Mudge (disambiguation)

Mudge may refer to:

* Mudge, a former hacker and computer security advisor
* Angela Mudge, a British hill runner
* Benjamin Franklin Mudge, an American lawyer, geologist and teacher
* Dave Mudge, a football offensive lineman
* Dirk Mudge, a political leader in Namibia
* Enoch Mudge (1776–1850), the first Methodist minister reared in New England
* James Mudge (1844–?), an American Methodist Episcopal clergyman and writer
* John Mudge, a Copley Medal-winning English physician
* K. G. Mudge, a British archer at the 1908 Olympic Games
* Thomas Mudge (1715–94), a British Horologist
* Thomas H. Mudge (1815–62), an American Methodist Episcopal clergyman
* Zachary Mudge, an officer in the British Royal Navy who served in the Vancouver Expedition
* Zachariah A. Mudge (1813–88), an American Methodist Episcopal clergyman

Mudge may also refer to:
* Mudge Rose Guthrie Alexander & Ferdon, a now-defunct law firm which was based in New York City
* Mudge the Otter, an anthropomorphic otter in the "Spellsinger" series of fantasy novels
* "The Mudge Boy", a 2003 American movie
* Cape Mudge band, one of the two main peoples of the Laich-kwil-tach

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