordered his fleet to attempt to locate them before "seaQuest" could, but, not to interfere with them if they found it first. Unfortunately, Chi's general, Tran, had other ideas, and planned to hold the astronauts (as well as two members of "seaQuest"`s crew] hostage. Chi was able to thwart Tran's plans, though. Shortly thereafter, Chi, along with other leaders of various confederations, as well as Lucas Wolenczak, were held hostage by Secretary General Dre, in an attempt to declare martial law over the UEO. Due to Lucas' and Bridger's quick thinking and action, Chi and the other hostages were eventually freed.

:"President Chi was portrayed by actor James Shigeta."


A member of the Node Three team, Julianna, AKA "Red Menace", was a brilliant computer hacker who worked alongside Martin Clemens (AKA "Mycroft") and Nick (AKA "Wolfman") in an attempt to make right the perceived wrongs of the world by diverting stolen funds from corrupt governments into places where they would be better served, such as hospitals. Julianna and Nick knew Lucas (AKA "Frankenstein") only through the Internet and the "Internex", via chat rooms and online games, but sent a message to "seaQuest" asking for him to come to Node Three to meet with them. Once there, Lucas, Julianna, and Nick were able to hack into the World Bank account where Clemens believed they would be able to make the world better. In actuality, Clemens was seeking a way to clear his own conscience after his computer hacking led to the death of a man. While at Node Three, Lucas and Julianna became attracted to one another. When Lucas returned to "seaQuest", Julianna was sad to see him go.

Several months later, a mutual friend named Biff Pickering, invited both Lucas and Julianna to a secret party being held at the Sanger Institute. Biff led Lucas to believe that Julianna wanted to "go all the way" with him, but when they finally met up at the party, alone in a room with a bed, both felt that they weren't ready for sex and agreed not to go through with it.

:"Julianna was portrayed by actress Sarah Koskoff."

Navy Quartermaster Bickle

Serving as a navy quartermaster, Bickle was used to dealing and trading with Lieutenant Ben Krieg and had formed somewhat of a sarcastic relationship with him. While Bickle was highly qualified at his work he had an acrimonious relationship with his wife. Krieg had promised to turn him onto a good divorce lawyer, but Bickle was less than convinced since Krieg had to salute his ex-wife, Lieutenant Commander Hitchcock.

:"Bickle was portrayed by actor Denis Arndt."

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  • Dream Weaver (seaQuest DSV) — seaQuest DSV episode Dream Weaver Captain Bridger and Lucas watch as Scott and Tobias go in search of strange new worlds in Dream Weaver. Episode no. 38 Prod. code 215 …   Wikipedia

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