List of BBSes

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Notable BBSes

* CBBS, the first BBS on record, established 1978.
* Forum 80, based in Kingston upon Hull, the UK's first BBS, started in 1980.
* Monochrome, a UK based BBS, begun in 1990, still in operation.
* OSUNY, legendary old-school hack/phreak BBS from the 1980s.
* Demon Roach Underground, a popular hacker BBS and former home of the CULT OF THE DEAD COW.
* ISCABBS, the largest worldwide BBS located at the University of Iowa.
* Rusty n Edie's BBS, raided by the FBI in 1993 and sued by Playboy in 1997.
* Freelancin%27_Roundtable, a custom-written chat-only system.
* Ptt, the largest BBS in Taiwan.
* Purple Ocean, one of the largest North American Gaming BBS's of in the mid 1980s.
* ExecPC BBS, America's largest dial-up BBS through the late 80's.
* SF Net, a popular BBS in San Francisco, which featured coin-operated terminals in many cafes and bars throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
* SMTH BBS The largest BBS in China, hosted by Tsinghua University
* [!a] braxas/diabolic The largest art and BBS modification-related BBS in the United States. Online headquarters for over 20 computer art and bulletin board system modification groups.
* TRON - Toms River Online, a popular BBS run by high school students in Toms River, NJ.
* StarDoc 134. a Dos/Linux hybrid test BBS. Running modified ELEBBS software.
*The Board Of Oblivion, SysOp David D Stanton was only 9 Years Old when the BBS was formed, making him one of the youngest SysOps on record.
* [The Sandbox2|The Sandbox ] [ ] The first American WWIV BBS to network to the US from Okinawa, Japan.
* The Wall - One of the largest BBS to offer illegal software downloads. Busted by police around 1995.
* Sherwood Forest popular NYC-area BBS in the 1980s.

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