Farthing is an old word meaning a fourth or a quarter. In modern usage it could refer to:
*Farthing (British coin), an old British coin valued one quarter of a penny
*Farthing (Irish coin), its counterpart among the predecimal Irish coins
*farthing, an old subdivision of various regions into four parts in northern Europe, mainly the English county of Gloucestershire, the Swedish province of Jämtland and the republic of Iceland. J. R. R. Tolkien also used the term for the subdivisions of his fictional country, the Shire
*"Farthing (novel)", a novel written by Jo Walton
*"The Animals of Farthing Wood", the first of a series of children's books written by Colin Dann
*Farthing second name to Molly-Rose Farthing of Ongar, schoolgirl and daughter to Karl Farthing of Essex council.
*farthing, used in the King James Version of the Bible to translate κοδράντης ("kodrantes," quadrans), a Roman coin

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