List of Airbus A350 orders

This article lists the orders made by airlines and other buyers for the Airbus A350 aircraft which is currently in development by Airbus.

Orders and Options

Firm orders


Possible future orders

A number of airlines are in discussions about ordering A350s or rumoured to be in such discussions. The following gives an overview of some of these.

*AirAsia X is in negotiations to buy 25 A350s, possibly with up to 25 options. []
*Air Blue of Pakistan announced at the 2007 Dubai Air Show that they were in negotiation with Airbus for an unspecified number of A350 XWBs. []
*Air France-KLM. [] []
*Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa are considering the A350 and its competitor, the Boeing 787, as part of their long haul fleet replacement programs. [,20867,21945622-23349,00.html] []
*British Airways is examining the Airbus A350, along with the Boeing 777-300ER and the proposed Boeing 787-10, as a replacement for its remaining 747-400 fleet. Airbus is also offering British Airways an extended range A350-900 variant called the A350-900R, which will have a range of about 9,400 nautical miles. This would allow the airline to fly the Kangaroo Route (London-Sydney) non-stop for the first time. The decision is expected by late 2008 to early 2009. []
*Cathay Pacific has expressed interest in larger variants of the A350 and 787 [] []
*Japan Airlines has stated that the A350XWB is a strong candidate for future expansion, possibly to replace older Boeing 777 models. []
*Jet Airways has been rumoured to be in talks with Airbus over the A350. [] , possibly converting their A330 options to do so.
*Juneyao Airlines plans to order a mixture of up to 30 A320 and A350 aircraft. []
*Paramount Airways is in talks with Airbus and Boeing to order 6 A350s or 787s. []
*Qantas is considering a purchase of the A350-1000, despite their Boeing 787 order. Qantas was impressed with the latest design (A350 XWB) and will choose between the prospective 787-10 and the A350-1000. [,,22608873-23349,00.html?from=public_rss] [,%20Study%20300-Seater]
**Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon announced that talks are under way with Airbus regarding the A350, saying that unless Boeing offers the proposed 787-10, it is likely to order the A350. [] He said that talks would continue with Airbus for the next six months, meaning that if the A350 is chosen, the order could be announced in late 2008 or early 2009. []
*Thai Airways International announced in September 2007 that it planned to order a mixture of 787-9, and/or Airbus A350 aircraft. []
** On May 26, 2008, Thai Airways announced, via the Bangkok Post, that it had "secured an informal agreement" with Airbus for 2 A350-1000 to be delivered in 2016, the aircraft presumably being the first few aircraft to be delivered from a larger order.
*Transaero Airlines has announced that they are in negotiations with Airbus to purchase 5-6 aircraft in the A350-1000 to A380 size range. [] []
*Turkish Airlines has announced that they will be making a "big" order in October 2008, including both narrowbody and widebody aircraft. Previous announcements indicate that aircraft in contention are the A350 as well as the Boeing 787. The widebody aircraft will be used to replace older A340 and A310 aircraft in their fleet. [] []


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