Economy of French Guiana

The economy of French Guiana is tied closely to that of France through subsidies and imports. Besides the French space center at Kourou, fishing and forestry are the most important economic activities. The large reserves of tropical hardwoods, not fully exploited, support an expanding sawmill industry which provides sawn logs for export. Cultivation of crops is limited to the coastal area, where the population is largely concentrated; rice and manioc are the major crops. French Guiana is heavily dependent on imports of food and energy. Unemployment is a serious problem, particularly among younger workers.

GDP:real exchange rates - US$3.52 billion (in 2006)fr_icon cite web|url=|title=Les comptes économiques de la Guyane en 2006 : premiers résultats|author=INSEE-CEROM|accessdate=2008-01-14]

GDP - real growth rate:6.4% (in 2006)

GDP - per capita:real exchange rates - US$17,336 (in 2006)

GDP - composition by sector:

Population below poverty line:NA%

Household income or consumption by percentage share:
"lowest 10%:"NA%
"highest 10%:"NA%

Inflation rate (consumer prices):1% (2002)

Labor force:58.800 (1997)

Labor force - by occupation:services, government, and commerce 60,6%, industry 21,2%, agriculture 18,2% (1980)

Unemployment rate:19,2% (2001 est.)

"revenues:"$135,5 million
"expenditures:"$135,5 million, including capital expenditures of $105 million (1996)

Industries:construction, shrimp processing, forestry products, rum, gold mining

Industrial production growth rate:NA%

Electricity - production:465,2 GWh (2003)

Electricity - production by source:
"fossil fuel:"100%
"other:"0% (1998)

Electricity - consumption:432,6 GWh (2003)

Electricity - exports:0 kWh (2003)

Electricity - imports:0 kWh (2003)

Agriculture - products:
rice, manioc (tapioca), sugar, cocoa, vegetables, bananas; cattle, pigs, poultry

Exports:US$1,501 million (in 2006)

Exports - commodities:
shrimp, timber, gold, rum, rosewood essence, clothing

Exports - partners:
France 62%, Switzerland 7%, United States 2% (2004)

Imports:US$1,693 million (in 2006)

Imports - commodities:food (grains, processed meat), machinery and transport equipment, fuels and chemicals

Imports - partners:
France 63%, United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy (2004)

Debt - external:$800,3 million (1988)

Economic aid - recipient:$NA

Currency:1 euro (currency sign: ; banking code: EUR) = 100 cent

Exchange rates:"See:" Euro#Euro_exchange_rate

Fiscal year:calendar year


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