Diplomatic missions of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a small Portuguese speaking island nation in the Atlantic Ocean just west of Senegal. Listed below are Cape Verdean diplomatic missions, excluding honorary consulates:


** Vienna (Embassy)
** Brussels (Embassy)
** Paris (Embassy)
** Berlin (Embassy)
** Rome (Embassy)
** The Hague (Embassy)
** Lisbon (Embassy)
** Moscow (Embassy)

North America

** Havana (Embassy)
*Flag|United States
** Washington DC (Embassy)
** Boston (Consulate)

outh America

** Brasília (Embassy)


** Luanda (Embassy)
** Addis Ababa (Embassy)
** Dakar (Embassy)


** Beijing (Embassy)

Multilateral Organizations

** Addis Ababa (Permanent Mission to the African Union)
** Brussels (Mission to the European Union)
** Lisbon (Mission to the Community of Portuguese Language Countries)
** New York (Permanent Mission to the United Nations)
** Paris (Permanent Mission to UNESCO)

ee also

* Foreign relations of Cape Verde


* [http://www.caboverde.com/rubrique/embass.htm Embassies and Consulates of Cape Verde]
* [http://perso.orange.fr/ambassade-cap-vert/ Embassy of Cape Verde in Paris, France]
* [http://www.embcv.pt/ Embassy of Cape Verde in Lisbon, Portugal]
* [http://virtualcapeverde.net/news2/index.php/ Embassy of Cape Verde in Washington DC, USA]

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