George Is On My Mind (The George Song)

George Is On My Mind (The George Song)

"George Is On My Mind (The George Song)" is a country comedy song written and perforned by comedian Tim Wilson and appears on his 1994 album "Waking Up the Neighborhood" and his 1996 album "".

ong's premise

The title is a pun on the song "Georgia On My Mind", which was made famous by Ray Charles and is the official song of Wilson's home state of Georgia. The lyrics are almost exclusively a list of names and phrases containing the word "George" or some close variation. Mostly, the song refers to real celebrities or fictional characters, but also includes an exclamation ("By George!"), one non-famous George (someone he went to high school with), a couple of landmarks ("Georgetown" and "Tallulah Gorge"), a brand of hard liquor ("George Dickel"), and a politician whose name does not have George in it at all. (continue reading)

The inclusion of "Newt Gingrich" or "Bill Clinton" (depending on which version is heard) is curious, as they do not fit the established theme of the song. Wilson has performed this song live since at least 1991, so it may be that a political George name (possibly George W. Bush) appeared at that point in the original version of the song, and when Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich were prominent in the news, the references were changed as an inside joke for his fans.

The lyrics

In exact order, here is every person and phrase named in the version found on "Songs for the Musically Disturbed":

*George Bush
*George Burns
*George Jones
*George Benson
*George C. Scott
*George Reeves
*George Wallace (either the comedian or politician, we don't know)
*George Halas
*George Washington
*George Washington Carver
*George Jefferson
*George Jetson
*George Peppard
*George Harrison
*Boy George
*By George!
*George of the Jungle
*George Strait
*Chris George
*Lynda Day George
*George Patton
*Phyllis George
*George Custer
*George McClellan
*George Foster
*George Martin
*George Thorogood
*George Carlin
*George Hamilton
*George Raft
*George Jessel
*Tallulah Gorge
*Susan George
*Curious George
*Georgy Porgy
*George Clinton
*George Segal
*George McGovern
*Jeff George
*George Lindsay
*Georg Stanford Brown
*George Lucas
*George McCrae
*George Shultz
*George Mikan
*Gorgeous George
*Gorgeous George Jr. (pseudonym of Richard Phelps)
*George Orwell
*George Wendt
*Newt Gingrich/Bill Clinton
*George Gobel
*George Michael
*George Foreman
*Chuck George (a guy he used to go to high school with)
*George Naismith (a golfer)
*George Will
*George Montgomery
*George Steinbrenner
*Georgie Fame
*George from "Of Mice and Men"
*George Allen
*George Rogers
*George Gipp (the Gipper)
*George Gershwin
*George Gervin
*Machine Gun Kelly (his name was George)
*George Zaharias
*George Kennedy
*George Brett
*George Mitchell
*George Stephanopolous
*Chief Dan George
*George Blanda
*George Plimpton
*George McInnis
*George Rogers Clark
*George Bernard Shaw
*George Seifert
*Eddie George
*George "The Animal" Steele
*George Dickel (for all you party animals)
*And George is on my mind.

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