1913 in rail transport


February events

* February 1 - New York City's Grand Central Terminal opens as the world's largest train station to date.

May events

* May 7 - Tracklaying begins on the Graysonia, Nashville and Ashdown Railroad (a predecessor of Kansas City Southern Railway) between Murfreesboro and Shawmut, Arkansas. [cite web| url=http://www.kcshs.org/schedule/subs/images/history/kcs_hist.htm| title=The Kansas City Southern Lines| accessdate=2006-05-05| author=Pitcher, Charles; Manager of DOT Compliance, Kansas City Southern Railway (reprinted by the Kansas City Southern Historical Society)| ]

July events

* July 15 - Opening of the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon railway in Switzerland, including the km to mi|14.6|abbr=yes Lötschberg Tunnel. [cite book|last=Marshall|first=John|title=The Guinness Railway Book|year=1989|publisher=Guinness|location=Enfield|isbn=0-85112-359-7]

August events

* August 1 - The Alton and Southern Railroad is formed through the merger of the Alton and Southern Railroad Company, the Denverside Connecting Railroad and the Alton and Southern Railway.
* August 13 - Stainless steel (which will soon be used to construct passenger car bodies) is invented by Harry Brearley in Sheffield.
* August 21 - Construction begins on the Morrisburg and Ottawa Electric Railway just south of Billings Bridge, Ottawa.

October events

* October 20 - The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad's tracks reach Casper, Wyoming, making Casper the busiest rail junction in Wyoming. [Casper Star-Tribune (June 22 2005), " [http://www.casperstartribune.net/articles/2005/06/22/news/casper/a2e0ab59d0ef19c0872570270020fd84.txt BP Amoco Timeline] ". Retrieved June 22 2005.]

December events

* December 18 - Korekimi Nakamura steps down as president of South Manchuria Railway.
* December 19 - Ryutaro Nomura succeeds Korekimi Nakamura as president of South Manchuria Railway.

Unknown date events

* The Nickel Plate Road completes its grade separation project in Cleveland, Ohio.
* The Supreme Court of the United States orders the Union Pacific Railroad to sell all of its stock in the Southern Pacific Railroad.
* Julius Krutschnitt succeeds Robert S. Lovett as Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Southern Pacific Railroad.
* ALCO ceases new steam locomotive production at the former Rogers Locomotive Works plant in Paterson, New Jersey; ALCO continues producing new locomotives at its other plants.
* William Finley is succeeded by Fairfax Harrison as president of the Southern Railway.
* Mary Averell Harriman, wife of the late Edward H. Harriman, creates the E. H. Harriman Award to recognize outstanding achievements in railway safety. [Association of American Railroads (May 19 2005), " [http://www.aar.org/Newsroom/Harriman.asp Railroads Set Another Employee Safety Record in 2004. E. H. Harriman Memorial Awards Honors Outstanding Performance in Rail Safety] ". Retrieved January 11 2006.]


April births

* April 21 - Richard Beeching, chairman of the British Railways Board 1961–1965 (d. 1985).

December births

* December 27 - Ian David Sinclair, president of Canadian Pacific Railway 1969-1981, is born (d. 2006).


March deaths

* March 31 - J. P. Morgan, American financier who helped to finance United States Steel Corporation (b. 1837).

May deaths

* May 20 - Henry Morrison Flagler, visionary and builder of the Florida East Coast Railway (b. 1830).

eptember deaths

* September 25 - Herbert William Garratt, English steam locomotive builder and inventor of the Garratt locomotive type (b. 1864). [(April 27 2004), " [http://www.steamindex.com/people/garratt.htm Herbert William Garratt] ". Retrieved February 9 2005.]


* " [http://pages.ivillage.com/generaljim1/theerielackawannalimited/id19.html Norfolk Southern Railway] ". Retrieved February 22 2005.
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