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Baseball Philippines is a start-up baseball circuit established in 2007 by a joint venture between Community Sports Incorporated and Pureplay Sports Management Incorporated in partnership with the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association and sanctioned by the Philippine Sports Commission.

The circuit was established in hopes of sustaining the growth of the sport in the Philippines, which was one of Asia's baseball powerhouses during the first half of the 20th century well into the early 1970s.

Five teams took part in the inaugural season's first leg -- dubbed as the Pilot Series -- which was held during the late summer season. The second leg saw six teams in an expanded 10-game, three-round playoff format. Eventually the circuit envisions a single leg, two-division regular season played out during the dry months of the year.

History of baseball leagues in the Philippines

Organized baseball circuits in the Philippines were a staple throughout the 20th century, the most popular of which was the prestigious Manila Bay Baseball League which sadly saw its demise in the late 1970s along with the game's following.

The Philippine Baseball League soon followed during the early part of the 1980s but disbanded after a short run.

Nevertheless, the innovative Titans Baseball Club along with the PABA, the universities (notably the UAAP), and other private interests, organized baseball continues to thrive throughout the archipelago, albeit to differing degrees. Other school-based circuits such as the PRISAA and SCUAA tournaments also conduct baseball tournaments on a regional and national level.


For the second leg of the 2007 season, the league added three new members but lost two of the original squads. Each team is composed mainly of top players from the collegiate ranks, the recreational circuit, and members of the Philippines national baseball team.

Current Teams

* Antipolo Pilgrims
* Batangas Bulls
* Cebu Dolphins
* Dumaguete Uni-bikers
* Forward Taguig Patriots
* Makati Mariners
* Manila Sharks


* Laguna Tigers
* Negros RoostersAlthough the teams are regional-based, the games are not presently played on a geographic home-and-away scale, but rather held at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium. A true home-and-away format, however, is envisioned for the future.

League Results

2007 season

eries 1

The initial leg of the 2007 Baseball Philippines season started on May 27 and ended on July 8. The format called for a tournament style single-round format with the top four teams advancing to the playoffs stage. A three-way tie occurred between Makati, Manila, and Laguna. Laguna was eliminated via the quotient system in allowing the most runs while Makati earned the third spot for giving up the least runs.

Team standings

* Cebu 4-0
* Negros 3-1
* Makati 1-3
* Manila 1-3
* Laguna 1-3



Played July 1 at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium.
* Negros def. Manila 6-4
* Makati def. Cebu 5-4


Played July 8 at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium.
* Manila def. Cebu 5-3 (Third-Place Game)
* Makati def. Negros 4-2


* Most Valuable Player: Ernesto Binarao (Negros)
* Best Manager: Roberto Ituralde (Negros)
* Best Pitcher: Joseph Orillana (Cebu)
* Best Hitter: Nino Tator (Manila)

eries Two

The second leg, Series 2, began in October 7 and ended on December 23 with six teams, adding Taguig, Dumaguete, and Marikina.

A two-division (North and South), 10-plus games schedule format for the circuit was instituted. The division leaders earned a spot and a twice-to-beat advantage in the Division Championships while the second and third place teams met in the Division Playoffs with the former likewise holding a twice-to-beat incentive. The winners of each Division Playoff advanced to the Division Championship.

The Division Championship winners met in a best-of-three affair for the Series 2 championship.

Team Standings

* Manila (8-2)
* Marikina (5-5)
* Makati (4-6)South
* Cebu (7-3)
* Dumaguete (4-6)
* Taguig (2-8)


Division Playoffs

* North: Marikina def. Makati, 6-4
* South: Dumaguete def. Taguig, 7-6

Division Championships

* North: Manila def. Marikina, 9-3
* South: Cebu def. Dumaguete, 7-6

Baseball Philippines Championship Series

* Game 1: Cebu def. Manila, 6-3
* Game 2: Manila def. Cebu, 9-8
* Game 3: Cebu def. Manila, 20-5


* Most Valuable Player: Joseph Orillana (Cebu)
* Best Manager: Isaac Bacarisas (Cebu)
* Best Pitcher: Charlie Labrador (Manila)
* Best Hitter: John Joseph Apura (Marikina)
* Most Home Runs: Virgilio Roxas (Manila), John Joseph Apura (Marikina)
* 2007 Most Valuable Player Award: Joseph Orillana


* [ Baseball Philippines, Official Site]
* [ Titans Baseball Club - Philippines, Official Site]

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