Gene Zaino

Gene Zaino is an American entrepreneur in the consulting, contingent workforce management, and financial services industries. He is also the founder and CEO of MBO Partners, formerly known as MyBizOffice.


Gene Zaino graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, receiving a Bachelor in Economics (BSE). He began his career at KPMG Peat Marwick as a Certified Public Accountant and management consultant to both public and private companies. In 1984, he was a founding principal of New York City based Management Information Systems, Inc., providing accounting and office information systems with a focus on retail organizations including Macy*s and Louis Vuitton. In 1990, this company joined forces with several regional information technology companies to form Evernet Systems, Inc, a Kleiner Perkins funded venture that grew to over 25 locations nationally. In 1993, Evernet Systems, Inc. was sold to Control Data Systems, Inc.

Founding MBO Partners (formerly MyBizOffice)

After the sale, Zaino began work on a business plan to create an online business processing service for Independent Technology Consultants. Simultaneously, he acquired Compuserve Network Integration, a network engineering and professional services firm, and renamed it The Netplex Group, Inc. This company became an acquisition vehicle for many consulting and technology companies including one that enabled a reverse merger into a public company. Among these acquisitions, there was a 1996 purchase of a small company called Software Resources of New Jersey, later named Contractors Resources. Zaino continued working on his plan to create the first online business processing service for Independent Consultants and after years of development branded this as MyBizOffice using Contractors Resources as its base.

In early 2002 Zaino resigned from, and divested himself of, all other ventures in order to devote his full attention to MyBizOffice, now MBO Partners, as President and CEO. Under his leadership, the company developed into an independent private entity supporting thousands of associates across hundreds of organizations including Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Sprint, CSX, Genworth and many United States Federal Agencies.

Early on, Zaino recognized the accelerated growth trends of consultants as well as the increasing demand by organizations needing to deploy a more flexible workforce. He also understood the need to mitigate the costs and business risks associated with the contract workforce, including IRS Reclassification risk. Pioneering the concept of the Portable Employer of Record(TM) with its personal Business Center accounting method, Zaino’s innovations emerged to solve the issues of both freelancers and the organizations using them. Under Zaino's direction, MyBizOffice brought its services online, launched its contingent workforce management offering, and expanded internationally. In 2008, Zaino rebranded MyBizOffice as MBO Partners, keeping MyBizOffice the name of the proprietary online technology platform that powers the company's service offerings.

Spearheading the evolution of safe and streamlined contractor engagement, Zaino has helped major organizations carve millions of dollars from their services supply chain while providing employment, benefits, and payment services for their contract workforce. Simultaneously, Zaino has become a major advocate for career independence. In 2004 [] , MyBizOffice (now MBO Partners) became the first Portable Employer of Record service for commission-based contractors such as real estate agents and financial advisors, and is recognized as the only service giving these contractors access to true group benefits.


Gene Zaino is an expert advisor to the [| Human Capital Institute] on contingent workforce management and provides the leadership for the only learning track dedicated to this growing segment of the workforce. Zaino has discussed MyBizOffice and the Portable Employer of Record (TM) model in television and radio interviews, including CNNfn, USA Today, CNET, The Jim Bohannon Show, TechTV, and BusinessAmerica Radio. He has also been featured in the Washington Times, Internet Week, Contingent Workforce Strategies, Fortune Small Business, Federal Computer News, and the Washington Business Journal. He is a frequent public speaker, having presented on contractor-related subjects for the Project Management Institute, the Institute for Supply Management, Human Resources Outsourcing, National Human Resources Association, and others.

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Gene Zaino's mismanagement of Netplex resulted in the bankruptcy and/or closing of all the information technology companies acquired by Netplex, and eventually the closing of Netplex itself. Hundreds of people lost their jobs, the investors lost all of their investments.

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