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"Black Flag" is the name of a number of anarchist periodicals, most notably the British anarchist bi-annual magazine "Black Flag", mainly known for its coverage of international anarchist politics as well as supporting "class war" prisoners. "Black Flag" was founded by Albert Meltzer and Stuart Christie in 1970.

The name of the periodical is drawn from the Black Flag, which is a traditional anarchist symbol dating back to the 1880s.

Black Flag has gone through several formats: magazine format, newspaper format and for a period including investigative journalism. In more recent times, it has evolved into an analytical periodical for the anarchist movement in the UK. Black Flag was temporarily suspended as a going operation in 2006 while the future of the magazine, currently in an annual format, was discussed. A new edition came out in time for the anarchist bookfair in London for 2007, featuring a new look, and a range of new and classic articles.

As of 2008, Black Flag has become a bi-annual 48 page magazine.

Historically, there have been other "Black Flag" periodicals published by anarchists. A French anarchist paper was published under the name "Le Drapeau Noir" ("The Black Flag") from August 1883 for 17 issues before being suppressed by the French state. The Japanese anarchist group Black Youth League (formed 1925) started publishing a journal named "Kurohata" in 1945; "Kurohata" translates to "Black Flag".

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