Joint Point

Infobox Television episode
Title = Joint Point
Series = Robot Chicken

Caption = Sailor Moon and a confused enemy
Season = 1
Episode = 14
Airdate = June 16 2005
Production = 117
Writer = Mike Fasolo
Doug Goldstein
Seth Green
Pat McCallum
Tom Root
Matthew Senreich
Director = Doug Goldstein
Guests =
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"Joint Point " is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Robot Chicken.

List of Skits

Uncomfortable Robot

Where do robots with digestive problems go? The auto mechanic's, of course. It should be of note that the robot in this sketch is the same one who humped the washing machine in the previous episode.

A Lot of Pee

A man writes a "Dear John letter" in the snow - with his urine.

= Sailor Moon Confronted (part 1)=

Sailor Moon encounters a bone-chilling villain, who gets sexually aroused when she changes into her short-skirted Sailor Senshi costume.

Ribbed For Her Pleasure

One 'ruffled' potato chip brags to another that he's "Ribbed for her pleasure"... the other replies "big talk for a virgin".

A Date With Scarlett

A computer geek wins a date with The Island star Scarlett Johansson, as the winner of a radio-call in contest.

Dressed in a white tuxedo with "high water pants" and top hat, he meets her at a fast-food restaurant. Scarlet is disgusted - until the geek fights off two "terrorists". This leads to their dating, marriage, children... On his death bed, he admits that he staged the fight. Scarlet, in turn, admits that she is just a professional Scarlett Johansson impersonator - who is actually Raymond Dubonatello from Queens, New York.

This skit is subtitled at the end: :"For your Emmy Consideration - Robot Chicken"

Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon - part 2)

Her henchman, failing to destroy Sailor Moon, reports to Queen Beryl, gets 'turned on' when she yells at him. She sends bolts of lightning at his penis, which knocks him over.

"Welcome to the Terror Drome"

"Welcome to the Terror Drome", a parody of The Office, showcases inner-office machinations at the headquarters of G.I. Joe's nemesis Cobra. We get glimpses into various departments under Cobra Commander and Serpentor, including: Cloning - marketing - janitorial services - inter-office romances - training and re-education.

Date Rape

Prince Charming's kiss to Sleeping Beauty - noble gesture or date rape?

Sailor Moon (part 3)

After her diatribe, Queen Beryl finds that she herself inexplicably has an erection, leading her to remark, "Anime sure is weird."

Ray 2: Ray's Day Out - The Movie

Coming next Christmas, new comedy film, "Ray 2: Ray's Day Out", starring Ray Charles acting in a parody of Mister Magoo.

= Mortal Kombat =

A Mortal Kombat warrior shows what the real goal of pulling out an enemy's heart is - getting a hockey puck.

What Goes Around

A small boy burning ants with a magnifying glass is zapped by lightening on a cloudless day, with God laughing at him.

Rockem Sockem Robots

Two "life size" Rockem Sockem Robots playing the game of Rockem Sockem Robots (with two game-size robots), find out that there's a connection between game piece and player.

Top Ten Things Eddie Buttskin Should Never Say

David Letterman Top 10 list things "Eddie Buttskin" the animatronicteddy bear should never say::10. If you die, could I have your room?:9. Me so horny, me love you long time. (Full Metal Jacket) :8. There's blood when I wipe.:7. I'm going to eat your face on TV, David Letterman...Upon hearing the last one David Letterman is left to remark "Wait, that's kinda specific." Eddie then keeps his word.Then Eddie Buttskin violently attacks David Letterman

Tasty Sample

Urine sample mistaken for lemonade? Or was it?

Monster Bullying

Dracula, The Wolfman and Frankenstein, bully The Mummy by grabbing bandages, spinning him around, and unraveling him.

"Blooper Central"

A spoof of "America's Funniest Home Videos" - the producers at "Blooper Central" highlight tragedies, including:
*Teens harassing a homeless man in the middle of the street, while parked on railroad tracks, are blindsided by a locomotive. The homeless man, who thinks he has the 'last laugh', is run over by a car that goes across the tracks right after the train passes.
*Backyard mechanic working on the blades of his lawnmower, is videotaped by his nagging wife. The expected setup is thwarted, however, when the teenage daughter pops into frame and says "Momma, I'm pregnant".
*A guy, setting up a hidden camera to record his sexual prowesses, suffers from premature ejaculation after less than a second in bed. The girlfriend, angered, reveals that the guy is Robot Chicken co-head writer, Doug Goldstein.
*The ending to The Blair Witch Project. Rumor has it they were torn limb from limb.
*A motorcyclist going over a cliff - falls into a hovering helicopter's blades.
*A kid in a "Tea Cup" amusement ride sprays the crowd with his vomit.
*A diver in a shark tank farting on his fellow diver.
*A woman pushing a baby carriage, going over the same cliff as the motorcyclist, falls into the helicopter's blades.
*A double-decker bus is just a bit too high for the passengers above, whose heads are all severed when they go under a low bridge.
*A helicopter, going over the same cliff as the motorcyclist and the woman, falls onto the helicopter, thus making both helicopters explode.

The Bloopers host commits suicide by suffocating himself with a plastic bag over his face.

Cast / Voice Actors

* Leah Cevoli - Heather Donahue, Housewife, Queen Beryl
* Sarah Michelle Gellar - Woman, Baroness, Camera woman
* Doug Goldstein - Himself (uncredited)
* Seth Green - Bone-Chilling Villain, Destro, Nerd, David Letterman
* Mark Hamill - Burglar, COBRA Soldier
* Scarlett Johansson - Della Bea Robinson, Herself, Sailor Moon
* Jamie Kaler - America's Most Tragic Home Videos Host, Eddie Buttskin, Michael Williams
* Danny Masterson - COBRA Cadet, Radio DJ, Redneck Father
* Dan Milano - Bird, Burglar, COBRA Soldier

toop!d Monkey

The monkey is sticking his index finger up his nose and it comes out of an ear. []

References & External links

* [ Robot Chicken Wiki]
* [ Adult Swim]
*imdb title|0437745|title=Robot Chicken

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