See No Evil (film)

name =See No Evil

caption =Promotional poster for "See No Evil"
director =Gregory Dark
producer =Vince McMahon
Joel Simon
writer =Dan Madigan
starring =Glen Jacobs(Kane)
Christina Vidal
music =Tyler Bates
cinematography =Ben Nott
editing =Scott Richter
distributor =Lions Gate
released =May 19, 2006
runtime =85 min
language =English
budget =$8 million
amg_id =1:337458
imdb_id =0437179
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"See No Evil" is a 2006 horror film directed by Gregory Dark, written by Dan Madigan, produced by Joel Simon, and starring professional wrestler Kane (Glen Jacobs). It is the first major film produced by WWE Films and was released by Lions Gate Films on May 19, 2006.

The film went through many different working titles before the final title of "See No Evil" was chosen. The original working title of the film was "Eye Scream Man", but was later changed to "Goodnight" before settling on "See No Evil".

The MPAA gave the movie an "R " rating for strong gruesome violence and gore throughout, language, sexual content and some drug use.


A group of delinquents are sent to clean the Blackwell Hotel. Little do they know reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) has holed away in the rotting hotel. When one of the teens is captured, those who remain -- a group that includes the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight's head four years ago -- band together to survive against the brutal killer.

There are occasional flashbacks to Jacob's childhood, suggesting his killing sprees are owed to religious abuse. Some of the deaths in the film include zapping a man with a taser then crushing him with a vault, a man tortured to death, and a hook going through a police officer's chin. Christine Zarate, Kira Vanning, and Michael Montross are the only ones who live after Christine kills him by stabbing him in the eye, after which he falls from a window ledge and lands in the atrium.


WWE backing

This is the first movie to be released by WWE Films, thus WWE was adamant about promoting it. Before the movie's release WWE ran a storyline involving Kane being haunted by "voices" and the idea that something would happen on May 19, the release date of the movie. Kane became so paranoid about the date that he began attacking anyone who he heard say the date, including his tag team partner The Big Show and G4's "Attack of the Show!" host Kevin Pereira, whom he strongly warned not to mention the date before walking off the set at the end of the interview. On the May 8 edition of "WWE Raw", three co-stars of "See No Evil" were interviewed by Todd Grisham. They all talked about how Kane was so (kayfabe) hard to work with and how his on-screen movie murders made him happy. During this segment Todd asked a male co-star, Michael Pagan, about the release date of the movie. Unaware of Kane's reaction to it, Michael then went on to say the date, which caused Kane to enter the area of the interview and make the two female co-stars, Christina Vidal and Samantha Noble, scream in terror while Kane choked Pagan to the ground.

After the film was released Kane revealed that the reason he hated the date May 19 was because "his family was killed on that day in a tragic accident"... He would then briefly engage in a feud with a fake masked Kane who would later be repackaged as Festus.

Many world-wide members of the press were invited to a red carpet ceremony for the release of the movie, which also included various other WWE superstars. Interviews were given by superstars, including Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Candice Michelle, Chris Benoit, Chris Masters and Rey Mysterio commenting on the movie.

A segment on "RAW" showed footage from inside the movie theatre while the movie was playing. Footage was shown of the audience cringing, hiding and covering their eyes during the movie. Interviews were later given to members of the audience, which had them describing their experience. Some said they could not watch it, others said they cringed; most reviews were positive.

Reaction by critics

Critical reaction was extremely poor. As of December 24 2006, "See No Evil" has earned an 7% critic rating on [ Rottentomatoes] and a 17% rating on [ Metacritic] , indicating "extreme dislike or disgust". Many reviewers cite genre clichés, a poor script, and bad directing.

Box Office

The movie opened with an estimated $4.35 million in box office sales for that weekend. The film was sixth in the weekend box office totals. After two weeks, the movie stood at over $9.8 million. The movie's final domestic gross stands at $15,032,800. The movie's worldwide gross stands at $18,207,596. [ See No Evil (2006) ] ]

DVD Release

"See No Evil" was released on DVD on November 28 2006. The DVD included audio commentary by writer Dan Madigan, director Gregory Dark, co-executive producer Jed Blaugrund and Kane. "See No Evil" was the #9 most rented/purchased movie making over $3 Million dollars. The movie eventually went on to make $16.5 million in 8 weeks. In Australia See No Evil was released on Wednesday May 28 2008 [ [ See No Evil (2006) @ EzyDVD ] ]


*# David Banner - X'ed
*# Slipknot - Gone
*# Cass Fox - Army of One
*# Korn - Alone I Break
*# Cannibal Corpse - Staring Through The Eyes of The Dead
*# Rammstein - Mein Teil

*# American Pearl - Free Your Mind
*# Nuclear Assault - Living Hell
*# Jello Biafra - The Green Wedge
*# Creed - One Last Breath


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