Infobox Indian Jurisdiction
type = village
native_name = Kattamuru
state_name = Andhra Pradesh
district = East Godavari
Mandal = Peddapuram
latd = 17.08|latm = |lats =
longd= 82.13|longm= |longs=
altitude = 35
population_total = 9,054
population_as_of = 2001
postal_code = 533437
Telephone_code = 08852-24....
Kattamuru is a major panchayath village in Peddapuram Mandal of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in South India.


Kattamuru is located at 17.08° N 82.13° E. It has an average elevation of 35 metres (114 feet).


Kattamuru is prominent for its historical and cultural heritage. Kattamuru is about 4 km from Peddapuram Town. It is surrounded by Villages J. Thimmapuram, Sirivada, Kandrakota and Town Peddapuram. Most people in this village depend for their livelihood on agriculture.The major economic crops in this area are rice,sugarcane and Tapioca. The main source of water for irrigation is Eleru Canal. This village has ponds like Rayana Cheruvu, Kitta Cheruvu, Manchineeti Cheruvu, Bapana Cheruvu and Gangi Raavi Cheruvu.

Kattamuru is very famous village and it was mentioned in Rajasekhara Charitamu, The first Telugu novel (Prose) written by the first novelist in Telugu Shri Kandukuri Veeresalingam inspired by Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefied.

Kattamuru has a one ZP High School and Two Elementary Schools.Though this village is big enough, there are no hospitals or bus facilities in this village.

Etymology & History

The original name of Kattamuru is Katnam Ooru. Katnam means Gift and Ooru means Village.

The Maharaja of the Vatsavayi Dynasty of Padmapuram Samsthanam (Now called as Peddapuram) gifted this village to Lord Pattabhi Rama as a dowry.

The temple Jodu Gullu (Jodu means double and Gullu is plural form of Gudi i.e. Temples) of Pattabhi Rama and Keshava Swamy is a famous and wealthy temple in East Godavari Dist. In one shrine abodes Lord Rama with Sita Devi, Laxmana and Hanuman and in the another shrine abodes Keshava Swamy with Shreedevi, the godess of Fortune and Bhoodevi,the earth-goddess.

On the day of Bheesma Ekadasi a Jatara (Carnival) is held annually.


The village deity of Kattamuru is Poleramma Thalli and a temple of Poleramma Thalli is on the southern end of this village.

There are temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganapathi,Lord Hanuman, Saint Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi, Saint Sri Pothulooru Veera Brahmendra Swamy(India’s Nostradamus)and diety Kanaka Durga are very famous temples in this village.


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