Fable (disambiguation)

A fable is a story intended to illustrate a moral.

Fable may also refer to:


*"Fable" (album), an album by Faye Wong
*"Fable", a 1991 EP by Switchblade Symphony
*"Fable" (Robert Miles song), a 1996 song by Robert Miles
*"Fable" (Gatsby's American Dream song), a song appearing on the Gatsby's American Dream album "Volcano"
*"Fable Frolic", the third album by Comecon
*"HMS Fable", the third album by Shack
*"Fable" (Kevin Tan single), a single released by Kelvin Tan Weilian in 2005

Video games

*"Fable" (1996 video game), an adventure game by Simbiosis Interactive
*"Fable" (video game), an Xbox video game from Lionhead Studios
**"", an expanded re-release of "Fable" for the Xbox, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows
**"Fable II", a sequel to "Fable" for the Xbox 360


*"Fable" (TV series), a 1965 British TV series
*"A Fable" (novel), William Faulkner's Pulitzer prize winning 1954 novel
*Business fable, a fable written about business with a business lesson as the moral
*Schleicher's fable, a reconstructed text in Proto-Indo-European published by August Schleicher in 1868

Fables may refer to:
*"Fables" (book), a 1980 children's picture book by Arnold Lobel
*"Fables" (comic), a Vertigo comic book series
*The Fables, a folk band from Newfoundland, Canada
*"Fables" (album), a 1971 album by England Dan & John Ford Coley
*"Fables of the Reconstruction", a 1985 album by R.E.M.
*"Fables" (Immaculate Machine album), a 2007 album

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