Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple (Thiruvazhunthoor)

This Hindu temple is situated in Thiruvazhunthoor, a village in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. It lies in between Mayavaram junction and Kuttalam railway station on the main railway line between Chennai (Madras) to Tajore. This temple can also be reached by travelling around 7 km from Kuttalam and about 8 km from Mayavaram. The busstop to get down is Komal.

ThErazhundhUr is one of the 40 divya desams of ChOzha Naadu. This Divyadesam is also called with other names such as Azhundoor, Azhundhai, Therazhunthur. The village has thralling streets. The temple is preceded by a vast tank with the sannidhi of vaikunthanatha perumal close by.

Thirumangai Alvar was born at the village of ThirkkurayalUr close to ThErazhundhUr. Thirumangai Alvar was very fond of the divya desams near his birth place and in that tradition has sung movingly of the Archa murthy of Therazhandhur.

Legend behind the temple

The Lord had given darshan to Parisara Maharaja on the Thai Amavasya. Makandeya, Agasthiyar, Prahaladan and Dharumadevan were also reverred darshan. Since Garuda submitted the Vimana, his position is near the perumal and not in opposite as seen in most other temples. This is the birth place of Kambar, who authored the 'Kamba ramayanam', the Tamil version of Ramayana.

= Mangalasasanam =

Thirumangai was overtaken by the fertility of the divya desam (nila VaLam ) nourished by the rich waters of Cauvery river ( near Valam ) and most of all by the sanctity of this divya desam, where Aamuruviappan has taken his permanent residence. Azhwar could not forget this divya desam and thus celebrated the glory of this divua desam in four of his six prabhandhams: Periya Thirumozhi ( 41 Paasurams), ThirunedunthANdakam (Paasurams 15 & 26), Siriya Thirumadal( 39) and Periya Thirumadal ( 61). All in all, there are 45 paasurams relating to this divya desam. Azhwar celebrates with joy the dhana, Dhanya samruddhi and Vaidhika Sri of this divya desam. cite news| title="Thirumangai Managalasasanam"
work= []
accessdate=10 Nov|accessyear=2007

Discourse about the temple

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