Cristian Estremera, known as Temperamento, is a Puerto Rican born Rap artist living in Providence, Rhode Island. He is currently signed to Don Dinero's music label.


Cristian Estremera Aka Temperamento was born on February 21, 1981 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. At the age of 10 after the suicide death of his father Ramon Estremera, Cris and his family moved to Providence, Rhode Island. In 1999, he started to fall in love with the hip hop culture and began to write his own songs which were about the pain and suffering in his life. In 2005 Temperamento met Caracas Nel, a young Venezuelan from Providence who had a vision which came into effect. Using internet forums and almost every music page, Caracas started to post Temperamento's songs and spent hours on his computer until he finally created a buzz so big that it won them loyal fans all over the world. Soon after, without a record deal or funds, Temperamento's music appeared on hundreds of reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop mixtapes including those of Dj Moets and Dj Sincero whom where the first to introduce his music to the mixtape world. Dvd magazines also picked up on Temperamento, including Perrealo, which put him on the cover of their "Unsigned Hype" Edition, La Manteca which went all the way to his hometown to get a personal look at the rapper everyone was talking about, and Hustle Up Latino which also had the chance to see Temperamento in a different form as he expressed himself about his diss tracks that everyone came to love and hate. If that's not all, Temperamento was a part of the first ever Latino hip hop battle Batalla De Los Gallos in New York City. He has been criticized for his response to losing a battle with a female rapper named Illfamed, who later was then disqualified after Temperamento verbally attacked the judges (including the Bachata group Aventura) after they announced Illfamed the winner claiming she won because she followed the rule of no English. The main organizer came out on stage and overturned the judges decision announcing Temperamento the winner.He then moved on to the final round to compete with Al-Stylo who won the battle. Soon after, producer SPK the beatmaker of the track 'Oye Mi Canto' which opened reggaeton doors reached out and gave Temperamento the chance to appear on his first album with Gemstar & Big Mato's "Mas Pure" which had artists like Tony Touch, N.O.R.E, and the one and only Carlos Santana. Soon after, Temperamento's dream came true when the rapper that inspired him to fight for the hip hop movement approached him in an NYC show in Sob's and told him he was going to sign him. Cuban rapper Don Dinero kept his word and added Temperamento to his classic album "Ultimo Guerrero" in the song titled "= Mentira =", which in the eyes of many fans of Latino hip hop marks the beginning of what's soon to come. In 2007, after a heart problem and a car accident Temperamento received a call from Don Dinero where he told him, "Listen My brother, you don't realize how big you are going to be but remember, rap to the world." It didn't take long for Temp to go into the studio and create songs like " Tears " which is dedicated to victims of domestic abuse and "Coje Consejo" which gives advice to the youth.He has written songs for his family, like "No Fue Tu Culpa".He's known for writing songs oftiraera (or beef).He wrote a song called "Ponce es Ponce" in which he shows how proud he is of being a "Ponceño" (from Ponce).

Hip Hop For Dummies

Hip Hop For Dummies is an album by Temperamento in which he has diss tracks & sad songs


Tego Calderon & Voltio

Temp made a song which has the Locked Up beat. In that same song, he dissed both Voltio & Tego

Daddy Yankee




Don Omar


MC Ceja

El Demente lirical

Ill Famed

Calle 13

"' Arcangel


It all started when Vakero started dissing Temperamento.In the DJ Kassanova diss(which track is a sample from MC's Act Like They Don't Know beat, Temperamento protested because DJ Kassanova only played reggaeton on his radio show.Temp talked for all the rappers (including Vakero).However, Vakero dissed him.


"Mentira" is a song about people being fake. In the video for this song, a guy gets on his knees & proposes to his girl. Soon after, they get married & the guy physically abuses his wife.


Main Article: Temperamento 's Discography

Cadena Perpetua

1. Intro

Hip Hop For Dummies

1. Unsigned Hype

2. El Cantante

3. La Realidad ft Tempo

4. Dejalo Volar ft Wille Sante

5. Rock 2 It ft Rode Island All Stars

6. Best Ever Freestyle

7. Better Than You ft Sapience

8. Tears ft Miss Blue Eyes

9. Tiren Pa' Lante ft K-liche (Block Royal Empire Canada)

10. Carta Pa' Tempo 2 ft Don Dinero & Wille Sante

11. Se acabo ft Wille Sante & Don Dinero

12. Underworld ft Alvare & Ark (T Weaponz)

13. Por Siakaso Muero

14. Van Bajando ft Veneno 'Star Trak' & Chavito'El Lirico Vandido'

15. Gun Fire ft TNT El Cesar (Block Royal Puerto Rico)

16. Nada Serio ft Sanguinareo & Sapience


El Fin Del Mundo

El Mejor


[http://www.myspace.com/temperamentos401 Temperamento's MySpace]

[http://www.corrientelatina.com/article.php?id=240 Temperamento's "Radar" Page]

External links

* [http://www.myspace.com/temperamentos401 Temperamento's official Myspace]
* [http://temperamento.forumup.org Temperamento's forum]
* [http://www.corrientelatina.com/article.php?id=241 Temperamento Interview on CorrienteLatina.com]

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