António José de Almeida

António José de Almeida

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name =António José de Almeida
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imagesize =200px
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order =
office =Minister for the Interior
term_start =October 5, 1910
term_end =September 3, 1911
monarch =
primeminister =Teófilo Braga
(as President of the Provisional Government)
predecessor =António Teixeira de Sousa
(as Minister of the Kingdom, also President of the Council of Ministers)
successor =João Chagas
(also President of the Ministry)
order2 =65th Prime Minister of Portugal
(11th of the Republic)
office2 =
term_start2 =March 16, 1916
term_end2 =April 25, 1917
monarch2 =
president2 =Bernardino Machado
predecessor2 =Afonso Costa
successor2 =Afonso Costa
order3 =
office3 =Minister for the Colonies
term_start3 =March 16, 1916
term_end3 =April 25, 1917
monarch3 =
primeminister3 =Himself
predecessor3 =Alfredo Rodrigues Gaspar
successor3 =Ernesto Jardim de Vilhena
order4 =6th
office4 =President of Portugal
term_start4 =October 5, 1919
term_end4 =October 5, 1923
monarch4 =
president4 =
predecessor4 =João do Canto e Castro
successor4 =Manuel Teixeira Gomes
birth_date =birth date|1866|7|27|mf=y
birth_place =flagicon|Portugal|1830 Vale da Vinha, Penacova, Kingdom of Portugal
death_date =death date and age|1929|10|31|1866|7|27|mf=y
death_place =flagicon|Portugal Lisbon, Portuguese Republic
party =Evolutionist Republican Party
(later Sacred Union and Liberal Republican Party)
spouse =Maria Joana de Morais Perdigão Queiroga
relations =
children =Maria Teresa
residence =
alma_mater =
occupation =Physician
profession =
religion =

website =
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António José de Almeida, GCTE [337th Grand Cross] , GCA, GCC, GCSE, (pronounced|ɐ̃ˈtɔniu ʒuˈzɛ dɨ aɫˈmɐidɐ; Penacova, São Pedro de Alva, July 27, 1866 - Lisbon, October 31, 1929), son of José António de Almeida and wife Maria Rita das Neves, was a Portuguese political figure. He served as the president of Portugal from 1919 until 1923.

He studied medicine at the University of Coimbra becoming a medical doctor and during his term as Minister for the Interior, he was the founder of both the University of Lisbon and the University of Porto in 1911. He was one of the most eloquent republican tribunes, and, after the Republic proclamation, as interior minister"With the proclamation of the Republic and the installment of the first provisional government, which was led by Teófilo Braga with António José de Almeida as Interior Minister and Afonso Costa as Minister of Justice, all of whom were freemasons" [ A Shortened History of Freemasonry in Portugal] , Petrestones Review] he led the moderate wing of the Portuguese Republican Party, that opposed Afonso Costa. The moderates elected Manuel de Arriaga for first elected President, in 24 August 1911, defeating Afonso Costa's candidate, Bernardino Machado. António José de Almeida founded his own party, the Republican Evolutionist Party, that was in the opposition. On June 12, 1916 he became the 6th Minister for Finance and also the 96th Prime Minister of Portugal. Later, both the Republican Evolutionist Party and the Republican Union, Manuel Brito Camacho's party, joined to form the new Republican Liberal Party, in 1919, that went on to win the legislative elections. In 6 August 1919, António José de Almeida was elected the 6th President of the Republic, and was the only President of the 1st Republic, that completed the full four years mandate. He faced the greatest political instability of the regime and almost resigned. He was also remembered for his voyage to Brazil, in 1922, during the country's 100 years independence birthday, where he was noted as a brilliant speaker.

He married on December 14, 1910 to Maria Joana de Morais Perdigão Queiroga, daughter with her younger sisters Antónia and Catarina of Joaquim José Perdigão Queiroga (b. Évora) and first wife Maria Cândida de Morais and half-sister of Perdigão Queiroga, and on December 27, 1911 they had an only daughter Maria Teresa Queiroga de Almeida, married to medical doctor Júlio Gomes da Cunha de Abreu and had issue.

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