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Dr. Ganganath Jha ( _hi. गंगानाथ झा) (25 December 1872) was an eminentFact|date=October 2007 scholar of Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy and Pundit of Nyaya-Shastra.

Early life

Jha was born in Sarisav village of Darbhanga district. He belonged to the Maithil Brahmin family.Fact|date=October 2007 He started his education in the Persian script. At the age of seven his parents moved to Benares where he began learning Sanskrit. In 1880, he returned to his relatives in Darbhanga and was admitted to an English medium school. After completing his school education, in 1886, he returned to Benares for further studies. In the regime of Principal Dr. Thevo, he took admission in Government Sanskrit College, Benares . His notable teachers were Dr. Venice, Babu Umesh Chandra Sanyal, Babu Abay Chandra Sanyal and Pt. Vindheshwari Prasad Dubey. He passed Master of Arts with first rank in the year 1892.


At the age of 24, he was appointed a librarian of Darbhanga state by the Maharaja of Darbhanga. In 1902 he was appointed a Professor of Sanskrit at Myor College, Prayag. Here too Dr. Thevo was the Principal of the College. He left Mayor College in 1918 and became the principal of the Government Sanskrit College, Benares. He was the first Indian to become the Principal of this reputable College. During his principalship he was nominated as a member of the Council of State by the Central British Government of India (1920-1923).. [Autobiographical notes of Dr. Ganganath Jha, Ganganath Jha Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Allahabad]

By the order of DBI Mackenzie, he was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of Prayag University in 1923, he served this university for nine years. [Kashi Ki Panditya Parampara (Second Edition) Baldev Upadhyaya, Vishwavidyalaya Prakashan, Varanasi, 1985.]

Honor and awards

* D.Litt, 1900
* Mahamahopadhyaya, 1901
* Member, Council of State (1920-1923)
* Campbell Medal, Royal Asiatic Society, London
* Honorary Member, Royal Asiatic Society, London
* Knighthood (Sir), Central British Government

Literary work

Dr. Ganganath Jha has written numerous books. Since he had a good command of English, he translated many Sanskrit books into English. [ A. B. Keith, "History of Sanskrit Literature", Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi.] [A. A. Macdonell and A. B. Keith, "Vedic Index of names and subjects", Choukhanba Vidya Bhavan, Benares, 1962.]

Books authored

* The Prabhakar school of Purva-Mimansa, Allahabad University, 1911.
* Kavi Rahasya, Hindustan Academy Press, Prayag.
* Nyaya Prakash, Nagari Pracharini Sabha, Benares, 1920.
* Vaisveshik Darsha, Nagari Pracharini Sabha, Benares, 1921.
* The Philosophical Discipline, Calcutta University, 1928.
* Sources of Hindu law, Idian Press, Allahabad, 1930.
* Hindu Vidhi Ka Srota, Patna University, 1931.
* Shankar Vedant, Allahabad University, 1939.
* Purva-Mimansa in its sources, Banaras Hindu University, 1942.
* Yoga Darshana, Theosophical Society, Madras.

Books translated

* Chandogyopanishad, G.A. Nelson & Co., Madras, 1899.
* Yoga-Darsana, Theosophical Publication, Bombay, 1907.
* Gautam ka Nyaya Sutra, Oriental Book Agency, Poona, 1913.
* The Purva-Mimansa Sastra of Gemini, Panini office, Allahabad, 1916.
* Sloka Vartika, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta, 1924.
* Tantra-Bhasa, Oriental Book Agency, Poona, 1925.
* ‘’’Manusmriti,’’’, in five Volumes, Calcutta University, 1920-1926.
* Yoga Sar Sangrah, Oriental Book Agency, Poona, 1931.
* Tatva Sangrham, (in two Voumes), Baroda Oriental Institute, Baorda, 1936.
* Shabarbhasya, (in three Voumes), Baroda Oriental Institute, Baorda, 1939.

Books edited

* Memansa Nyaya Prakash, 1904.
* Gautam Ka Nyayasutra, Oriental Book Agency, Poona, 1931.
* Nyayadarshana, Coukhamba Sanskrit Series, Benares, 1925.
* Jyant Bhatt ki Nyayakalika, Sanskrit Bhavan Texts, Benares, 1925.
* Mimansa Paribhasha, Medical Hall Press, Benares, 1905.
* Bhavana Vivek, Govt. Press, Allahabad, 1922.
* Mimansa Mandan, Coukhamba Sanskrit Series, Benares, 1929.
* Manusmriti, Asiatic Society, Bengal.
* Tantra Ratna, Sanskrit Bhavan Texts, Benares, 1930.
* Vad vinod, Indian Press, Allahabad, 1915.
* Khandan Khanda Khadya, Coukhamba Sanskrit Series, Benares, 1914.
* Purush Pariksha, Veledeiyer, Allahabad, 1911.
* Kadambari, Sanskrit Bhavan Texts, Benares.
* Prasanna Raghav Natan, Sanskrit Bhavan Texts, Benares.
* Meghdootam, Sanskrit Bhavan Texts, Benares.


* Prof Kshetresa Chandra Chattopadhyaya
* Dr. Baburam Saxena
* Dr. Umesh Mishra
* Dr. Sahadeva Jha

Ganganath Jha Research Institute

After his death, his well established five sons, students and friend together established the "Ganganath Jha Research Institute" in Prayag, Allahabad in the year 1945. This institute was inaugurated by Governor Sir Morris Helot. It is situated in Alfred Park, Prayag. This institute publishes books and journals on oriental studies. The name of journal is "Journal of Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth". Recently the Government of India has taken charge under his control and turned it in an educational institution as "Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth".


Currently the princial of this Institute is Shailkumari Mishra.

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