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Districts of Turkmenistan

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The provinces of Turkmenistan (Turkmen: welaýatlar, sing. welaýat) are divided into districts (Turkmen: etraplar, sing. etrap), which may be either counties or cities. The heads of the districts (Turkmen: häkim, "governor") are appointed by the President of Turkmenistan (Constitution of Turkmenistan, Articles 80-81). The districts are listed below, by province.



Ahal Province

  • Abadan City (formerly Büzmeýin City)
  • Akbugdaý District (formerly Gäwers District)
  • Babadaýhan District
  • Baharly District (formerly Bäherden District)
  • Gökdepe District
  • Kaka District
  • Ruhabat District
  • Sarahs District
  • Tejen District

Balkan Province

  • Bereket District (formerly Gazanjyk District)
  • Esenguly District
  • Etrek District (formerly Gyzyletrek District)
  • Magtymguly District (formerly Garrygala District)
  • Serdar District (formerly Gyzylarbat District)
  • Türkmenbaşy District

Daşoguz Province

  • Daşoguz City (formerly Dashowuz District)
  • Köneürgenç City (formerly Kunya Urgench)
  • Akdepe District
  • Boldumsaz District
  • Görogly District (formerly Tagta District)
  • Gubadag District
  • Gurbansoltan Eje District(formerly Dylanly District)
  • Köneürgenç District
  • Saparmyrat Nyýazow District (formerly Dashoguz/Dashowuz District)
  • Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy District

Lebap Province

  • County Districts
    • Atamyrat District (formerly Kerki District)
    • Beýik Türkmenbashy District (formerly Saparmyrat Nyýazow District)
    • Birata District (formerly Darganata District)
    • Farap District
    • Galkynyş District (formerly Dänew District)
    • Garabekewül District
    • Garaşsyzlyk District (formerly Boýnyuzyn District)
    • Halaç District
    • Hojambaz District
    • Köýtendag District (formerly Çarşaňňy District)
    • Magdanly District
    • Sakar District
    • Saýat District
    • Serdarabat District (formerly Türkmenabat/Çärjew District)
    • Seýdi District

Mary Province

  • Baýramaly City
  • Baýramaly District
  • Ýolöten District
  • Karakum District
  • Mary District
  • Murgap District
  • Oguzhan District (formerly Nyýazow District)
  • Sakarçäge District
  • Serhetabat District (formerly Gushgy District)
  • Tagtabazar District
  • Türkmengala District
  • Wekilbazar District

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