Pink lady (cocktail)

iba = no
name = Pink Lady

caption =
type = cocktail
flaming =
vodka =
tequila =
rum =
gin = yes
served = 1
garnish = cherry
drinkware = cocktail
ingredients = *4.5 cl (one part) Gin
*1 tsp. Grenadine
*1tsp. cream
*1 egg white
prep = Shake ingredients and strain into cocktail glass.
notes =
footnotes =

A pink lady is a classic gin-based cocktail with a long history. The egg-whites and cream mixed in create a foam that floats on top of the drink as well as giving it a unique texture.

Due to its name, color, ingredients, and texture, the Pink Lady is traditionally a very feminine drink choice, colloquially known as a "girly drink." [ [ The Top Ten Blog » Best Girly Drinks of All Time ] ] Writer/bartender Jack Townsend speculated in his 1951 "The Bartender's Book" that very non-threatening appearance of the Pink Lady may have appealed to women who did not have much experience with alcohol. Ironically, the Pink Lady's taste is very dry tasting cocktail by today's standards, with its gin base and slight grenadine flavoring lacking the extreme fruit flavor or sweetness that modern drinkers associate with girly drinks. [ [ The Cocktail Chronicles » Blog Archive » A Change in Fortune ] ] The plain taste of the drink reinforces Townsend's hypothesis that this drink achieved its feminine reputation by way of appealing to women with little experience in drinking.

This drink was traditionally made with Plymouth gin which has a stronger flavor of herbs compared to the standard gin. [ [ Drink Recipes Alcoholic : Pink Lady ] ]


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