All Nippon Airways destinations

All Nippon Airways destinations

This is a list of airports that All Nippon Airways flies to, correct as at January 2007.

The new CEO of ANA has laid out a future expansion plan, including new services to the Philippines, Indonesia, the Russian Far East and resuming services to Malaysia.Fact|date=February 2008


[" [ Asia] ," "All Nippon Airways"]

East Asia

* China, People's Republic of
** Beijing (Beijing Capital International Airport)
** Dalian (Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport)
** Guangzhou (Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport)
** Hangzhou (Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport)
** Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Airport)
** Qingdao (Qingdao Liuting International Airport)
** Shanghai
***(Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport)
***(Shanghai Pudong International Airport)
** Shenyang (Shenyang Taoxian International Airport)
** Tianjin (Tianjin Binhai International Airport)
** Xiamen (Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport)
*Republic of China (Taiwan)
**Taipei (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)

*Korea, South
***(Gimpo International Airport)
***(Incheon International Airport)


[" [ Network Map (Domestic)] ," "All Nippon Airways"]


* Chiba Prefecture
** Narita (Narita International Airport) Hub
*** Narita International Airport serves Tokyo-area international traffic
* Tokyo
** Hachijōjima (Hachijojima Airport)
** Miyakejima (Miyakejima Airport)
** Ōshima (Oshima Airport)
** Ōta (Special wards of Tokyo) (Tokyo International Airport - Haneda Airport) Hub


* Aichi Prefecture
** Nagoya (Chubu International Airport)
* Ishikawa Prefecture
** Komatsu (Komatsu Airport)
** Wajima (Noto Airport)
* Niigata Prefecture
** Niigata (Niigata Airport)
* Toyama Prefecture
** Toyama (Toyama Airport)


* Hyōgo Prefecture
** Kobe (Kobe Airport)
** Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) is partially located in Hyōgo Prefecture and partially in Osaka Prefecture - See Osaka Prefecture for other Osaka-area airports
*Osaka Prefecture
**Osaka (for "Kobe Airport" see Hyōgo Prefecture)
***(Osaka International Airport - Itami Airport) Hub (The airport is partially located in Osaka Prefecture and partially located in Hyōgo Prefecture)
***(Kansai International Airport) Hub


* Hiroshima Prefecture
** Hiroshima (Hiroshima Airport)
* Okayama Prefecture
** Okayama (Okayama Airport)
* Shimane Prefecture
** Ōnan/Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Iwami Airport)
* Tottori Prefecture
** Tottori (Tottori Airport)
** Yonago (Miho-Yonago Airport)
* Yamaguchi Prefecture (for "Iwami Airport", see Shimane Prefecture)
** Yamaguchi-Ube (Yamaguchi Ube Airport)


* Akita Prefecture
** Akita (Akita Airport)
** Odate-Noshiro (Odate-Noshiro Airport)
* Fukushima Prefecture
** Fukushima (Fukushima Airport)
* Miyagi Prefecture
** Sendai (Sendai Airport)
* Yamagata Prefecture
** Shōnai (Shonai Airport)


* Hokkaidō
** Asahikawa (Asahikawa Airport)
** Hakodate (Hakodate Airport)
** Kushiro (Kushiro Airport)
** Monbetsu (Monbetsu Airport)
** Nakashibetsu (Nakashibetsu Airport)
** Ōzora (Memanbetsu Airport)
** Rishiri Island (Rishiri Airport)
** Sapporo
*** (New Chitose Airport)
*** (Okadama Airport)
** Wakkanai


* Ehime Prefecture
** Matsuyama (Matsuyama Airport)
* Kagawa Prefecture
** Takamatsu (Takamatsu Airport)
* Kōchi Prefecture
** Kōchi (Kōchi Ryōma Airport)
* Tokushima Prefecture
** Tokushima


* Fukuoka Prefecture
** Fukuoka (Fukuoka Airport)
* Kagoshima Prefecture
** Kagoshima (Kagoshima Airport)
* Kumamoto Prefecture
** Kumamoto (Kumamoto Airport)
* Miyazaki Prefecture
** Miyazaki (Miyazaki Airport)
* Nagasaki Prefecture
** Gotō-Fukue (Goto-Fukue Airport)
** Nagasaki (Nagasaki Airport)
** Tsushima Island (Tsushima Airport)
* Ōita Prefecture
** Ōita (Oita Airport)
* Okinawa Prefecture
** Ishigaki (Ishigaki Airport)
** Miyakojima (Miyako Airport)
** Naha, Okinawa Island (Naha Airport)
* Saga Prefecture
** Saga (Saga Airport)

South Asia

**Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport)

**Beirut (Rafic Hariri International Airport)

Southeast Asia

* Singapore
** Singapore (Singapore Changi Airport)
* Thailand
** Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
* Vietnam
** Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport)


[" [ Europe] ," "All Nippon Airways"]
* France
** Paris (Charles de Gaulle International Airport)
* Germany
** Frankfurt (Frankfurt International Airport)
* United Kingdom
** London (London Heathrow Airport)

North America

* United States [" [ The Americas] ," "All Nippon Airways"]
** Chicago (O'Hare International Airport)
** Honolulu (Honolulu International Airport)" [ Honolulu - Guam] ," "All Nippon Airways"]
** Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport)
** New York City (John F. Kennedy International Airport)
** San Francisco (San Francisco International Airport)
** Washington, D.C (Washington Dulles International Airport)


*Guam (United States)
** Guam (Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport) [ends January 13] [ [ Marianas Variety, ANA confirms shutdown on January 13, 2008-08-19] ]

Terminated destinations

Does NOT include former codeshares

Terminated in Asia

*India []
*Indonesia []

Terminated in Europe

* Austria []
** Vienna
* Italy
** Milan Malpensa International Airport
** Rome Fiumicino International Airport

Terminated in North America

*United States []

Terminated in Oceania

* Australia
**Brisbane []
** Sydney
* Northern Mariana Islands (US)
** Saipan


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