Infobox musical artist
Name = noCore

Img_capt = Nocore live in Vienna, Austria, 19.08.2006
Birth_name = Michael Schmidt
Alias = .miQ
Born = 30.08.1977
Origin = Ontario, Canada
Instrument = Computer, Motu Ultralite, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Korg Electribe, MFB Synth 2, Sherman Filterbank, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, Pro Co Rat Deucetone, Boss DD-3, Boss RSD-10, Tech 21 Sans Amp TRI-AC, Zoom TM-01 (x2), guitars, sm58, etc.
Genre = Ambient music, Breakcore, glitchcore, IDM, Noise
Occupation = Audio Engineer, Video Editor, DVD Programmer
Years_active = 2000-present
Label = D-Trash Records
Associated_acts = Zymotic, Exist, A.O.A., Apocryphal Superorganism
URL = []

noCore is the one of the performing names of Michael Schmidt, an electronic music producer and livePA artist who was born on August 30,1977 in Chatham, Ontario and is currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. He is known for creating improvisational rhythmic noise music with a wide range of influences from minimal ambient music to extreme digital grindcore.

noCore's musical production history dates back to 1997, when he became interested in sampling organic sounds, sequencing patterns on a drum machine, and recording the results on a 4-track recorder. In 2000, noCore founded his own label, known as [ r.i.p.theSystem] , to publish his debut release "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess" (2000) as well as the following releases "" (2000) and "_blank" (2001). In 2003, two of his (ZYMOTIC) tracks appeared on the 3xCD "Don't Fuck With Us" compilation released by Digital Hardcore Recordings. In May 2007, he appeared on D-Trash Records' Atari Teenage Riot tribute release with a cover of the ATR track "U.S. Fadeout".Since noCore's first live appearance in Toronto in 2001 with the [ ARC] , he has performed across Canada, the United States and Europe with Merzbow, Venetian Snares, EC8OR, C-drik Fermont, All Out Assault, Contra, Schizoid, Lungbutter, C64, Crack Rental Mates, NoiseBazooka, Mind Disruption, Älymystö, Heartworm and others.

Today, noCore stands out from other breakcore and noisecore artists through his excessive use of analog equipment in sound production as well as live settings. The sound of his works reflects his tendency to stray away from digital processing in favor of more pure, tube-driven distortion sounds. In live settings, he relies on various hardware instruments, such as a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Korg Electribe, MFB Synth 2, Sherman Filterbank, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, Pro Co Rat Deucetone, Boss DD-3, Boss RSD-10, Tech 21 Sans Amp TRI-AC, 2 Zoom TM-01's, guitars, etc. The performances are usually improvised on the spot and never repeated unless recorded.

The artist name noCore was originally inspired by the song "Nocore Punk Rock" by The Boredoms and is reflective of the artist's early eclectic influences.

In 2001, noCore teamed up with D-Trash artist Schizoid to form Exist, which released 2 albums, "Exist" (2001) and "The Tension and the Darkness" (2001).Throughout his career, he has also self-released several albums under the name of Zymotic whose works are known for a more guitar-driven and grindcore-influenced sound.


* "LIVE! @ BASSSPAZM" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2003)
* "LIVE! @ Madam T's Oct. 6" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2001)
* "_blanK" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2001)
* "noodLejam" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2000)
* "|noize" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 1999)
* "silence" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 1999)
* "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess" ("r.i.p.the.System", 1999)

* "911 - Tallinn, Estonia set" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2004)
* "nocoreVSzymotic - live!@MadamT's" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2002)
* "sampler cdr DEATH-FORCE" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2001)
* "killkillkill ep" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2000)
* "piece of mind (demo)" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 1999)

* "The Tension and the Darkness" ("D-Trash Records", 2001)
* "Exist" ("D-Trash Records", 2001)

* "Riotous" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2000)
* "Tactile Force" ("D-Trash Records", 2000)

* "VS." ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2001)

* "what's in it?!" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 2000)
* "i-demo" ("r.i.p.theSystem", 1999)

* "Assault on Taxandria/Destroying the Braincell LIVE!!!" (1997)
* "The Napkin Sessions" (1997)
* "Caffeine Flashbacks" (1996)
* "The Caffeine Experience" (1996)

* "Beware Of The Molotov Children" (1997)
* "Failure To Cope With Reality" (1996)


The Virus Has Been Spread - A Tribute to Atari Teenage Riot (CD) - "D-Trash Records"
*ZYMOTIC - Into the Death
*NOCORE - U.S. Fadeout

10000 Grind (DVDr) - "Hirntrust Grind Media"
*ZYMOTICvsCPUWAR - Trashstar (video by: Didi Bruckmayer)

Sidetracked (2xLP) - "Mode Of Proof"
*ZYMOTIC - Theglobaleconomy

Rising Tide (CD) - "D-Trash Records"
*ZYMOTIC - Contemporary Barbarism
*NOCORE - You Paid for it.

DON'T FUCK WITH US! (3xCD) - "Digital Hardcore Recordings"
*ZYMOTIC - Development/Environment
*ZYMOTIC vs. HYPERDRIVER - Children of the Night
*EXIST - Hooyee

Brick Smack (2xCD) - "Dross:tik Records"

True Underground Vol. 2 (CDr) - "Smerk ;^)"
*ZYMOTIC vs. CPUWAR - Trashstar

True Underground (.mp3) - "Smerk ;^)"
*ZYMOTIC - The Global Economy

Spitbass Is Gay A Tribute To Anal Cunt (Floppy Disk 3.5) - "Here's My Card Records"
*ZYMOTICvsANALCUNT - Grindcore Is Very Terrifying

Various 001 (CD) - "Double Threat"
*NOCORE - Opressed

Trashed (2001-2004 Remixes) (CDr) - "D-Trash Records"
*SCHIZOIDvsZYMOTIC - Icare (Morning at the Factory)

Various Artists 2001 Promoganda Sampler (CDr) - "D-Trash Records"
*CLIPFIT - Real World
*CLIPFIT - Real World (remix)
*EXIST - Oscar

Digital As FUCK! (CDr) - "DigiCore Far East"
*ZYMOTIC - Psychickill
*EXIST - DiskoFek

RIOT-SOUNDZ compilation (CDr) - "Riot-Soundz"
*NOCORE - Old Lies
*EXIST - Acid IceCream

r.i.p.theSystem compilation v0.1 (Cdr) - "r.i.p.theSystem"
*ZYMOTIC - Massive Conspiracy
*NOCORE - Eevil
*EXIST - blizzard

Generation RX (cassette) - "No Room For Talent Records"
*ZYMOTIC - Trashstar
*EXIST -What They Want To See (To Get Attention)

ikeya-seki (CDr) - "room101"
*ZYMOTIC - Murder

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* [ Official noCore Homepage]
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* [ Official noCore Presence]
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